How to Fix League of Legends Error Code 1B

There was an unexpected error with the login session, Error Code 1B, Please try again. Are you getting this error code when you try to connect to League of Legends (LoL) servers?

Well, it is a common problem among players of the unique multiplayer online battle arena video game. 

The software does not have many glitches, whether installed on Windows or OS X PCs. However, the Code 1B login error is rather common. Unless the problem is resolved, you will not be able to log into and play the game. 

If you are reading this, chances are that you are yet to fix your error code 1B logging problem. To resolve this error, just follow the troubleshooting steps described below. 

What is LoL Error Code 1B? 

The LoL Error code 1B is a connection error that renders it impossible for players to log into the League of Legends game.

It is displayed as a prompt and is not related to your login credentials. Error code 1B may also cause your connection to time out during the login process. 

In most cases, this error code is triggered when your computer rejects security certificates from LoL servers. This may be brought about by a number of things, as mentioned below.


Error Code 1B Causes

If you are getting the League of Legends error code 1B, you are having connection issues. However, the inability to connect to LoL servers may be brought about by different things, including:

Browser Settings

In order to have a seamless experience with the LoL video game, you need to ensure that the Safari browser is configured accordingly. If not configured properly, the Safari browser on Mac PCs my block cookies associated with LoL, hence trigger error code 1B. 

Server Issues
To begin with, you need to log into the right region as any given LoL account can only be active in one region at a time. Again, you also to check whether the server you are connecting to is up, as explained below.

Out-of-Sync Clock
if the clock on your PC is not in sync with real-time, LoL servers will be able to obtain correctly time-stamped certificates. This will, in turn, lead to connectivity issues, and even trigger error code 1B. 

Incorrect DNS Configuration – Under normal circumstances, LoL launcher uses server aliases. If the DNS is configured properly, the system will not be able to connect those alliances to some ISP’s default Domain Name System resolvers. 

Outdated Security Protocols – If your system is configured to use SSL 2.0 or SSL 3.0 primarily as the primary access point, you may not be able to connect to LoL client. This has also been proven to cause League of Legends error code 1B. 

How To Resolve LoL Error Code 1B 

Before carrying out any of the troubleshooting steps described here, you should first check to see whether LoL servers in your region are up and running.

You may be getting this error just because the servers are temporarily down. To be sure, check the Server Status forum for your region. 

If the server is working, you should try re-launching the League of Legends Client. To do this, you first need to close the game completely. Select the game Window, and then press the Alt, and F4 keys simultaneously. 

Alternatively, you may use the task manager to close the game (Ctrl + Shift + Esc). Once loses, right-click the League of Legends icon on your desktop and run as Administrator.

If the error code persists after dong that, follow the steps described below to troubleshoot and fix error code 1B: 

Method 1: Sync the Clock 

If the clock on your computer is not set, LoL servers will not be able to retrieve correctly time-stamped certificates. As such, you will not be able to log into your game. If this is the problem, you just need to sync the clock accordingly. 

The procedure for syncing the clock varies from one operating system to another. Here is how you should go about it: 

Syncing Clock on Mac 

From the Apple menu, select “System Preferences” and navigate to “Date and Time”. If the clock is locked, click on the lock icon and enter the Administrator’s credentials to continue.

From the drop-down menu, select the appropriate default time server:,, or 

Now tick on the box adjacent to the “Set date and time automatically” option. You also need to check the “Set time zone automatically using current location” box, under the “Time Zone” tab. Lastly, Apply the settings you just made and close the window. 

Try launching the League of Legends game to see whether the problem has been resolved. 

Syncing the Clock on Windows 

Right-click on the clock icon on your desktop and select “Adjust Date/Time”. Now open the “Internet Time” tab and click on the “ Change Settings” button. You will get a UAC prompt, after which you should click on the “Update Now” button to resync the clock. 

Method 2: Updating Security Protocols (Windows) 

You may also get the LoL error code 1B if the system is configured to connect to the internet through SSL 2.0 or SSL 3.0. If this is the problem in your case, you need to configure the security protocols in the right settings. 

This solution is aimed at setting the Internet Options to enable TLS 1.0, 1.1, or 1.2 while disabling SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0. l To achieve this, you need to launch Internet Explorer and select “Internet Options”. Click on the “Advanced” tab and scroll down to the security section. 

Uncheck boxes for SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 to disable them. Now check the boxes for TLS 1.0 to enable it. Once you are done, click on “Apply” and try launching the game once again. 

Final Verdict 

Hundreds of LoL players across the globe have expressed their concern over the error code 1B issue that prevents them from signing into the game.

This error may be triggered by something as simple as a clock that is out of sync, or a more curious problem like incorrect DNS configuration. In either case, this guide will help you troubleshoot the League of Legends error code 1B and fix it with ease. 

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