How to Generate an Electronic Order Form

Nowadays, almost any product can be ordered online, although some contractors still place orders in hard copy. However, they now work with hard copies mainly because they do not know how to correctly generate and fill out an order form template in an electronic form. And yet, from a practical point of view, drafting and signing an electronic order is a legal, as well as convenient and efficient option.

There are many suppliers that offer solutions developed for electronic documentation in a contemporary quite advanced market. There are many various types of orders that are signed with digital signatures. They include lots of business and legal documents.

PandaDoc: the perfect choice for document management automation

You can generate a sample or a template of any document, send an order or an agreement, collect signatures or sign all the necessary documentation with the help of a special solution – PandaDoc.

This software is designed to make it possible to formalize transactions without spending time on more complex and time-consuming services.

PandaDoc is a digital signature service that enables users to quickly draw up and complete order form templates without the need to arrange delivery of paper documents while ensuring maximum security and ultimate legality.

This software successfully integrates with the majority of routine applications and tools, in particular with CRM, HubSpot, Salesforce, Zapier, Stripe, and Dropbox, ensuring that the signature is legally binding.

PandaDoc is a perfect solution for business owners who need to sign business-related documents widely used for sales, financial, and legal functions. What types of documents, other than orders, can be drafted and signed through the application of this software?

Here are just a few examples:


  • business proposals and quotations;
  • purchase and sale agreements;
  • leasing contracts;
  • bills and invoices;
  • partnership agreements;
  • job offers.

Advantages of using PandaDoc

More than 23,000 companies successfully collaborate with the PandaDoc platform. Its popularity can easily be explained by the advantages enjoyed by users, including the following:

  • there is a possibility to generate, sign, and send a document within a few minutes;
  • it is not required to stay all the time in front of the computer screen, the documents can be signed on the go;
  • the generated and completed documents can be sent to several recipients around the world at the same time;
  • it is possible to create an order form template or any other document once and then save it for future use;
  • variable fields of signature, text, initials, company, and date can be added by users to the developed document;
  • it is possible to preview the document and make changes to it with the dedicated tools for document viewing;
  • since the software can be integrated with various commonly used applications (CRM, HubSpot, Salesforce, Zapier, Stripe, Dropbox, etc.), files and documents can be imported directly from them;
  • it is possible to send timely reminders to sign documents that are being processed;
  • you can easily initiate document signatures directly from your inbox;
  • you can designate someone else to sign documents;
  • when an action is performed on a document, you can receive real-time push notifications about it.

If you’re using outdated methods to process orders and any other documents that require a signature, it is recommended to switch and join the leading experts of document management platforms.