How Does Aura Photography Work?

An aura is a distinctive field of energy or atmosphere surrounding or created by a thing, person, or place. According to metaphysical beliefs, the different colors of the aura may represent the state of a person’s health and mental wellbeing.

The spiritual practice of aura photography has been growing in popularity since the Victorian era, and has made a resurgence in recent years. You may be asking yourself, “How exactly is an aura photo taken?” Read on to learn more about the technology and techniques needed to visually depict these non-physical phenomena.

The aura camera

When you’re looking for an aura camera for sale to start experimenting with aura photography, it’s important to know about the different types that are available today.

In the past, an analog aura photography setup required an aura camera, a dark background, and two plates. The aura camera had no controls for the shutter speed or the f-stop,  so it required a dark space to shoot in. The photographer took a 10-second double exposure to measure the electromagnetic field, which displayed a basic reading of the body’s energy channels known as ayurvedic meridians.

However, with the advent of the digital age, some aura cameras now use a hand sensor and webcam for inputs, and the image is generated with the help of algorithms based on color research and well-known spiritual beliefs. Where before you had to wait for a photo to develop to show the final image, a monitor can now show you the image of a person surrounded by a colorful aura.

A step-by-step aura photography guide

Now that you have the equipment you need, here is a do-it-yourself aura photography guide. Consider the type of aura camera you have available, and follow the instructions below.

Traditional method

  • To prepare the photo plate, fill up your plasma photo plate with an electrically conductive solution.
  • Place the subject on the plate and remember that the higher the amount of moisture the subject holds, the more vibrant it will be.
  • Using a transparent tape, connect the subject to the plasma plate and use a wire to connect the subject to the ground.
  • Set up the insulators; you can use plastic cups as they’re cheap and not easily breakable.
  • Connect the high voltage coil to the plasma to complete the setup.
  • Turn off the lights in the room, then turn on the power.
  • Using the maximum aperture possible, take shots of the subject in the dark.

Modern method

  • Set up the web camera, computer monitor, printer, and hand sensor for measuring a hand’s physiological properties.
  • Ensure the software for visualizing data from the hand reading is up and running.
  • Have your subject sit in front of the camera with their hand on the sensor to collect the necessary data.
  • Take a photo of the subject.
  • The software will combine the photo and sensor data to output the subject’s image surrounded by an aura, alongside other chakra strength and energy flow visual representations.

Aura photography applications

We’ve covered the technology of aura photography, but what are some of its uses?

  • An indirect complement to services: Wellness practitioners such as massage therapists can take an image before the service, and one after to show potential differences in the aura.
  • Upselling: Aromatherapists may show an aura image to their customers, and offer lavender to help balance the aura.
  • Business opportunities: With an aura camera, you can travel to shows, parties, and fairs to provide aura photography experiences while generating income.


Aura photography is a unique branch of photography you can use to produce magical images. New technology has made it easier to visually depict this metaphysical phenomenon, with hardware and software replacing photography plates and chemical solutions. Instead of a traditional photo booth, imagine taking aura photographs at your next office party!


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