How to Bypass YouTube blocked videos in New Zealand

With the renowned video-sharing portal YouTube, users can view, rate, comment on, post, and upload any content they wish. Of course, it’s complimentary to access this streaming service. In addition, however, the platform has launched its premium service.

You can enjoy multiple clips on YouTube Premium without being bothered by pre- or mid-video commercials. In addition, third-party online advertisement and search marketing won’t be visible to you. Are you contemplating subscribing to YouTube Premium?

To check YouTube premium cost in New Zealand, search no further. It will cost you $15.99/month. Although the premium service might well entice you, unfortunately, it’s true YouTube contains licensed media that may be geo-blocked in NZ owing to copyright issues.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to circumvent YouTube’s regional censor to watch material forbidden in NZ. In this blog, we have listed six ways to do so.

Six ways to evade New Zealand’s YouTube Restrictions

1) Deploy a VPN

Bypass geo-restrictions is easy to conceal your IP address and get around the YouTube region lock. VPNs offer good security features to stay anonymous online.

In addition, you may browse online sources that are regionally banned or blocked. Moreover, if you’re having trouble using a VPN on your iPhone, follow this guide to change your IP Address on iOS.

While we advocate a premium subscription like NordVPN, which is currently at the summit of our list of the finest VPNs, you might explore this with a complimentary VPN.

The volume of content you can access using a commercial VPN service as Nord is unbounded, and it offers superior network speeds and more server selections than a free one.

Ensure the VPN you pick has servers in the region you desire to appear to be in. Then, upon the gadget you’re streaming YouTube, download the app via your selected VPN service. The app platforms include Mac, iPhone/iPad, PC, Android, and smart TVs.

Activate your VPN app, log in with the credentials you entered at activation, and then search the country/location list to select a server situated in the correct area to access the targeted movie. Generally, it is where the uploader of the content is based.

The only thing left to perform is to visit the YouTube app or website & find the movie you want to enjoy. Then, assuming you are in the right location, YouTube will play the film.

If the region limitation on YouTube videos is a recurring problem for you, this is typically the fastest and easiest remedy. Still, there are viable alternatives.

2) Unblock YouTube with a Proxy

The next safest alternative if you don’t desire to use a VPN is just a proxy server. It acts similarly to a VPN since it gives the illusion that you’re in another nation.

However, it is less reliable and doesn’t protect your data, so we generally advocate using a VPN instead of a proxy.

Encryption and safety might not be the primary priorities if everything you desire to do on YouTube is streaming music videos; however, a VPN is a wiser alternative if you’re attempting to access YouTube from a country with a fascist government that limits particular films.

Although there are complimentary proxy services accessible, they are commonly so constrained that a premium option is ideal, mainly when you can discover one that offers a trial version. It is comparable to how VPNs function.

You’ll have to use a web browser plugin to access the server. So, again, be sure to pick a server positioned in a state where you anticipate people can access the intended movie. Next, open YouTube & begin to watch.

3) Download YouTube content

One of the quickest methods of accessing YouTube videos censored in New Zealand is using this. Many web pages are built for archiving YouTube video snippets for you to play later.

You must choose the best ways to archive videos on your gadget, which demands some forethought.

4) Smart DNS

A tool that usually provides a variety of digital entertainment stations would be an intelligent DNS. It mandates that you manually or through the assistance of third-party software alter the Internet’s domain.

The DNS server will presume that it possesses a connection to the countries or regions whose digital content you wish to view in this mode.

5) Unblock YouTube Clips via Tor

Your web traffic is entirely untraceable when you use the Tor browser. However, integrating it decreases the rate of your broadband; nevertheless, your IP address becomes unidentifiable.

The Tor browser’s only downside is that you cannot choose the nation to which you will eventually connect. If you want to learn about Tor, read this article on what the Tor browser is.

6) Use Google Translate

The ultimate solution that helps you to watch banned YouTube clips is Google translate. Merely execute a language-specific search for the videos you like.

If you are incapable of conversing in a different dialect, you may quickly run Google Translate to receive the English, Portuguese, German, French, etc., version of your search query.

This search algorithm lets you receive the items in plenty of other languages. By pressing “Translate this page,” you can browse the website in the language of your preference.

With this approach, your laptop would only access URLs via Google Translate, thus going far beyond geographical constraints that the NZ government may have imposed on YouTube.


We can empathize with your annoyance when specific YouTube videos are censored. But unfortunately, YouTube and its content could be forbidden for various reasons. Some justifications are reasonable, while others are mere excuses.

Hence, we outlined the step-by-step guidelines for unblocking them in this blog. We sincerely hope this essay proved to be a worthwhile read for you!