iPhone Update Error 4000 [3 Ways To Solve It]

This error occurs while updating the phone to the latest version, and due to this, a notification frequently pops up on the screen, alerting the showing a message, “iPhone could not be updated. 

An unknown error occurred (4000)”. Screen notifies this error again and again, and sometimes it gets freeze for a while. 

Phone automatically restarts, and another issue it creates is your phone suddenly closes the file you are working on or opens unnecessary files. All these issues irritate the user because he/she becomes unable to use the phone smoothly.

Sometimes, you need a simple restart and need to do nothing as the error arises due to minor system corrupts. Still, if there is no progress, you can check on the solutions we have provided in the following content to get rid of the same rapidly. So, here is what you need to know, i.e., why you are facing this error and what you are ought to do to fix it.

Causes of Error 4000

When you know the reasons behind any error, it becomes easier for you to fix it. To know about the causes of error – 4000 read more below as it may be proven helpful for you.

Phone not updated – Mainly this error is caused when the version of iTunes installed in the iPhone is not updated.  Timely application updates are mandatory because if your system is outdated and you are doing something in an older version of any application, it can create trouble for you and waste your time in fixing it. 

Viruses or Malwares – Viruses can affect the system and cause an error in 4000 and stops your device to get updated.

Basic Workaround for the iPhone Update Error 4000

You can’t neglect an error for a long time; this can eventually harm the device. You need to work on the error to fix it as soon as possible. To get rid of error-4000, the following methods may help you.

METHOD 1: Update iTunes To The Newest Version

As we said earlier, an outdated version of iTunes can be the main reason behind this error. Hence, fixing the same should be the user’s priority.  To update iTunes to the newest version, connect your phone with the computer and open iTunes on it, tap on the help bar and click on check for updates from the options.

If an update is required, a notification will appear on the screen and give you the option of downloading it. Select the download option and update it. After completing the download, restart your phone. 

METHOD 2: Install System Repairing Software

There are various software applications available to repair the system or iTunes, which may remove the error; it is your choice which one you are going to prefer.

Dr.fone system repair (IOS)

Firstly install Dr.fone system repair (iOS) in your computer and then connect your iPhone with the error 4000 to the computer. Run the said software on the computer and select repair from all options showing on the screen and then click on the start button.

Before continuing further, shift your device to DFU mode. Make sure your iPhone is turned off while it is connected to the computer. Now hold the power key and volume down key together until it shows CONNECT TO ITUNES.

The computer screen will show you the information about the device connected to it, check whether it is right or not, and then start downloading. Downloading progress will be shown on your screen.

Do not disconnect your phone and wait for the download completion. Once it is done, the error 4000 is automatically fixed, and most probably, it won’t appear again.

Some of the benefits of installing this software include; 

It is supportive to all IOS devices
It does not trouble if you are good at technical issues or not you can still fix the errors by using this program easily within 2 to 3 minutes
It would not harm any file in your device or computer and mostly resolve all the iTunes and iPhone issues

iMyFone TunesFix

Likewise, Dr.fone here is another repairing tool, which removes iPhone errors called iMyFone TunesFix. As soon as you install this tool is will automatically scan the error, and after detecting the problem, it will give you a repairing option. Tap the option and wait for the process to end. To complete the process without any interruption, try not to disconnect the internet connection.

This software is also considered safe and beneficial as it automatically detects or scans the issue and fixes it within a single tap, hence, taking less time. Moreover, your files and data are saved.

Tenorshare ReiBoot

The software Tenorshare ReiBoot can resolve the iPhone update error 4000. Install it on the PC or Mac book. Connect your device and choose the option named REPAIR OPERATING SYSTEM. You have to follow the further instructions shown on the screen and tap on the fix now to start the error fixing process.

The software then will ask you to confirm your iPhone model information and download the given firmware package online so that it may start working on the error to remove it. By following these steps, Tenorshare not only resolves the issue, but it automatically updates your device too. 


iPhone update error 4000 is a critical error that can be sorted out quickly without putting you in much trouble. So, it is better to work on the methods mentioned above rather than skipping the notification.

This error is easy to identify through the message alert you get when trying to update to the new version of your iPhone.

Few other simple solutions are also there, which might help you, including a device restart.

Sometimes, the phone does not require any update, or it is already updated, and rebooting the notification of error might disappear, which ultimately closes all programs.  You can also contact the Apple community as they are very supportive and technical in this regard too.

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