How to Improve Your Gaming PC Performance

Anyone who is into gaming, especially on the PC, must feel a constant push to get better performance from their components. With the dizzying variety of builds that you can put together with a custom PC, the options are almost limitless, and the base performance will also vary considerably. Thankfully, there are some ways to boost it, regardless of the hardware you currently have.

As a PC is much more open-ended than a traditional gaming console, like the PS4, there are a lot more things you will need to do to optimize your gaming performance. Whether you want better frame rates, graphical capabilities, or faster load times, there are numerous tweaks you can implement to help get it optimized.

Use a Virtual Private Network

At this point in time, there shouldn’t be a lot of gamers asking ‘What is a VPN?,’ as virtual private networks have become a commonplace. While you may have only used these services for getting around region restrictions or keeping anonymity, there are numerous advantages a VPN can offer to PC gamers. You can find information here:

One of the most important advantages of a VPN will be the possibility to dodge any form of bandwidth throttling from your ISP. When you use too much data, a lot of internet providers will automatically reduce your internet speed. With a VPN, your data will be encrypted, therefore, hidden from the pesky eyes of your internet service provider.

For those PC gamers who are just dying to play that next blockbuster game but have to wait for it to be available in their home country, a VPN can help. If you set your region to an area where the game is already released, you should be able to purchase and play it without restrictions.

Increasing Frame Rate and Graphical Capabilities

Again, there are numerous ways to increase the FPS of your gaming PC, and we will go over a few of the best examples.

Update Graphics Drivers

A lot of PC gaming enthusiasts will stay on top of keeping all of their drivers updated, but even the best can sometimes have a lapse in judgment. The first thing you want to do is go to the graphics card manufacturer’s website, whether it be ATI, Intel, Nvidia, or any other. You should know the exact make and model of your card before doing this.


On the corresponding website, it should be fairly simple to navigate and find the newest drivers for all of the graphics cards. All you need to do is download the appropriate drivers and install them. If you are still using the drivers that were out of the box, you may end up seeing a massive increase in performance.

Overclock Your GPU

Overclocking, at one point, was sort of a scary term for the average PC gamer. Most decent graphics cards these days come with the factory settings but can be boosted to go beyond these settings so you don’t get a bottleneck in performance when paired with memory and processing speed.

Depending on your graphics card, you will have different options available to add a boost in the performance. If you are stuck on what to do, it will be a fairly simple search of your particular card to get the information you need. Don’t overdo the overclocking at first, take it slow to see what exactly your system can handle.

Install a Solid State Drive

The traditional hard disk drive is starting to become a thing of the past as solid-state drives get more reliable and affordable. While high-capacity SSDs are still going to cost you a pretty penny, you can pair a smaller one with your existing setup. These drives are anywhere from 5 to 20 times faster than HDDs.

Even with a smaller capacity, you can install your operating system and favorite games on the solid-state drive. This way, your system will boot up faster than you ever thought possible, as well as your games. They will have faster initial startup as well as much faster loading times.

Keep Tweaking for More Performance

There are many ways that you can tweak settings, drivers, and physical components to increase the performance of your gaming PC. If you have been stuck feeling sluggish with your gaming rig, you should definitely start playing around. It may take a little bit of time and effort, but in the end, you could experience better performance than ever before.

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