How To Start Your Gaming Stream

Gaming streams are one of the most common online content these days. People love to watch and learn strategies from gamers, while others find it entertaining. Especially if you’re a good gamer, streaming your playoffs would be an excellent chance to make a name online and even earn from it. 

Do you love playing video games and wish to start making a living from it? You can start your own gaming stream today. Here are some reliable tips to kick it off:

  1. Create Your Visual Branding

Visual branding isn’t limited to businesses. In this digital age where visuals are everything, content creators and gamers benefit from paying attention to their visual identity. This refers to templates, backgrounds, and logos that adorn your content. They represent your brand and make you stand out from other gamers. A professional logo can even resonate with how dedicated and professional you are in your playoffs. 

Many sites offer free templates you can use to start. When you don’t know how to create or design your visual branding, it may be best to use ready to use gaming templates featuring various logos. You can choose what will resonate with your brand or persona so that when your target audience sees your logo, they know that it’s you. 

In the long run, you can gain online visibility, and you must start building a brand. The logo will represent you, and you can use it to sell merch tailored towards your logo and brand. Doing this is an excellent way to earn money since game developers can also pay you royalties when using your logo on weapon skins and the like. 

  1. Have The Right Gear

Streaming games are popular, and another way to stand out in this industry is to have a professional-looking setup. You need to show your viewers that you’re not a random gamer but a pro player. That’s why aside from a gaming PC, GPU, keyboard, and monitor, you need to have the following essential gear for gaming streams: 

  • High-Quality Microphone: You need to interact with your audience if you’re live streaming and the best way to do that is to be heard clearly. This means your audience needs to focus on your voice and sounds, and a good mic can do that. It must also block surrounding noise to avoid adding unnecessary sounds that your viewers will hear. 
  • Suitable Lighting: Your audience also needs to see you in a flattering and clear way. Good lighting will help your stream appear more professional. You can use lighting devices in your background, an app on your phone, or software on your PC. You may also want to consider the one with diffused lighting, which is good for your eyes when streaming for longer hours. 
  • High-quality Camera: You also need to appear on your stream so your viewers can watch how you play. It may be a disappointment if you appear blurred, so it’s best to use a good webcam. You can also use your DSLR if you have one and make it superior to a webcam by using a plug-and-play capture card. This can help deliver a much better image online for streamers. 
  1. Buy A Streaming Software

You also need streaming software that takes your PC’s audio and video input and transfers it to your chosen streaming platform. This is also known as an encoder, and it has a hardware variant, but the software may be more recommended because it’s more user-friendly and affordable. 

You can increase your upload speeds by using streaming software since it can compress the data until it becomes transferable to your streaming platform. You can also choose a software encoder with multi-camera setups, scene creation, and switching features. Some streaming software is free, but you may have to consider buying one for more advanced features. 

  1. Choose A Game Streaming Service

As mentioned, you need a streaming platform to broadcast your gameplay to your audience. Your choices are Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and even TikTok streaming services. You may want to choose the platform your target audience uses to watch game streams. Or you can also use more than one of them to cater to more audiences. 

Most gamers use Twitch because it’s the biggest player and most common game streaming platform. The platform is made for game streaming, featuring streamlined game streamers’ functionality and onboarding process.

The catch for using Twitch is it’s already saturated. Many game streamers are already using the platform, and a newbie streamer may find it hard to establish their presence.

However, you can also choose the other platforms, depending on what game you’re streaming. YouTube is also famous for high-profile game streamers since it’s known for being a video platform. 

Meanwhile, Facebook Gaming is also becoming more popular, although it’s still new in this industry. This means beginners can have a higher chance of building their brand on this platform since most high-profile game streamers already flock to the other platforms. What’s even better about this is creating a gaming page where you can interact with your audience via social media posts. 

Another is TikTok live streaming since many people are into TikTok videos nowadays. You can take this opportunity to build followers on this platform, too. 

What’s common among these services is you only need to click a button to go live within a game. This means that these platforms have a built-in broadcast function, making it easier for you to stream while playing. All you need is to link your game account to the streaming service. 


If you love playing various games, whether video or console games, you may want to start gaming streams. You can use it to earn money while sharing your playoffs, especially for rookie gamers who want to know more about the games. Streaming can also be an excellent way to interact with like-minded gamers from across the world, which is a new form of socializing in the comforts of your home. Follow the tips above to jumpstart your streaming career, and who knows, you may be the next big gamer in the streaming industry.