How to Spy on a Cell Phone without access [Easiest Guide Of 2020]

The year 2020 has taught us many important lessons. At the same time, it has also increased the reliance of people on their smartphones. People have become addicted to their phones as their physical interface with people was restricted.

It’s so much easier to call, text, communicate, flirt, or even cheat on somebody with the help of the features of a smartphone. It has diminished borders and boundaries. There are apps for almost anything you want to do, anyone you want to meet, and cater to any interest of yours.

Undoubtedly, smartphones have become a blessing in disguise. We are so caught up in the outer world and connecting with everyone else, we lose out on real relationships. So, if your loved one’s addiction to their smartphones is keeping you up at night, you must know an easy way to spy on a cell phone.

Yes, it is possible to spy on a cell phone in a totally remote manner. You do not need the phone, the user, the passcode, etc. to break into their phone. You can spy on someone in a totally remote manner.

A lot of users have been using Minspy that makes cell phones spying a piece of cake. You can see almost everything with this web-based app. It has proved its efficiency and patronage with a growing customer base each passing day!

Why Minspy is better than other apps?

Frankly, there are many apps that allow remote spying into cell phones. Honestly, most of them are a blatant sham that succeeds in ripping off the time, money and bandwidth of gullible people.

Minspy claims what it delivers and delivers what it claims. It is a rather simplistic web based app that allows its users to remotely spy on someone. It has an addictive interface and very simple set of procedures to begin with.

What Makes Minspy Special?

As mentioned earlier, there are many spy apps. Not all have the prowess and the simplicity that is demanded by first time spy app users. Many people who resort to spying on someone’s cell phone are anyways undergoing a rough patch in their relationship, getting caught spying only makes it worse. check this article, here. 

Therefore, you can’t just pick any random spy app that is there to exist. The name has to have a loyal patronage that corroborates for its features and functions. Minspy has that reputation and sound clientele base that bask in its glory.

What further makes Minspy special is the wide array of functions it possesses. There are a line of functionalities that it offers that are significantly important when spying. Below are some of the core functions offered by Minspy:

The Interface

Most spy apps have a complicated interface. Like the confusion and bewilderment in one’s life was not sufficient that even spy apps start to appear like a chore? Minspy keeps its simple with a very friendly interface.

The web based app is laid out in a series of easy tabs that take you to the desired functions. One can decipher what one wants and then choose the tab in accordance. You can just tap your way through the app without any confusion.

Stealth Mode

Minspy has a very efficient stealth mode that is built into its very structure. This stealth mode is like wearing an invisibility cloak. You are there spying, but no one sees you. You are never going to get caught while spying. You can be confident in using the app.

Zero Jailbreaking and Rooting

Minspy allows you to spy on someone’s phone in a completely remote way. You wouldn’t need the target phone. As much as possible, the app keeps the information requirement minimum.

With minimum information requirements, there is less scattered information that often leaves trails. It’s a safe conduct working on just the basic details of the user and even the target phone.


When you are spying on someone’s phone, the intent is to never get caught. Minspy gives you leverage. It also retains the privacy of users. Minspy’s own employees can’t access client information by themselves.

How to Spy on a Cell Phone without Having It

You don’t need the phone anywhere near you to spy on it. From registration to actual spying, it only takes a few minutes to get done with the process. It is efficient to begin with and simple to use.

You start with your registration on the app. You need to sign up with your email ID which will act as your official registration with the web-based app. After this, you can select your desired monthly plan from the many choices that are available on Minspy.

Once you have paid for the plan, you will get a setup link on your email ID. The link will be simple to install and procedures will be self-explanatory. After the app is so installed for usage, you need to sign in and select the target platform.

The target phone can be an iPhone or an Android phone, depending upon the phone you intend to hack. You can choose iOS if it is an iPhone and Android if it is an Android phone.

When your target platform is iPhone, all you need next is the iCloud ID and password. By just having the iCloud credentials, you can spy on someone’s phone in a completely remote manner. You need no interface with the target iPhone at all.

When the target phone is an Android phone, the processes are different. After paying for the plan, you would need to download the app on the target Android phone. This requirement of Android phones is non-negotiable. You need to channel the spying through the app installation.  

Despite the requirement, Minspy will have you covered. You can download the app and hide it immediately. It will simply vanish from your phone. The app will vanish from the phone and as it weighs only 3 MB, the user will never notice that any such app exists on his/her phone.


Using Minspy, you can ensure that the dependency of your loved ones on their smartphones is not their vulnerability. With increased reliance on phones in the year 2020 precisely, there is a lot that can be done through them.

Minspy has turned out to be an immensely easy way to spy on a cell phone. It is simpler and efficient than most leading spy apps. You can rely upon the app to holistically spy on your loved ones.

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