How Has Information Technology Changed Dating?

An unprecedented development in technology has marked the last two decades and affected people’s lives in virtually every possible way. Nowadays, it is hardly possible to imagine one’s life without some sort of gadget and the Internet. 

However, this natural assimilation of technology changes our lives in subtle ways that may not be obvious from the beginning – dating is one of the aspects of personal life that has been considerably influenced. 

New Technologies – New Possibilities

Everyone knows about Tinder and similar platforms as they are the most prominent example of how technology affects dating. Statistics show a considerable increase in the number of people who use dating websites or apps, and the trend is expected to continue in the foreseeable future. This is an indication of a continuously growing demand for such services.

The rising popularity of digital dating, coupled with the global COVID pandemic, is leading to new trends in dating apps. This is great news as it reflects how technology strives to become more convenient for our use. However, it is important to go a little deeper to understand how technology has changed dating.

Accessibility to More People

Dating has always been considered an area of expertise of charismatic and outgoing people. However, this is not the case anymore. Technology allows more people to get into dating. There is no need for complicated social interactions or questionable pickup strategies. 

Now, it is possible to establish a profile, provide some information about yourself, upload a photo, and look for a match, leading to another interesting way technology has changed dating. Now a person can get to know a potential dating partner prior to meeting them in person. 

Still, this benefit is paired with a downside. A potential match has to fill in the gaps in the available information, often with gender-specific stereotypes, to create a fuller image of a user because a simple photo and several sentences about oneself are usually not enough to make a final decision.

Lots of Choices

The famous phrase “there’s lots of fish in the sea” is now more applicable than ever. Single people can find other singles while making little to no effort at all. The UI of most popular dating apps is designed to provide users with more potential matches, and it doesn’t really matter how many times a proposed option is discarded.

While an abundance of choices is great, this change has brought some negative side effects. For example, modern digitized dating is characterized by people who often use apps to boost their egos. That is why many people try to get more than one match. Such a trend is somewhat disturbing as it distorts the whole idea of dating.

Targeted Matches

Considering that almost every popular dating app or website supports location services to deliver the most relevant results, an average user is exposed to people looking for a date in one’s vicinity. This is yet another benefit to dating provided by information technology. 

Furthermore, location services may be used to find matches beyond one’s geographic proximity as lots of people are often looking for exciting interactions on the national and even international level! 

Easier to Connect With a Right Person

Finding a perfect match used to be quite a challenge. However, technology is changing dating, and a person can find someone compatible with relative ease. Personalized option lists combined with location services are assisting with this task perfectly.

However, it is important to remember that the UXs of the best dating platforms are enhanced with advanced search engines. These features allow users to apply numerous filters to the search results to narrow down the potential list of matches to the ones that fit the user’s preferences. While some argue that such features ruin the whole ritual of getting to know a person, others praise them for providing convenience.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that technology and dating have become inevitably intertwined. The abundance of various dating platforms and their ever-rising demand clearly indicate that information technology is changing dating forever. While it is debatable whether this change is for better or for worse, one thing is certain – technology is making everything more convenient.

Look no further than the AI algorithms and location services that provide users with their perfect matches or advanced UI and UX solutions that bring more value to the end-users. All these features are designed to make our dating experiences more efficient.

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