How to change your iPhone unlock passcode within 60 minutes

Randomly when you unlock your iPhone or use it, a prompt appears with the label “Passcode Requirement” and tells you “you must change your iPhone unlock passcode within 60 minutes”. It is a very common issue that many iPhone users face. You are allowed to either postpone the process or perform it right away. 

The same message will appear again on the screen when you unlock your phone if you hit the “Later” option but the time will be changed according to the time limit left . When this occurs with me I become too worried and suspicious as never occurred before. I thought it may be because of a bug or any other security issue. But things are not like that. 

Apple has added this feature for security updates. It is always concerned about the privacy and security of users’ data and so this feature has been added. This article will provide you with all the details on why this occurs and how to change your iPhone unlock passcode within 60 minutes, with or without a passcode. 

If you forgot iPhone passcode 

Most people come to me as they have forgotten their iPhone passcode, disabling them to change the password. Don’t panic. Even if you don’t have enough information to reset your passcode you can get assistance from “iforgot Apple” to get back your Apple ID through account recovery. iforgot Apple is an official site provided by Apple to aid the users to recover their Apple ID. 

Follow the given steps to use

Step1. Navigate to the “iforgot Apple” official website and enter your Apple ID.


Step 2. From the menu choose the option to reset your password. 


Step 3. Enter the user recovery key for verification purposes. 


Step 4. Select a Device on which you will get the verification code.


Step 5. Now you can create a new Apple ID password. 


Why did the iPhone ask to change the unlock passcode within 60 minutes?

As I have mentioned earlier, this is not because of any malware or security threat problem.There are alot of reasons due to which your iPhone asked you to change your unlock passcode some of them are described below: 

  • The current password is not secure

To avoid iforgot Apple ID or passcode most people use a simple or easy password like a repeating 4 digit number. If you have that type of passcode then to avoid your iPhone being hacked, I suggest you change your unlock passcode. Apple suggests the users use a 6 digit password and try to use less common passwords. 

  • Installation of a configuration profile

If you have recently installed a configuration profile on your iPhone then this may be a reason that the system is demanding you to change the passcode. To check it open the settings and go to the general tab and then tap on “Profiles and Device Management”. 

If you find any profile here then tap on the profile and hit the delete profile option which would be present at the bottom of the page. And in the end, enter your passcode to confirm the deletion process. 

  • Mobile Device Management enrollment 

If you have a business iPhone then MDM enrollment can be done. This enrollment mostly requires a strong passcode so whenever this system is running the users mostly experience passcode requirement messages. This is to make your business data more secure to prevent any type of leak. 

  • iOS 10 Feature

If you have a 6 digit passcode and are not enrolled in the MDM system but you have iOS 10 Feature installed then this prompt is appearing due to this feature. As it has been observed that this feature mostly asks the users to change their unlock passcode from time to time. 

  • Safari history issue 

It is a less common reason but the Safari browser may put pressure on your device that the current passcode is not secure enough. It may be due to some link that you have to enter through the browser. And now you are getting the prompt again and again. It is recommended to delete all the Safari history in that case. 

Note: If you simply want to get rid of this prompt that will appear again and again whenever you hit the later button, then firstly you should try to clear your Safari browser history. To do it, go to the settings and then head towards Safari. Select the “Clear History and website data” option. That’s it. Hopefully after this you will not get the prompt again. 

How to change the iPhone unlock passcode

It is recommended instead of restraining the prompt you have to set a strong 6 digit password. This will not only avoid this type of message but also enhance your device and data protection in a better way. 

Change passcode through the “Passcode Requirement” prompt

Step 1. To change your unlock passcode hit the continue button present at the bottom right corner of the “Passcode Requirement” message it will take you directly to the settings. 

Step 2. Now you have to type your current passcode and hot the continue button to move towards the next step.

Step 3. On the next screen, you will be asked to enter your new 6 digit passcode. After entering the new passcode hit the continue button and for the confirmation of a new passport, re-enter it and that’s it. You have changed your unlock passcode. 

Change unlock passcode manually

If you are in a hurry then hit the later option and change the passcode after some time. You can change your unlock passcode manually as described in the following steps: 

Step 1. Open the settings and go to ” Touch ID and Passcode”.

Step 2. Tap on the change passcode option. On the next screen, you have to enter your current passcode. 

Step 3. Enter your new passcode by using passcode options you can choose custom alphanumeric, custom numeric, or 4 digits numeric code. And in the end, verify the passcode. 

What makes a good passcode?

A good passcode is very essential to survive in the latest era. iPhone users can use biological identification services for security purposes such as they are allowed to use Face ID or Touch ID option. 

But when you are putting a digital passcode then remember one phrase ” the more complex the passcode the better it is “. You must have to use a complex passcode that would be difficult to crack and your personal data will remain safe. 

Ending Remarks 

The above article provides you with all the information about the “Passcode Requirement” prompt and how you can change your iPhone unlock passcode within 60 minutes. Hopefully, this would help you a lot and you must try the process to get rid of the prompt.

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