How To Take Your Blogging To The Next Level With These Expert Tips

Blogging is a competitive, competitive industry, and if you’re looking to monetise your output then it takes a lot of planning and strategy, and not to mention talent.

Setting up a blog these days is easier than ever before, with dozens of great website builders out there, such as the likes of, which even offers reasonable pricing.

There is help out there though, and plenty of experts have delivered their advice on how you can develop your tactics and strategy to take your output to the next level…

Reach Out To Other Bloggers

The blogosphere is a wonderful community and by reaching out to like minded bloggers you can develop great friendships, as well as boosting your own profile.

By developing such relationships you can pick up tips and ideas from other bloggers, as well as promoting each other’s blogs to your own audiences, and potentially expanding your fan base through recommendations. By leveraging off each other you can create solid networks that will drive your blog forward and place it further along the competition out there.

Additionally, you can work on collaborations, podcasts and videos to create special content multiple audiences can enjoy.

Repurpose Images And Videos For Social

While it’s likely you’ll be putting videos and images out there regularly on your blog, how well are you integrating them into your social media output?

Social media and blogging work hand-in-hand, and videos and images can transition seamlessly into your social strategy. It’s a great way to showcase what you’re producing on your blog, as well as encouraging your social audience to engage more through the applicable channels.

It’s easier than ever to repurpose this type of content, allowing your content to reach wider audiences, as well as making any content produced more cost-effective.

There is also SEO value there too, which is very important for blogging. The more traffic you can direct towards your site and content, the more valuable Google will believe the page to be.

Write For Scan Readers

While you know your readers much better than us, it’s typically good practice to write with scan readers in mind.

The vast majority of us browse using our mobile devices today and swipe and scan relatively quickly through content. Therefore to ensure your work is engaging, you need to produce content that is broken down into small, digestible segments, with a variety of media, whether that be images, videos, interactive elements or anything else that a reader could deem appealing.

The use of headings, bullet points and numbering within copy can also help with this. A good way to do this is by mixing up your posts and experimenting. Then you can go into your analytics and see what exactly is working well for your readers.

Shout About Your Social

If you have a solid social media presence then that is certainly worth shouting about on your blog. Display widgets with things such as your social media follower stats, or integrate your feeds into your blog and really highlight how influential your presence is.

Another tactic is to include testimonials of your blog taken from social media. All these carry the same results, they will make your blog seem more trustworthy and your opinion one that should be heard. After all, if thousands are listening to you on social media, then your blog posts must also be valuable.

It’s a simple tactic but one that can really boost the reputation of your blog. However, if you have a low social media following and don’t give your channels much attention, this is a tactic that certainly isn’t worth adopting.

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