How To Create A Perfect Video Game?

Video games are just blowing up digital markets.  Video games are enjoyed by both youngsters and adults. There are even real competitions that determine the best player. Popular games such as The Witcher, Elden Ring, Dark Souls and others are both high quality, cool and sophisticated products.  It’s really hard to create something like this. 

However, it is possible.

If suddenly you were visited by a sudden (or deliberate) desire to create your own game, then this article is for you! We will try to describe the whole process of creating a game as clearly as possible. Don’t be intimidated and don’t give up on this idea ahead of time. Yes, you may want to contact a video game development company for help, but for that you also need to understand the game development process.

So let’s discover the mysterious world of the video game. To do this, we have created a small guide that will help you understand the stages of creating a unique game. While of course a lot depends on the specific type of game and the platforms you’ll be using during development, you can still use this guide as a guide throughout the process.

It is clear that the development of the game is an “obstacle course”. It is really difficult to create a coherent product for a wide audience on your own. However, even a professional team will follow the steps below.


#1 Analysis of desires, market requirements, concepts.

It’s no secret that it’s a waste of time and resources to start developing a game without a clear vision. Accordingly, in order for the work to be effective, it is essential  to carefully consider the concept of the game. As we said earlier, a lot depends on the type of game: from the necessary skills to the equipment.

It will take time for a beginner to learn the types, functions, and methods. A professional team will help you determine the type of your future game. However, if you yourself do not understand what you want, then you should not rely on specialists.


#2 Drawing up a design document.

After the first step, a thorough analysis and conceptualization of the game, an important step is the creation of the so-called design document. In simple words, you need to make a game plan: appearance, functions, necessary actions. To make it easier for you to compile the document, we have made a small list that lists the important aspects:

  • Language settings. It is clear that when choosing a language, you should focus on the market segment in which you will promote the game.  Moreover, the choice of one or more languages ​​will help you optimize further work.
  • Behavior. You need to think about how your game will look and play.
  • updates and versions. It’s really important to think ahead if you want to create multiple parts of the game or if your script is suitable for one game.


#3 Benefits of the software

The last step before the actual development of the game is to decide on the right software. If you are interested in a mobile game, then the software for it will be easier. However, if your final product is to be on the same scale as The Witcher, then the choice of software must be carefully considered. 3D modeling, animation and much more require the most power of your equipment. Accordingly, you should study this issue well so that both your resources and wishes are combined.

#4 Start of development and programming

Oddly enough, but the most responsible and complex programming process requires the least introduction. After all, the coding process begins. At this stage, you have to decide on the programming language, and then develop the game.

#5 Test and start selling

Game testing has shown that your game is absolute and perfect. It’s time to let her out.  However, there is no demand for it. Why?  Everything is very simple. The fact is that without advertising and well-tuned marketing, no one will know about your game. A good marketer will tell you what are the best ways to promote your digital product. We can name several ways to promote:

  • Creation of a personal website to make it easier to purchase.
  • List the game on various marketplaces.
  • Make sure that your game (if it is mobile) exists on both popular platforms – Apple Play and Play Store.


Creating a game is a responsible step that requires difficult skills. A mobile application needs one method, a large-scale application needs another.  Do you want your game to allow transactions?  Blockchain game development company will provide you with this. Would you like to make a small application, but with an interesting plot? Consider reaching out to marketers and screenwriters. Your desire is the law. Therefore, create games and see you in the digital market.