How to Fix iPhone Unavailable Message on Lock Screen

Have you recently attempted to use your iPhone but been met with an unappealing screen that reads “iPhone unavailable”? Perhaps you’ve locked yourself out of your iPhone by repeatedly inputting the wrong passcode?

It may be an unpleasant experience, particularly if you don’t know how to fix an unavailable iPhone and regain access to it. This post will show you four alternative strategies to cope with an unresponsive iPhone. So, let’s get this party started!

Part 1: Causes of the iPhone Disabled Error:

When you wake up an iPhone, you normally use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock it or passcode if those fail. However, there are times when a passcode is required, such as after a reset.

The ability to enter a passcode is always present, although it can be inconvenient. For example, awakening an iPhone by mistake and having something continually input the wrong digits might be deemed a failed passcode enter.

It’s also possible that someone may try to guess the device’s passcode to obtain access. Some people may attempt this too often, causing the iPhone to lock up.

The iPhone displays unavailable on the screen if you fail to enter a passcode properly five times. After five failed attempts, the user will be advised to wait before attempting again, and after ten attempts, the iPhone will no longer allow any more attempts.

A feature may make an iPhone destroy all onboard data after ten failed restoration attempts, forcing the owner to restore from a backup.

Part 2: How do I unlock my phone if it says “iPhone unavailable”?

Below are some of the methods you can follow in case your phone says “iPhone unavailable”.

Way 1. Directly reset by using iPhone Erase selection on the screen:

If you forget your iPhone passcode and keep typing it incorrectly, you’ll see the iPhone Unavailable or Security Lockout notice and the Erase iPhone option.

To get around the iPhone’s unavailable screen, follow the instructions listed below,

  1. Continue to input the passcode until the Erase iPhone option appears in the bottom right corner.
  2. It will alert you that you are about to delete your iPhone and lose your data if you tap on it. Go ahead and do it.
  3. Enter the password for your Apple ID. Then the process of erasing will begin. After that, you may add it as a new device.


  • This is the simplest method to use.
  • Apple provides this option to wipe the phone from the lock screen.


  • This method is not useful in every kind of situation.

Way 2. By Using 4uKey to Unlock iPhone Unavailable without passcode:

Tenorshare 4uKey iPhone Unlocker is a solution designed to bypass issues such as an unpassable password. Unlike the other ways, 4uKey has several additional capabilities that might be useful to iPhone users in addition to the basic unlock.


Below are some of the notable features of Tenorshare 4uKey iPhone Unlocker,

  • It can deactivate an iPhone without using iTunes or iCloud, delete an Apple ID without a password, erase a Screen Time passcode in seconds, and even fix a disabled iPhone without using iTunes or iCloud.
  • It also works with the most recent iPhones and iPads, as long as they’re running iOS 15.4 or iPadOS 15.4.
  • 4uKey is a quick and easy guided technique to unlock an iPhone without using an Apple ID.

How to Use 4uKey to Unlock an Unavailable iPhone without a Passcode?

Follow the below-mentioned steps for using the 4uKey iPhone Unlocker,

Step 1: 4uKey may be downloaded and installed. Open the app and press the Start button.

Step 2: Using a USB-to-Lightning connection, connect the iPhone to the PC.

Step 3: Click Download and choose a location to store the firmware package. You’ll need at least 7GB of free space on your PC.

Step 4: To remove the file, select Start to Remove after downloading it.

Step 5: A screen will appear after a few minutes, indicating that the Screen Lock has been successfully removed. The iPhone can then be restored from a backup.


  • It may be used by business users to swiftly skip the MDM page and erase the MDM profile.
  • It is one of the best ways to reset iPhone.


  • This is not free.

Way 3. Unlock an Unavailable iPhone via iTunes:

Depending on your macOS version or if you’re using a Windows PC, the most formal approach to repair this is to utilize iTunes or Finder.

Follow the below-mentioned steps,

  1. Activate the iPhone’s recovery mode.
  2. Once connected to the computer, hold the button down until the iPhone displays the recovery mode screen, then release it.
  3. Open the option to view the linked iPhone in iTunes.
  4. Choose Restore when asked whether you want to update or restore.
  5. Disconnect the iPhone and set it up when the software has been downloaded and restored.


  • Because iTunes and Finder can handle so many parts of your iPhone’s system, they may also be used to restore it if it has been deactivated in this way.


  • You’ll need a Mac or a PC with iTunes installed and your Apple ID logged in to do this.
  • To connect the iPhone to the PC, you’ll need a USB-to-Lightning connection.

Way 4. Erase iPhone via Find My iPhone:

The last approach is useful if you don’t have physical access to your iPhone. For example, suppose a family member took it on vacation while you were at home, and they forgot the passcode you provided them to access the iPhone. It would still allow the iPhone to be set up in another person’s name and used until it was returned to its rightful owner.

Follow the below-mentioned steps,

  1. Open in a browser and sign in with the appropriate Apple ID.
  2. Choose “Find my iPhone.”
  3. After that, select All Devices, then iPhone.
  4. Confirm the action by clicking “Erase iPhone.”
  5. After that, the iPhone will be wiped and reset to factory defaults.


  • If the problem is too far away to solve, you may still restore the iPhone’s factory settings if you have an Internet connection and know your Apple ID password.


  • This approach is only useful if you don’t have access to your iPhone.

Part 3: Will I lose everything if my iPhone is disabled?

The ways mentioned above help find the answer to “how to undisable an iPhone?” now, you should be wondering that will you lose everything if your iPhone is disabled. You should be aware that unlocking a disabled iPhone without losing data is difficult since you must repair or reload the firmware to obtain access to it. As a result, the only way to avoid data loss is to restore the disabled iPhone’s previous backup after unlocking it.

Final Words

If you repeatedly input incorrect passcodes, your iPhone will be locked with an iPhone unavailable screen. If you use the techniques listed above, you should be able to unlock it quickly. Next time, create a passcode that is simple to remember. And if you want to know how to solve iPhone not working, we propose Tenorshare 4uKey, which has the fewest limits.