The mouse pad looks like a useless little thing. But those who constantly use it note that with its help the computer mouse “runs” faster and working at the computer becomes more comfortable. The performance of a computer mouse directly depends on the quality of the surface on which it moves, as well as on its cleanliness. So today in this article we will see how to clean a mousepad correctly.

Why clean the mouse pad

How To Clean A Mouse Pad

When working with graphic editors, or in the process of video games, users expect an instant reaction. Otherwise, errors or inaccuracies may appear that are difficult to correct. Finally, it annoys any user when they have to “persuade” (that is, click a hundred times) to execute the same command.

The speed of reaction to the team depends on how clean the surface of this accessory will be.

Unfortunately, there are more serious reasons: the mouse breaks. Since dust and small particles from the surface of the mat easily get inside this computer accessory. Therefore, even the most accurate users need to clean such a rug from time to time.

Any user should know how to clean a mouse pad so that it does not fail at the most crucial moment.

The Right Way to Clean a Mousepad

Right way? So to clean a mousepad is not just putting it in the washer and ready? Reality goes a little further, he said.

Cleaning a mousepad requires some care from gamers. Otherwise, you could end up damaging it irreversibly. Of course, each type of mousepad requires specific care. However, the purpose of this article is to present the correct (and general) way to clean a mousepad so that you can use the full life of your mousepad. But let’s cut it, it is important first to know when to clean your mousepad.

The right time to clean your mousepad


Is your mousepad starting to snap and stick? Are you starting to have trouble sliding your mouse over it easily ? So this is a good time to start proper cleaning on your mousepad.

Sometimes the need for cleaning is visible. However, sometimes the need to clean the mousepad is not so visible, it may well be dirty, but you just can’t see it. To do so, just do a little test: run your fingernail the full length of your mousepad, if anywhere you are fingernail it is scratched, this is where the dirt resides. Below you can check out a video of demonstrating this:

Wiping a mousepad

If you search the internet a little, you will find numerous different ways to clean a mousepad. However, it is always wise to be careful as, in some cases, you could end up seriously damaging your mousepad.

Ideally, first of all, you should check the type of material on your mousepad. Most models are made with

a spongy foam, covered with thin fabric or with a plastic surface. Once you are aware of what type of material makes up your mousepad, it is time to clean it properly.


Use any cleaning product and a cloth or sponge. Detergent or shampoo is usually effective. After this, rinse your mousepad and remove the cleaner.

The next step is to let it dry completely, allowing the inside to dry completely before using it again.


You can rub a damp cloth or some shampoo over your mousepad. The shampoo is a gentle cleanser that fits most fabrics and skin, and you already have one in your bathroom. Another compelling alternative is to pour laundry soap over the mousepad, deposit water and gently rub a sponge over the surface.

After doing this, squeeze a towel over the mousepad to remove the excess water on the surface and dry it.

Once this is done, the final step is to leave it “on the clothesline” to dry. But beware, do not leave it directly in the sun as this may damage it. Ideally, it should be put to dry later in the afternoon, when the sun is not so hot, which in our present time is almost impossible.

Below you will be able to view a video (but easy to understand) of how to clean a mousepad:

How to clean a mouse pad

clean a mouse pad

The accessory is made of different materials, and the methods for cleaning them are also significantly different.

To clean the mouse pad and not ruin it, consider the type of surface. An individual approach is important. In this case, the mouse pad and mouse will last longer. Care should be taken of the stand according to the material of which it is made.

Cleaning the cloth mat

To clean the fabric, a sponge or soft brush is immersed in a soapy solution, and the surface is gently wiped clean. To clean the surface of the rug, a brush or toothbrush, wipes, the sponge will come in handy. Then rinse thoroughly.

Each type of material has its own effective detergents. Sometimes after washing, apply a shampoo containing silicone. The silicone in the detergent composition forms an invisible film on the material, thanks to which the mouse will slide better.

Dry the mat only in a natural way without the use of a hairdryer, gas stove, or battery. To dry faster, wipe the mat with a newspaper or soft cloth. Dry the mat should be straightened on a horizontal surface for at least a day.

How to clean a mousepad made of plastic or aluminum mat

Accessories with aluminum or plastic surfaces are easy to clean. Taking a convenient sponge or brush and any detergent (washing powder, dishwashing detergent, or cleaning surfaces). Water is poured into the basin, the detergent is diluted, and the mat is placed there.

