How To Choose The Ideal Video Editing Software

When it comes to choosing video editing software, the user is spoilt for choice. With the myriad of options on offer, it can become a formidable task to make an informed choice based on your needs and technical abilities. 

This blog will spell out pointers you can use to deciding on video editing software. Our effort here is to help you make comparisons between various video editing software so that you can make an informed decision. Let’s look at the points on the list one-by-one:

Degree of Learning Required

This is one of the primary considerations. Understanding the ease of use and the time it takes to become proficient in the software is an essential criterion.

In particular, try to look for video editing software with templates and auto express modes like YouTube intro maker, an excellent example of such software is InVideo, which automates the process to some extent.

 The latter will allow you to make videos quickly by taking the imported media along with your preferred video style and composing the video automatically. You can also look for video tutorials that are readily available online, which can help your transition from a newbie into a technically adept video editor.

Check The Compatibility

Although there are many video editing software in the market, not all of them would be compatible with your existing operating system. Some of them may cater to Windows OS, and others might support Mac systems only. 

Based on your requirement, you must go with software that is entirely compatible with your OS and comes with regular online updates. This will keep your software up-to-date and relevant, in line with evolving video editing technologies.

User Interface

Most video editors today come loaded with features. This is even true for the free versions available online. It has become quite a difficult task on the part of software designers to keep the interface as simple as possible. 

This makes it necessary for users to make an effort to seek out video software that is intuitive and provides access to advanced features at the same time. You must stay clear of software that looks completely foreign and overly complicated, no matter how advanced features it has. 

Video Format Support

Before you take the plunge into deciding the software, be sure about the range of video formats you need to work with. Video formats are constantly evolving, and at times the editing software may take time to catch up.

arters, you must ensure that the video editor is able to process video footage from your camera, as the majority of your editing will revolve around the output from your camera. 

Next, you must ascertain if the software supports high-quality footage such as 4K videos since most video platforms are inclined to high-quality videos, especially YouTube.

Once you are certain, you must check whether you have enough processing power and resources on your computer, especially an up-to-date processor and a dedicated graphics card. 

Ease of Video Transfer

You must be sure about how the software will function once installed on your computer. This is mostly about how the videos will be transferred from your camera to the software on the computer. Today, most videos are recorded in high definition and come with easy transfer options between the camera and software.

 Having said that, you must check on the software and whether it requires a different software suite to manage the transfer. A mechanism like that only increases the complexity of the editing process.      

Advanced Editing Tools

As you grow as a content creator, it is essential for your growth to reflect in your videos. For this to happen, you must have software features required for advanced editing, enabling you to create professional-grade videos. 

Some of the features you can look out for in a video editor could include – multi-cam support, object motion tracking, advanced 360-degree editing, chroma key editing, one-click color correction, and fast video rendering. If you seek to dazzle your viewers, you must work on what it takes to hook your viewers with high-end video content. 

Besides this, some online video editing softwares also allows you to make a poster with a cloud-based video editing platform, to try such a tool click here. You can create dynamic video posters that will grab the attention of the viewer.

 Video-Sharing and Social Options

After you are done with video editing, you expect a maximum number of online users to watch your video. This process can become a lot easier if the software comes with built-in features that allow easy sharing and upload on video-sharing and social media platforms. 

In the absence of such features, you will be required to put extra effort into compressing videos and uploading them. Before you zero in on video editing software, look for these features to make social sharing an easy task.

Editing Tracks

This directly refers to the number of tracks that are available during the editing process. Typically, you would require – the normal video track, two tracks for video overlays, another track for still images, a title track for titles, a track for subtitles, a music track, and a voice-over track. 

All in all, you would need a total of 8 tracks to create a decent video output. Most of the better video editors would have enough tracks, but it is always good to check this feature before making a final decision. 


As mentioned earlier, it remains hard to make a choice when it comes to video editing software. After having read this, you could go online and check for the features mentioned above in the software by signing up for the free version. Play around with the features and functionalities until you get the hang of it. 

One of the most popular video editing software online is InVideo, as it’s easy to operate and comes with a friendly user interface.

But before deciding, you should explore video tutorials online to get an in-depth understanding of the pros and cons and then eventually make a choice. On the whole, the software must be able to align with your needs and existing capabilities as a user. 

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