Top iGaming Software Providers of 2020

One industry that is doing very well at the moment is the iGaming software providers. These are people who give companies and businesses the technology to run casinos on the internet, and they’ve experienced massive growth since the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s check out the top players in the industry. 

There are numerous different providers to work with, and it’s clear to see that the industry is a thriving one. For example, check out the Planet 7 casino review. On that site, there are some companies to focus exclusively on innovation, whereas others take a more friendly and considerate approach. 

There are also e-books that educate you further. 

Best iGaming Software Providers


You might not know this company all that well when it comes to their image, but if you’ve been on nearly any of the modern casino websites, you’ll have seen their work. 

This company is perhaps one of the most recognizable when it comes to casino software creation. They have services for the most prominent online casinos out there. 

If you’ve been to any of the big-name casinos on the web, you’ll probably be using software designed and maintained by NetEnt. 


This particular company, Playtech, was founded in 1999. Since their inception, they have become one of the most powerful and widely known players in the world of online gaming that exists. 

What makes them so useful and desirable is that they offer scalable solutions for online games. This means that you can get answers for almost anything. Mobile gaming, casino games, poker games, bingo, sports betting, lottery games, these are all some of the different available options.

The company offers a fully integrated system, which works with both standalone software and existing software that they already have. They are one of the most prominent suppliers in the world and have commanded respect since their inception.


Dragonfish is a company that was established in 2007. They operate as part of the business to business software development wing for the very prestigious 888 company.

This company specializes in software gaming services, and they are a partner that provides business growth and development, thanks to a broad selection of industry-leading technology.

They are owned by 888 themselves, which means that they are entirely licensed and certified across multiple areas, including the United Kingdom.

These guys are leaders in the industry, which is helpful because they provide quite a lot of different options. Being attached to 888 means that they have quite a few resources at their disposal, and this has allowed them to create some truly unique opportunities.


If you’re looking at European providers, there is no better than Novomatic. This software development company has powered most of the leading casinos across Europe, and they have a turnover which stretches well past €4 billion. 

The company itself has a worker base which extends past 30,000 people and was founded way back in 1980. They work in 80 different countries, offering 240,000 other Video Lottery terminals.

Functionally, what makes this provide a great as well as that they are firm believers in responsible gaming gambling.

This means that they have quite a few fingers in some responsibility initiatives for corporate businesses, backing the idea of responsible gambling and gambling support for people that struggle with addiction.

Not only do you get the functionality of the company, but you also get a little bit of caring as well, which is lovely. Anyway, this is a provider that does have quite a few different options for people to take a look at.

They work to make sure that there are numerous different options across many countries, with places like Gibraltar, Switzerland, Germany, and others just being a few areas that they have a foothold in. Ultimately, the fact that they also take the time to provide critical services for gambling support is very good.

Final Thoughts

So, as we can tell, these are some of the best gaming software providers out there for casinos. The casino industry is one that has been online for quite a while now, existing in various incarnations across the Internet.

So, what we tend to get is a broad selection of products from other providers. Generally speaking, most casinos try to ally themselves with the big companies, because that’s where the quality is, but you do have access to quite a few other different options. 

This means that you have your cross-section of different companies with different values, so you can align your own business with what works for them. Regardless of anything else, it’s clear that the casino gaming software industry is one that is here to stay. 

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