Improving Your Online Casino Experience

The online casino has developed at an astounding rate since its inception. It offers punters the possibility to conveniently wager on their favorite games.

Nevertheless, not everyone is fully convinced about the concept of an online casino. The majority of gamblers still believe that there is no alternative to the live casino experience. The excitement, tension, and sound of chips all contribute to creating a satisfying atmosphere.

An early challenge for online casinos has always been replicating a physical casino’s experience. Fast forward about 2 decades later, and online casinos have become so advanced. So much so that they’re well placed to combat this problem.

The emergence of online casino live dealers is one example of such advancement. But how exactly do these “live dealer” casinos operate? We follow up with this new practice and how it’s improving the iGaming experience.

What Are Live Dealer Casinos?

The popularity of online casinos has skyrocketed in recent years, thanks to the convenience and flexibility they offer players. But one thing that many people miss about playing at a real casino is the social interaction.

If you’re someone who likes to chat with the dealer and other players while you play, live dealer casinos are the perfect solution. Live dealer casinos offer the best of both worlds: the convenience of online gaming combined with the social interaction of a real casino.

You’ll be able to see the dealer and other players, and they’ll be able to see you. This adds a whole new level of excitement to the game, as you can interact with people from all over the world who are playing the same game as you.

These days, people want a more traditional casino experience on an online platform. As a result, live casinos add realism to online wagering.

How Do Live Casinos Work

Assume a player enters an online blackjack room and seats at a live dealer table.

On the screen, a real-live dealer appears, and communication takes place in real-time. The dealer will be at the opposite end of the table, facing a camera. The camera records all of their movements and instantaneously communicates them to the player.

A live casino employs a variety of technology. This enables real-time translation of various activities; more on this later. One such technology assures that only the player sees the cards dealt. Before being dealt a hand, the live dealer waits for the player to place a virtual bet. Dealings can commence after bets are placed. Every card dealt to a player is displayed on the player’s screen. Players can then see all relevant information, such as their current hand count.

The remaining procedures are identical to those of a traditional casino. The dealer waits for the players to take action. After all of the players have acted, the dealer will act, and the hand will be over. There are, however, some differences between live casinos and typical ones. Most of these differences are dependent on the game played.

Technologies Used for Live Casinos

Combining traditional casino elements with the benefits of playing online is no simple task. As a result, iGaming operators use a variety of technologies to do this.

Input and output hardware devices

This is made up of a camera and a screen monitor. A live dealer utilizes the monitor to see and react to a player’s decisions. A camera is also installed to record the dealer and the playing area. It is then broadcasted in real-time to players.

Live Dealer Casino Software

This is the basis for all live casinos. Popular ones employ software from leading gaming companies like Microgaming, Playtech, and Evolution gaming. Each one offers its own unique features and benefits that can be enjoyed by players. To begin, all activities must be performed in real-time. To achieve this, operators use optical character recognition software (OCR). This turns the dealer’s physical transactions into computer data. Players are then able to engage in casino games online while also having the experience of a traditional casino.


Microchips are used in live casinos to keep track of the game. They are also used to keep track of the players so that the casino can know how much money each person has on the table. This information is important because it helps the casino to make sure that everyone is playing fair.

All of the cards in the deck include microchips that are linked to the OCR software. Each card is scanned after it’s been dealt to a player. The microchip then communicates with the software to display the action on the player’s screen. This is vital since it ensures cards are seen by only players.

The Future of Online Wagering

Online casino live dealers have proven to be effective in improving the online gaming experience. Players are no longer subjected to automated dealings or spins. They can, however, get the full casino experience from the comfort of their couch.

Despite its growing popularity among players, not all operators can afford to make the switch. Those that can fund it only offer a limited number of games. To transition successfully, a casino would have to make a significant investment in staff and tech. This would include costs for a cameraman, information technology manager, and croupiers.

For now, most casino sites only offer blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Other casino games are, however, available virtually.