How To Quickly Declutter Your Mac For More Storage Space 

Whether you use your Mac for work or entertainment, the last thing you would want to encounter is a shortage of storage space. But it is likely to be one of the most common issues for Mac users. As you end up stuffing the memory with redundant files, unused apps, and unnecessary items without even realizing it, your system will need a decluttering treatment sooner than you expect. Thankfully, you can do it easily and quickly by following only a few simple steps. Let us explain these steps in detail.

Identify the culprits

The best way to start with a declutter project is by identifying the culprits because it will be easier to purge them if you know them. Typically, device memory tends to load up with items like large documents, mail attachments, saved movies, and photos, or just cached stuff from apps and websites. Unfortunately, it can compromise the speed of your Mac. A list of all redundant items in place will surely help you speed up the cleaning process and motivate you to do it more regularly. 

Remove redundant items to free up disk space

As a rule of thumb, a minimum of 20% of disk space on your device should be free. The practice will not only declutter the system but also give it a performance boost. Just have a good look at the checklist of items gathered with the first step and start cleaning the redundant stuff. Large unused files, like movies and videos, should be the first to get. Clear the rarely used applications next, followed by old downloads. Finally, get rid of the system junk, and you have an optimized Mac with more memory space.

Find and delete the duplicates

As you use your Mac over time, there are chances you will accumulate duplicates even without knowing. For example, every time you download an app, associated files get stored in your system accordingly. Downloading it again or even updating it gets duplicate files on your Mac, which eventually take memory without serving any benefit. Detecting and deleting these files is an essential aspect of a declutter project. 

Get rid of login items

Getting rid of the login items is a critical element of a declutter project. Essentially, these are the programs that load automatically when you start the device. Deleting them is a great idea to free up your RAM. You need not worry about deleting the app itself because you will only stop it from launching automatically with every startup.

Don’t forget desktop declutter

Even as you clear your Mac’s storage for creating more memory, you should not overlook the desktop. Decluttering it is equally important, even if you feel that it wouldn’t do much to resolve your memory woes. A desktop declutter involves getting rid of anything you don’t require and organizing the remaining in stacks. It helps you find the files faster, and you end up avoiding multiple downloads of the same files. It means that there will be less pressure on the device memory in the long haul. 

Decluttering your Mac is easier than you think, and you can do it faster than you can expect. Just follow these practices regularly, and you will notice a big difference in the storage and performance of the device.

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