Rugs made of plastic or aluminum are the most simple and unpretentious to care for.

Important! Do not use boiling water. Otherwise the mat may become deformed.

Thoroughly rinse the entire computer accessory, including the folds and bulges for the hand, do not forget about the reverse side – it is also contaminated. Rinse the mat thoroughly and rinse off any remaining detergent.

After the above procedures, it is rinsed under running water and dried. At the final stage – polish. Without special preparations, this can be done by taking a carpet and a drop of any oil. For polishing, you can use a regular piece of carpet and a drop of oil.

How to clean a mousepad of glass rug

The cheapest preparation for washing glass surfaces will help to “wash” the glass stand. If such a tool is not at hand, use a detergent solution and a sponge. Glass mouse mats can be cleaned with special window cleaning products.

Rinse well afterward so that no soap stains remain. Then use alcohol (or vodka) to wipe the surface with a cloth that does not leave fibers. It will be kind of polishing. Here is a glass rug and cleaned. Glass mats are also wiped with ammonia.

How to clean a mousepad made of leather

Is it possible to wash a leather mouse stand at all? Perhaps the word “wash” or “wash” in the conventional sense, in our case, is used incorrectly. Leather computer accessories are durable and unpretentious in care.

Leather things are, nevertheless, more decoration of the workplace than a practical item for everyday use. Therefore they must be operated with extreme caution and care, avoiding serious pollution. Otherwise, even if you manage to get rid of spots, stains will remain on the surface.

The leather mat cannot be washed and generally dipped in water. The maximum that is allowed when cleaning a leather mouse pad is to wipe it with a slightly damp cloth and wipe it dry immediately — clean such coasters with napkins with special products.

How to clean a mousepad that made of rubber or cork

You can clean the rubber mouse pad in the most straightforward way. Washed and dried. No special recommendations.

Rubber mats. The most convenient type of mats for cleaning. A cork accessory is a funny thing. It can not be dipped in an aqueous solution, and even more so, the ingress of chemicals.

The cork product can be wiped with a damp cloth with any cleaning agent for office equipment. It is better to wipe with a soft cloth dipped in a special composition. When washing a rug from any material, you should also clean the mouse.

How not to clean a mousepad

Improperly cleaning a mousepad can permanently damage it.

Never put in any type of solvent, as the Mousepad is made up of microfibres, do not use clothes brushes as they will break the fibers that are made to slide the mouse better. Never let the mousepad soak in water, the ideal is just to pass the water over it, never soak it. The use of bleach, bleach, detergents, and alcohol should always be avoided as this can seriously damage your mousepad.

Plug in the tips

Above, you could get an overview of how to clean your mousepad the right way. But of course, this does not necessarily mean that this is the only correct way. If you have your own method of working for years, great, even you can even share it with us in the comments below.

Ideally, keep the wrong methods in mind to avoid them so that you can use your mousepad without any problems. However, the tips that we will give below are certainly for everyone, so be aware and value your mousepad a little more; after all, it is also part of your gamer peripherals.

  • If your mousepad is too stained or crumbling, it may be time to look for a replacement;
  • While your mousepad is drying, you can take the opportunity to clean the dirt beneath it. Also, wipe the dirt off the table where your mousepad was located;
  • Do not use your mousepad if it is still wet, let it dry completely;
  • If your desk is wood, let your mousepad dry longer;
  • If your mousepad is made of colored fabric, just wet one edge to see how it reacts to water.

How to care for your mouse pad

For a computer accessory to last longer and maintain its appearance and quality, it must be carefully operated. Never dry the product in direct sunlight or on a battery.

The industry produces a lot of drugs for the care of computer gadgets. Do not allow an additional layer of dust to appear on the surface. Wipe periodically with a damp cloth, and then remove any moisture with a soft, dry cloth.

If you notice that the lower part begins to peel off, it is better to replace the mat. If in doubt about how the material behaves when washing or washing, try cleaning in a small area (corner, for example).

Caring for the mouse pad is not particularly difficult, just occasionally need to clean it with a suitable tool. Computer mat is a small and inexpensive accessory that provides convenience and ease of work. This is an affordable thing that cannot last forever.

The cleanliness of the accessory surface is especially important for professional gamers who need high precision and sensitivity of a computer mouse. Paying due attention to its appearance, it is possible to extend its life.