3 Benefits of Investing in Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation was once the stuff of science fiction. Today, everything from ovens to light bulbs can be — and is — automated. 

Implementing smart home automation in your home is a big step. Automating from top to bottom is a big investment. Many homeowners opt to start with a few smaller devices, often starting with those that seem the “coolest.” But smart home automation is about more than just adding some cool gadgets to your home. It also comes with a variety of benefits, like increasing security, lowering costs, and making life a little easier. Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of smart home automation.

1. Lower Your Electricity Costs

The average household in the U.S. spends just over $1,400 a year on electricity, according to U.S. Energy Information Administration. About half of that amount goes toward heating and cooling. Lowering your electricity costs means more money to spend on other expenses.

Smart lighting and smart thermostats are two types of devices that can help you lower those costs. With smart lighting, you can turn off your home’s lights from anywhere. Whether you’ve just crawled into bed and realized you left lights on downstairs or you’re away and left too many on, you can switch them off using your smartphone.

In the same way, you can also control your home’s heating and air conditioning with the use of a smart thermostat. These can also be programmed to reduce energy use while you’re away from home during the day or fast asleep at night.

2. Keep Your Family Secure

Another benefit of smart home automation is the ability to keep your family safe and secure with just the push of a button. You can automate your front door so that it can be locked and unlocked from your phone. This makes it easy to ensure your door locked when you left, or make sure that your kids remembered to lock the door after coming inside. You can even add a keypad, allowing you to get into your home if you forget your key.

An Apartment Guide survey of 1,000 Americans found that 46 percent of people report locking their doors when they’re away from home, and just 40 percent lock them when they are inside. Locking your doors, and double-checking them using your smart home automation, can help prevent break-ins. According to FBI statistics, a property crime is committed in America every 4.1 seconds.

3. Manage Your Home From Anywhere

One of the biggest benefits of investing in smart home automation is the ability to control your home from anywhere. This benefit works hand-in-hand with the others on this list, allowing you to reap the benefits of other smart home devices.

From turning your lights and heating or air conditioning on and off to locking the doors, checking security cameras, and more, smart home automation gives you total control of your home, from anywhere at any time.

Investing in a Smart Home

Smart home automation allows you to take care of your home and your family from anywhere. Automated lights and smart thermostats allow you to save electricity and energy costs. Smart locks and keypads make it easy to double-check your home’s security or get inside if you forget your key. Whether you choose a single smart device or opt to automatize your entire home, smart home automation is a great way to save money, boost security, and make life a little easier.

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