iPhone vs. Android: How to choose the best smartphone for online slots

There’s no question that mobile gambling is the dominant form in online casinos. Most of the new slots players use smartphones and tablets to play their favorite slots games, rather than desktop computers and laptops. Even players who still rely on these devices use mobile gadgets alternatively, so the trend is growing strong and seems to be irreversible. One of the more common questions on the lips of active and prospective players is whether iOS or Android devices are better for gambling.

Android vs. iPhone – A timeless question

The two operating systems powering the overwhelming majority of smartphones and tablets are trusted by billions around the world. These devices are great for gambling and there are perfectly capable of running even the most demanding games flawlessly. Both of them can be trusted with real money game sessions and are reliable for deposits, cash-outs, and interactions with customer support. Even so, the community is polarized and the fans of both operating systems have strong arguments.

Truth be told, Android device owners are most unlikely to switch to iPhone and the opposite also applies. Assuming you have two or more devices running on both operating systems or considered acquiring one, this question is worth answering. Software developers were smart enough to realize that they must develop slots for both platforms. As a result, you can easily find apps for both operating systems, so in this regard, there is no clear winner between android and iPhone.

These online slots apps can be downloaded and can be found here for free. Online slot machine apps are immensely popular because these on with a certain has just as many fans as online casinos. Android users have an advantage here because there are more applications available, therefore more freedom to choose. When it comes to diversity, they are also ahead of Apple users, because more casino apps are running on Android.

Play on iOS and Android in the browser

Android users came ahead when it comes to dedicated apps, but the same doesn’t apply when we talk about playing straight in the browser. You can use your smartphones or tablets to play your favorite games without downloading anything. They work just as well on iPhone and Android and games are compatible with both operating systems. Security is also better when it comes to iOS, as more viruses are targeting Android and far more victims among those who use such smartphones or tablets.

Bonuses are available to both Apple and Android users and casinos don’t discriminate between these two categories. However, when you apply for mobile-exclusive bonuses, you might be required to download an app. Once again, the fact that Android apps are more numerous means that you are more likely to find the bonus if you use smartphones running on this operating system. The bottom line is that both iPhone and Android mobile devices are good for gambling, yet the latter has a slight edge