How Students Can Praise Themselves in an Interview

No interview is complete without the question of advantages and disadvantages. It would seem – what’s so complicated here? Who knows me better than I do? However, in reality, everything is not so simple – the question of advantages and disadvantages often puts applicants at a dead end. How to “competently” tell the staff about its pros and cons, while not deceiving his expectations?

I Am Able to Work

Before you talk about yourself, put yourself in the employer’s shoes and think about which employee you would like to see in your team. What is the ideal candidate for a position?

It is obvious that for each candidate the best characteristics will be diligence and high efficiency. But in fact, not everyone will be able to actually confirm the presence of these properties.

But if you agree to work part-time, give up weekends and holidays, on the first request to go on a business trip – you can safely attribute the above qualities. However, make sure that your words do not look like empty praise, otherwise, the recruiter will doubt your honesty.

What about those who have not yet matured to the exploits of Hercules, but love their work and are ready to responsibly perform their duties – do not stay up late, but not too late? If you belong to this category of applicants – you better describe yourself with words such as “diligent” and “disciplined”.

I am Stress-resistant

This modern “new-fashioned” word is used more and more often. Have you ever wondered when the need for stress-resistant workers arose? This happened when employers needed employees who could communicate politely with dissatisfied, sometimes even uneducated customers.

If your work involves readiness for various unusual situations, be sure to mark this feature in one or another wording.

However, do not talk about your resilience, if your desire is a calm and quiet place. In this case, the employer may think that you are one of those people who by their own behavior provoke conflicts and, even in a quiet swamp, begin to muddy the water in it.

I Am Friendly

Do you think the employer needs a friendly employee? You may think: since I have to work with people, and in the team, it will not be superfluous to establish the necessary contacts, so – you need to be able to find common ground with people and be friendly.

But the employer may think differently: that instead of performing their direct duties, you will distract colleagues with empty talk, and customers can be repelled by excessive talkativeness.

That is why it is better to use the word “sociability”.

Moreover, this property will be appropriate to demonstrate in the interview, building the right dialogue with the interviewer, answering only those questions that you were asked, and discussing only professional topics.

I am creative

Recently, the familiar phrase “creative approach” has replaced today’s fashionable “creativity”, which indicates not only the presence of the applicant’s non-standard thinking but also his knowledge of modern personnel terminology.

However, by indicating this quality in the resume, you can do yourself a disservice: it is unlikely that the employer will appreciate the richness of your imagination if it is a vacancy that requires clear instructions. If a person claims a position that really allows for the presence of extraordinary abilities, you should specify your capabilities.

I Am Capable of Learning Quickly

There are often advertisements that clearly state that the employer prefers applicants who want to learn something new and are able to quickly acquire knowledge. This is typical for companies whose range is constantly changing, for those who trade in non-standard goods or companies that are implementing some of their own, new strategies, etc. This quality is also welcomed where there is mass recruitment for entry-level positions.

However, there are some employers who perceive the phrase “capable of rapid-learning” as something like: “I cannot do anything, but I want to gain knowledge at the expense of the company.” It is unlikely that such a candidate will be of interest to recruiters because even without experience, today you can take courses and gain the necessary skills in the chosen profession.

I Know How to Work in a Team

Such a phrase in the resume or questionnaire indicates that, first, the employer should have a team ready to accept another like-minded person. And secondly, you thus declare that you can really refuse to recognize personal achievements for the interests of the group and clearly understand all the features of such activities, because it includes not only the ability to generate ideas but also to implement them, sharing responsibilities between those who in this case will cope better.

Be Careful

A lot of things you say can be taken the wrong way, and seeing as how students do not have much to bargain with during the job screening process, you can be quickly dismissed. Due to this, it is often recommended that you delegate your complex assignments to an essay writing service and focus on preparing yourself for job interviews.

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