How to Take Care of your Laptop and phones in heat?

Summer is not the ideal season for laptops due to several reasons. Overheating of the laptop and even android and iphone devices is one of the most frustrating things about summers. At Ask Computers, hundreds of customers get their laptops and cellphones repaired due to overheating damage. A rise in external temperature results in melting the tiny circuits in the logic board or any other components. Electronic parts are compactly fitted inside the chassis. A spinning fan throws out the heat produced during the working of the laptop, and even these cooling fans fail in summer.

If your laptop is lagging more often and you are not sure about the root cause, here are some tips and precautionary measures for every laptop user that may keep your laptop safe in summer.

General Indications of Overheating Laptop

The first thing that you will notice is the visible change in the overall temperature of the laptop. The body of the laptop will be hot, and you can easily tell that the laptop is producing extra hot air. Another thing is the fan speed. As the laptop starts producing more heat, the laptop cooling fan will also adjust the spinning speed accordingly. Here are some internal and performance issues initiated due to the rise in temperature:

  • Abrupt and unscheduled shutdowns
  • The laptop is not performing to its full potential.
  • Battery size expansion and poor battery timing
  • The hard disk is showing a warning sign or any other hardware failure.
  • Curser movement is hanging more often.

If you want to take good care of your laptop this summer for a smooth experience, here are some practical tips and methods that we are proven by Ask Computers geniuses:

Prevent Exposure to Direct Sunlight

It’s not a good idea to work outside or in your lobby with sunlight directly reaching your laptop. Always prefer a space in your house with proper ventilation or air conditioning system. Most of the users carelessly place their laptops near the windows, and direct sunlight keeps hitting the device. 

As you turn on the laptops, the temperature starts rising immediately, and the laptop may experience a hardware failure. The cooling fan inside the laptop can only blow out the hot air produced by the laptop, and you need to ensure that the external temperature is also normal.

Avoid using Laptop on Bed and Couches

Using a laptop on fluffy surfaces like blankets, sofas, and beds is prohibited because the heat cannot escape from the bottom of the laptop. Especially if the fan is located in the bottom, you need to put the laptop on a plain rigid surface like a table for appropriate heat escape.

Get a Waterproof Laptop Bag

The leather bag that you have been using the rest of the year needs a break in summer. Most of the regions experience excessive rainfall in summer. While going out or even in the home or office, always place your laptop in a waterproof bag or case. In the rain, such a bag will protect your device against water damage, and it will also protect the device from humidity and moisture.

The aim is to ensure all practices that can protect your laptop against possible heat damage and water damage in summer. There are several inexpensive protective gears available that can help you to take good care of your laptop in summer.

Use Cooling Pad

Do you use a laptop on your lap while sitting on the sofa? This practice can cause damage to your overall health so try not to continue this habit anymore. You can easily buy a portable laptop mini table that has built-in extra cooling fans. These tables serve the purpose of a cooling pad too. You simply need to put your laptop on the table, and these external fans are powered by a USB cable. Cooling pads can easily help to reduce to blow out the air more effectively and maintain a moderate temperature.

Always have Backup Files for your Data

Technology is unpredictable, and if something goes wrong even after every possible measure, Ask Computers suggest their readers have a secure backup of the necessary files. If you don’t want to spend money on USB or external HDD, you can use the online storage options.

Overheating of IPhones and Androids

Modern phones with all the latest updates and upgrades still get heated up in the summers especially due to the batteries being over heated. People that have their iPhone exposed in the heat in the summer times need to be especially careful with their devices to ensure they are not internally damaged. A lot of background heavy duty application also tends to heat up the phone especially when you are suing phone camera for long durations. Over-usage of the device needs to be taken care of.

How to Recover your Laptop or Phone from Heat or Water Damage?

Water and heat damages are inevitable, and at some point, you will make a mistake and end up with a faulty device. You don’t need to worry as you can easily get your device repaired from a computer expert shop. Ask Computers highly suggest professional help instead of trying DIY hacks for laptops and devices.  


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