How To Improve UX on E-commerce Platform

“UX” stands for “User Experience”. To keep it simple, it’s the overall impression and satisfaction of using the features of an online store or website. This includes a number of elements, including general website navigation, product pages and categories, search options, button texts, contact options, and many more. Well-designed UX can bring tangible benefits.

Why is UX Important?

First of all, it keeps customers more satisfied, which leads to them using the store more frequently. When your customers are more eager to browse products in the store, they tend to shop more, which results in more items in the shopping cart.

All in all, the right UX helps increase the conversion rate by lowering the number of abandoned carts and increasing the number of orders. Customers annoyed with a store’s poor functionality will quickly leave the page without making a purchase, so improving UX is simply a must. 

How to improve UX in e-commerce

The first thing to do to improve UX in your store is to understand how your customers use it, what they are searching for, and how they interact with your website.

Once you understand what they see and expect, it will be easier to rebuild particular elements. To give you an idea of potential changes, first of all, make sure that your products are sorted into clear and intuitive categories.

This will make browsing products in your store much easier. Next, make sure that all the buttons in your store are easy to find and visible – this will make page navigation faster. Pay special attention to Call To Action buttons – they indicate the next steps of the shopping process and are able to accelerate it.

Make sure that the message of the CTA is clear and leads the customer to the desired location. The next important factor is the payment process – the faster and more intuitive, the more orders you will receive.

Also do not forget to check the general design of your website: keep it simple, with visible categories and enhanced key elements like information about your  latest products or promotions. Also try to keep page load time to the minimum, as it may increase the bounce rate.

Better UX in e-commerce

Remember that providing the right UX is important not only for newly launched stores, but also for existing ones. Your customer journey can always be improved – this is why you should constantly observe your online visitors’ behaviour in your store to make sure its design corresponds with their needs.

If you need support, you can always approach an experienced software house working with UX-designers to ask for an audit of your store and advice making improvements.

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