10 Tips For Improving Your Online Gaming Skills Quickly

Contrary to what most people think, gaming is a skill. That’s right, don’t let others make you believe that gaming is a waste of time. If it makes you happy, gives you a sense of fulfillment, or even makes you money, then keep on playing! 

As a gamer, you probably know how difficult it is to improve your stats and become an expert in a particular game. You’ll need to invest time and effort in every game you play. Consider the period where you have to get used to the different controls and gameplay. That’s only the beginning as you’ll still have to work on getting the experience, points, and equipment for your account. That’s days and days’ worth of playtime!  Just like any other skill, you have to be patient, open to learning, and strategic with how you play.

Why It’s Challenging To Level Up

And if you’re playing a high-stress game against other seasoned players, you’ll get frustrated before you get better. The tricky part is also trying to keep up with all the new games you want to play and be great at. With the latest consoles and new games, especially on new consoles, you’re probably feeling a little hopeless.  

Because of this, conversing with other players and asking for tips is always a good idea. This is why forums and gaming events were so popular. It’s an excellent opportunity to find others on the same level or who have the same gaming issues. At the same time, there are those who’ve completely aced a game that you’re having trouble with.  

To make things easier for you, the list below has been made to make sure your online gaming skills skyrocket as soon as possible.  

Cybersport concept. Side view of a focused male professional gamer wearing headphones participating in eSport tournament, looking at PC screen and playing online video game

Bots, Hacks, And Cheats 

When you’re at the end of your rope, and you don’t want to spend too much time and effort leveling up, then you should consider cheats. Some people have a terrible opinion when it comes to using bots, cheats, and hacks. But when it comes to games, it’s generally acceptable as long as you don’t use it during competitions.  

There are so many game hacks you can use for different games. Especially for first-person shooting games are especially popular all around the world. Even newly released titles have accumulated millions of players in just a few months! Because of this, it’s easy to see why cheats and mod developments are so popular among so many players. To keep up with the pros, you should try visiting different sites such as Battlelog’s Warzone Hacks for useful gaming tips. 

These days, most popular games have bots that you can install, and they can be for different purposes. But you should know that certain MMORPGs or massively multiplayer online role-playing games can detect players who use bots and suspend your account.  

Try Out Different Games 

It might be counterintuitive to try out different games if you want to improve your online gaming skills fast. But trying out other games allows you to get a feel for different gameplays. Finding a genre that you can feel comfortable in but would still challenge you is a necessary step. As mentioned, first-person shooting games are rising in popularity today. But still, other varieties are equally enjoyable too, such as MMORPGs, online casino games, and sports games.  

When you try out different games, you can spot which ones are easier and more enjoyable. Certain people gravitate toward first-person shooting games because of the adrenaline rush you can get from them. But there are many other games that are also loved because they’re more relaxing and slow-paced.  

Upgrade Your Gear 

Speaking of gear, it’s also essential that you invest in it. If you’re on PC, you know how important it is to plan how you’ll build it. Then you’ll also need to upgrade often because more and more games require higher specs for you to play smoothly.  

But there are also other accessories you need to invest on such as proper headphones, a keyboard that can handle stress, and a proper gaming mouse. And most importantly, you’ll need a comfortable chair because of how long you’ll be sitting and trying to level up.  

Focus on A Few Games at A Time 

Once you find a game style that you enjoy, it’s easier to focus on honing your skills and genuinely mastering them. Most games in the same gameplay styles can be easy to adjust to because you’re already used to it. Think of it as specializing in a particular game style instead of being just okay on different kinds of gaming.

Switching from different gameplay styles means having to recalibrate yourself with the controls. This will take more time for you to master all the different games if you plan to do it simultaneously. It’s best to take more time to focus on each game, even if you’re tempted to try out every new release. 

Know Your Consoles 

Another thing you need to remember is that there are different consoles you can be good at. But again, it’s going to take some mastery. You can play games on various platforms, but it’s best to stick to one console to make sure you can be proficient and familiar with your gear.  

Team Up With High-Level Players 

If you don’t plan to use any cheats, you need to be more patient and work up to levels. Sometimes it can be tempting to go into areas that are way past your level so you can level up quickly, but this is a bad idea because it’s going to be next to impossible.  

But one thing you can do is team up with better players if the game allows you to do that. Usually, this will enable you to share skill points and level up quickly.

Know Which Stats to Focus On 

For many MMORPGs, you get points to level up specific strengths of your character. Depending on the kind of player you are, there are some perks that you should focus on. For instance, if you’re like a bull that attacks straight on without thinking of tactics or defense, you should focus on improving your defense so you can effortlessly handle any attack.  

Rest and Take Breaks 

It would help if you spent time leveling up, but you should also take breaks. Playing for straight hours can take a toll on your health, and it might feel like your brain has shut down. While it might be suitable for your character, it’s not good for you in real life.  

Taking breaks also refreshes you and allows you to go back to the game with more energy. You can also think of new tactics and other ways to play the game when you get back to it.  

Have Games That You Play to Relax 

Aside from the main game you play, it would be best to have games on the side you load up to relax and have fun. There are so many easy-going games to play, such as farming games, easy open-world adventures, or puzzle-based games. 

While focusing on your main game is important, it can cause you to feel frustrated at times. A change of pace is a great way to refresh yourself when you’re burnt out from trying to level up. However, it’s important that the game you play for relaxation isn’t too demanding. Stick to ones that aren’t competitive so you can chill out and slow down. 

Have Fun 

And finally, the best way to get your skills up is to have fun with them. Getting frustrated can be a part of it, but if you find yourself feeling stressed out instead of having fun, you probably need to take a break and approach it differently. Don’t force yourself to play games that you don’t jive with either.

Just because there are popular games doesn’t mean you should always join the bandwagon. Sometimes, sticking to your games, no matter how obscure, is the best way to go.  



Playing games requires balancing various things such as time, strategy, scheduling, investing, learning, and having fun. While you’re playing games, you might not realize just how much thought goes on behind it. Because of this, it can be tiring and stressful, so it’s good to remember that there are easier ways to level up and get better.  

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