How to Stream Free Movies Online [Shows Too]

People are conveniently getting rid of all the extra load on their budget this year, including the infamous cable TV services that used to take a big chunk from your monthly paycheck. Replacing the cord were the trending streaming services that kept most of our sanity intact this year.  We still can’t find all the movies on our subscribed services, but we won’t pay for more services for a single film. Our solution to this problem lies on the internet, on websites that offer free movies and TV shows for viewers. 

There are numerous concerns regarding the authenticity and safety of these sites. Still, with the right tools like a VPN, you can access anything without worrying about your online safety and your device’s security. A VPN will also help you make the most of the streaming services you own by opening up international catalogs for you like American Netflix in Australia, UK, Canada, and everywhere else. As you know, American Netflix is the most popular catalog of them all with the best content than any other regional Netflix has. 

But even the most significant movie library may miss out on trending movies like Mulan, which was the most anticipated movie of 2020, and only available on Disney+ Premier Access. But free streaming sites online usually have all the content from various services. We have listed below some of the best sites that you can visit for free movies and shows online. 



Crackle is a Sony-owned streaming service which offers a wide range of free content on their website. It also means that you get to access Sony’s content through the free service too. 

The website is sleek in design and displays the recent uploads on the top and other genres as you scroll down on the homepage. It offers recent and obscure titles along with options where you can search your movies based on the title, cast, and genre of the film. Crackle is available in the US only, so you may require the use of a VPN to enjoy the free library of movies and TV shows on the service. 


Who would have thought that your local library card can get you so much other than books? Hoopla is your very own digital library that you can access on any device available, but that’s not it! It caters to a ton of things like ebooks, audiobooks, music, and, most importantly, movies and TV shows. 

All you have to do is sign-up for free using your library card and open up a carousel of entertainment catalogs for yourself. Hoopla works like your regular library, you can borrow the content for a specific period of time, and after you are done with it, you’ll have to wait a while before you can borrow it again. 

Hoopla is compatible with all software and streaming devices, including Chromecast, Roku, and Fire TV stick.


IMDB is one of the most popular sites that offer top movie ratings, reviews, and movie experts’ critics. Moreover, it has a vast library of all the best and trending movies for free on their IMDB TV site. 

From family friendly movies to cult classics, it has them all, that too for free. They have conveniently categorized all the content based on their genre, popularity, addition on the site, and cast.

Tubi TV

Another US exclusive service, but nothing a simple VPN can not fix for you. Tubi TV has it all, from recent releases to old school movies back from the days. You certainly won’t be disappointed. 

They have correctly categorized sections on their homepage, including one for family-friendly movies that you can watch with your kids effortlessly. The dark interface is exceptionally sleek, and all the movie thumbnails have details like the name, year, length, genre, and the PG rating mentioned, which we find really convenient and accessible while browsing for movies. 


PopcornFlix is also amongst the top sites that offer free movies and TV shows. The only downfall is that you won’t find any recent titles on the site. But it does cater to all the previous top trending shows and movies. You may even find a few forgotten classics on the site. 

The homepage features all the genres and movie selection in their respective categories. Along with movies and TV shows, PopcornFlix also has a category for Viral videos on their site, which is unusual for streaming sites. 

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