The Guide on How to Market a Mobile App or Game

Software development has been in demand for a long time already. Just think about the number of mobile gadgets in customers’ hands: they used to work, communicate, have fun, etc. using their smartphones. Many companies understand that this is the best time to take advantage of creating and releasing software. 

Let’s pay attention to mobile app marketing and monetization. If you want to market your software and gain money for it then you will be interested in the following recommendations. 

The Basics of Mobile App Marketing 

There are more than 5 billion mobile gadgets owners in the world. Experts in software development at explain that every unique user is your potential customer who will download your app. As a result, you can earn money by promoting software and making people try it. 

Marketing your applications means selecting an efficient strategy to let people know more about your software. By providing them with information about its features and benefits, you encourage potential users to become your real customers. Long story short, to market mobile game or applications means to attract more individuals to use your software. 

As a result, the quality of your marketing efforts impacts your real results. If you have developed a useful, user-friendly, and unique application you will admit the high demand among your target audience. If your app’s quality is poor and user experience is insufficient, then no powerful and professional promotion can help. 

Anyway, you are responsible for the future of your mobile software. Depending on your efforts, it could be spectacularly successful or shockingly failure. 

Essential Steps to Market Your Software

If you understand how to market your app you are in the right direction. All you need is to follow these guidelines and you’ll see your actions lead to good promotional results. 

  1. Analyze Your Target Audience

You should be honest with yourself: not every user in Google Play and App Store will download your application. That’s not because your software isn’t good enough. That’s because every product has its target audience while another part of individuals will never use it because of the lack of interest. 

For instance, if you have created a great app for carnivore diet (an all-meat diet) then vegans and vegetarians will never download it. As a result, you will waste your time and money on promoting this software among people who don’t belong to your target group. 

For this reason, the first step in mobile application marketing is defining your target audience and its needs. professional marketers recommend describing the so-called user persona – a portrait of an average customer. Here are the main characteristics to mention:

– fears and challenges an individual faces. Having this information, you can use it as a bargaining chip on customers;

– priority platforms (iOS, Android, etc.). If your target audience prefers Apple products then you should better develop apps on the iOS platform, and vice versa;

– age and status. Such personal information will help you to choose the most suitable communication style, tone of voice, and other details;

– attitude to paid apps. If your potential users prefer free apps then you need to monetize your product using ads. If they freely purchase subscriptions you can focus on developing free and paid versions.

Don’t forget that these statements don’t give 100% fair answers. You may experiment to find real answers to these questions. 

  1. Take Into Account Your Rivals

You need to research your competitors too. This approach is as important as defining your target audience. A comprehensive app marketing strategy requires you to understand your rivals’ weaknesses and strengths. 

By analyzing the market of your competitors you can find out plenty of essential facts. It will help you to use successful examples of their marketing campaigns as golden standards for your future promotion and avoid wasting money on useless ideas.

For instance, the list of the top-3 free games in Google Play includes Merge Master – Dinosaur Fusion, World Challenge-Daily Word Game, and Money Rush. So if you plan to develop a new free and ads-based game you should analyze all facts of the top games: check statistics, comments, features, etc. Then you will have insight information to make your IT product better and more popular. 

  1. Use a Landing Page

A landing page is a simple website that consists of one or several pages. That’s enough for a developer to explain why customers need to download the exact app and what are its main advantages compared to similar apps. 

A great advantage of a landing page is its availability on the Web. If you use relevant keywords for content creation and other SEO tactics you can level your website’s position up in search engines. It will help users to find your landing page faster and trust the published links for downloading. 

Take advantage of a landing: publish on your website useful information, including articles, videos, podcasts, and so on. The more useful content you produce the higher trust you can earn. As a result, you’ll successfully advertise mobile app and receive desired results. 

  1. Post Articles in Your Blog

Writing and publishing texts on your website is one of the most popular tactics of SEO. Its power is explained by search engine algorithms: when you add a new web page with content search engines index it and increase your position in the ranking. As a result, users will easily find your website and follow your links to find out more information about your app. 

The main criterion for your content is its quality. You must create blog posts that will interest users and provide them with unique, useful, and interesting information. Take into account that a modern user lives in the era of information noise. That’s why everyone filters information and ignores useless content as a waste of time. 

No matter how many new tactics and promotional options appear, producing content is still a very efficient method. It allows your website to generate organic traffic and raise the number of installs of your software. If you don’t know what kind of content to publish then refer to your target audience. Find out its interests and fears to cover them in your articles.

  1. Optimize Your App Page 

You have already published your new application on Google Play or the App store (or both markets as well). But it’s not enough – you must pay attention to your IT product page optimization to grab users’ attention and trust.

The product’s page in different markets contains standard fields: title, description, reviews, a number of downloads, icons, screenshots, etc. Every element matters so you have to generate catchy, impressive, and unique content. 

Many developers think that nothing depends on the app title or screenshot. You are wrong! You can’t predict which part of your product page in App Store or Play Market can bring you success. This is an advantage and disadvantage of viral marketing: you never know what content can become viral. 

  1. Use Social Media and Influencers

A wise and successful mobile app marketing plan includes multiple channels for advertising. You need to optimize your product page in mobile markets, develop a landing page, use social media platforms, etc. Yes, social media is a very powerful tool to promote software among your target audience. 

Besides, you can make reposts from your landing page and publish the existing content on your social media too. Such an approach will help you target the audience that spends a lot of time on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. 

If you want you can also use paid advertising in social media to promote your applications. It demonstrates high results and may bring you thousands of new downloads. Just remember to spend your funds wisely and use accurate settings. 

Another great advantage of SMM is an opportunity to cooperate with influencers. Select a partner by the relevance of his or her target audience and number of followers. Today influencers have a huge influence on audiences more than ever. 

  1. Improve Your Software 

No matter how good your application is, it’s not perfect at the moment. Your customers will face bugs and ask you to correct them as soon as possible. That’s why you must have fingers on the pulse of feedback and respond to all comments with new updates and short comments. 

Every update you make will appear on your product page in the App Store and Google Play. It will notify your users that you keep improving your software to make them satisfied. Most customers install an update even if they doubt its need. 

So anytime you post your app updates try to add a detailed description of what you have done. Your customers will appreciate such information and make positive conclusions about you as a developer and your IT product. 

Software development is not the final step for you as a developer. You need to market your application to make sure your job will be appreciated. So try the listed above tips and keep going to reach your goals. It wouldn’t be easy but with a high-quality IT product and professional promotional campaigns, you’ll succeed!