How To Reset Powerbeats 3 in 6 Ways [Pro Version Too]

If you are looking to reset your powerbeats you came to the right place.

Powerbeats 3 is a high-performance wireless earphones which are made compatible with iOS and Android devices. The connectivity technology is being developedby using Apple’s W1 Chip and Wireless Connect via Class 1 Bluetooth with respective device for wireless workout freedom. 

These headphones have are both sweat and water resistive in order to handle tough training. They are also flexible, have secure-fit ear hooksfor maximize comfort and stability while in the gym or running. Whether its about Takong up calls, controling your music, or activating Siri with the multifunction on-ear controls and microphone. 

Reasons For Malfunctioning Of Powerbeats 3

There can be various reasons for the errors or malfunctioning of Powerbeats 3 like pairing issues, firmware malfunctioning, external agent like water, insufficient charging getting inside the device.

Steps To Safely Reset Your Powerbeats 3

1st Solution: Restart your Device

  • Locate the Power button of your powerbeats 3. Press and hold it for a few minutes until it turns off.
  • Wait for a while, and then try to turn on your powerbeats 3 again.

2nd Solution: Reset your Device

  • Press and hold the volume down button and the power button of your powerbeats 3 simultaneously. Wait until you see a flashing light.
  • Try to pair the device
  • Plug your powerbeats 3 to an electrical outlet and try to see if it is charging.

3rd Solution: Use the Remote to Restart your device

  • Press the center remote button and the power button simultaneously. Note that the centre remote button is also called the mute button. Hold onto the buttons until your powerbeats 3 turn on.
  • Plug your powerbeats 3 on an electrical outlet and try to see if it is charging or not.

4th Solution: Make sure That There’s no Water Damage On Your Device

If your device has water or sweat damage, there’s a big chance that it will not power on.

  • Keep your device on a warm and dry place. Leave it for a few days. 
  • Try to plug your device on an electrical source and see if it works
  • If it is still not charging, try to leave the earphones on the charger for two days. Try to see if it turns on.

5th Solution: Leave your Powerbeats Alone for a Few Days

  • Some users have noted that leaving their powerbeats 3 alone for a few days or weeks will allow enough time for the device to rest. Wait until your powerbeats 3 are battery empty.
  • Try to connect it to an electrical outlet and see if it starts charging.

6th Solution: Forget Device on iPhone

If you already did the pairing of your powerbeats 3, you can “forget” it by doing the following:

  • Go to your iPhone’s/Android’s Settings. 
  • Then click on Bluetooth
  • Check if the Bluetooth is connected and the powerbeats 3 are paired.
  • Click the info symbol that is located next to your powerbeats 3.
  • Just simply tap on the Forget this Device option.
  • Tap the Confirm button
  • Try to connect the powerbeats 3  to its charger and to an electrical outlet to see if it charges.

Forget Device on iPhone

7th Solution: Remove the Powerbeats 3’ Battery

  • Remove the powerbeats 3’s battery.
  • Leave it off for about 1 to 2 weeks.
  • After waiting, put back the battery.
  • Try to connect the powerbeats 3  to a charger and an electrical outlet
  • See if it is charging.

8th Solution Update Your Powerbeats 3 Earphones

  • On your Mac/Windows PC, download the beats updater app and install it.
  • Open your application and power on your device.
  • Connect the earphones and the PC using the micro USB cable.
  • Go to the menu option on your beats updater and select the status icon.
  • Select the name for your powerbeats 3 and follow the opening website.
  • Select the update option and follow the instructions.
  • Your device needs to have a battery percentage of not less than 20% to successfully complete the process.

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