How Much Does it Cost to Hire Flutter App Developers?

In the app development industry, it is all about the technology you use to build your product. If you are not using Flutter, your competitors are — and they are gaining market share while you’re left behind. With a framework backed by Google and supported by some of the biggest brands in the world, there is no better time to switch to Flutter and start building innovative and cutting-edge solutions for your customers by hiring meditation app designers

Why Flutter?

Flutter framework bridges the gap between Android and iOS by letting developers write code once for both. Unlike native development, developers are free to focus on more important tasks as they are not bound by platform differences between the two operating systems. What’s more, Flutter apps support native plugins that ensure high performance in both app stores without undermining brand consistency.

What makes Flutter so popular among coders?

Flutter makes it easy to create stunning mobile apps — you can use the platform to build an app for your business or side project, and Flutter will handle all the design elements. If you can dream it, Flutter can do it. Nowadays, more than 500,000 people use Google’s framework monthly, and you can hire Flutter developers to create brilliant apps.

How to find the right app developers for you

Finding Flutter developers for hire may seem easy but finding the right ones for your business might turn out to be a struggle.

Hiring a full-time team member can be an excellent way to expand your business, but for smaller companies that are just on the rise, the costs involved with having an in-house team member may be too much. Freelancers are another great option — they are usually cheaper than hiring someone full-time, and you can hire someone for short or long-term projects. Outstaffing agencies are worth mentioning, particularly if you need an app quickly.

But let us see how options compare:

An employee

A full-time employee can be a good investment if you have the skills and time to manage them. You can be sure that they will be there for specific periods, and if you plan well, you’ll even save on salaries.

But sometimes, if you hire Flutter developer, it will not only cost you more than outsourcing (US average is over $73,000 according to Glassdoor), but it’s also unlikely that they’ll be able to help you long-term. Instead of investing in someone who may eventually leave, focus on creating a solid relationship with an outsourcing company. An overseas team can provide the level of productivity that you need to meet your goals.

Hire flutter app developers from freelance platforms

Freelancers are more affordable than agencies. They are generally cheaper, with rates starting at $15-20/hour on Upwork and Toptal. Freelance platforms can also help you find the perfect candidate for your project — not just a coder but also someone who understands your vision and product. They get to work right away because there is no paperwork involved.

Working with a freelancer has many benefits, but there are also some drawbacks. Freelancers, by nature, have less time and fewer resources available to them than agencies do — and this may mean that they are not able to provide you with as high a standard of a product as their agency competitors.

Outstaffing agencies

If you are looking for a Flutter developer, you have the freedom to choose between freelancers and an outstaffing agency. While freelancers may come at a cheaper price tag, outstaffing agencies often have more available resources to offer — expertise in finding and retaining high-quality talent, 24/7 project management and assistance, as well as support for any legal or logistical issues that could arise.

Usually, the rates start from $150 for the US to about $100 in Western Europe. But in Central and Eastern Europe, prices may go down to $30-$50 per hour, which is significantly better. Outsourcing can be a valuable option for businesses of all types, especially those that need to scale fast and cannot afford to hold on to any staff members they do not require in the long term.


Of course, if you are only looking for small-scale development or have limited funds, hiring an agency might not be your smartest move. But when it comes to more intricate projects, you should hire Flutter app developers from a company, and this is the way to go — they will increase the talent pool and provide the experience you need to build a thriving customer base.

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