Instagram algorithm explained for more followers

Social media has grown to completely take over the world. It all started with MySpace and now there are a wide variety of different platforms available. Smartphones have also helped revolutionize the technical space and all social media platforms are optimized for phone use which has made social media platforms think about how their algorithms work because phones are more informal.

People gravitate towards social media when they are bored and need entertainment and Instagram is one of the biggest platforms that exists with over 500 million daily users. The Instagram algorithm is designed for people to stay on the platform and you can apply this knowledge to gain more followers.

In addition to this, there are amazing outside services where you can buy real Instagram followers. Unlike other services that fill your account with bots and empty followers, some naturally build it and are used by thousands of users worldwide. Here’s everything you need to know to implement the two.

Have a content calendar

Being consistent and posting often on Instagram is critical. When you are consistent and post often, you become more visible because the algorithm favours you and starts showing your posts to more people.

If you have a busy schedule and cannot find the time to consistently post on Instagram, a great idea is to explore a content calendar which is a tool that you can use to plan your upcoming content and monitor the publishing dates of the content.

Content calendars help you stay organized and schedule posts in advance, saving you time and effort. Content calendars are great because they help you maintain consistency, they keep your audience engaged, they increase your visibility and they help you plan your marketing on social media.


According to the Instagram algorithm, the most recent posts are the posts that are most important to the audience so newer posts are ranked higher than older ones on the newsfeed. With this knowledge in mind, it is important to post when your audience is active online.

To find out which are the best times to post, you need to have an Instagram business account that will give you access to metrics. Instagram metrics give you information about your followers such as their age, gender, location as well as your reach, engagement/ impressions rate, and follower growth.

By analysing your metrics, you will also be able to know the days and times that your followers are most active which will help you determine when to post. You will also be able to assess which posting times generate the most engagement from your audience. Knowing the right times to post optimizes engagement with your target audience and generates traffic. 

Engage, and engage some more

Engagement on social media is any interaction between you and your audience. This can be in the form of a like, comment, reply, share, or direct message. The best ways to drive conversations and generate engagement on Instagram include:

  • Posting at the right time.
  • Use Instagram stickers in your stories.
  • Create savable content. 
  • Write longer captions.
  • Open up about your business or brand. 

Engaging expands your brand reach, increases visibility, attracts new followers, and creates brand awareness and loyalty. 

Use all the features 

There are a variety of features on Instagram including:

  • Reels: These are 15 second long videos accompanied by music.
  • Stories: These are photos and videos that you can post onto your Instagram profile in chronological order. 
  • IGTV: These are longer videos that you can post.
  • Shopping: Instagram has a store filled with a variety of businesses that you can purchase from. 

All of these features can be used by anyone on Instagram including brands and businesses and if you use all of these features, especially reels, you will increase your visibility, engagement rate, brand reach and you could also welcome potential new followers. 

Hashtags are a must 

Hashtags are a word that begins with the “#” symbol and they work to make your posts more discoverable as well as categorize posts based on a specific theme and topic which is why Instagram uses them.

Hashtags are everywhere on social media and when used correctly, they expand your audience, generate more engagement and attract new followers within your niche as well as other niches.

Branded hashtags are especially good for businesses and brands to use to build a community on social media and monitor what people are saying about your brand or business. 

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