Irobot Roomba Charging Error One [Fixed]

 “Charging error one (1). Check that Roomba’s battery is installed”. Are you getting such an error message when you connect your Roomba service robot to the charging cord? It is a rather common error that occurs when the robot does not detect the battery. 

If you are getting this error, the battery is not properly installed or you are using a counterfeit battery in your robot. Either way, you will not be able to recharge the device until the error is fixed. Get to know what triggers this error message. 

Discussed below are the simple, and effective steps you can take to resolve Roomba charging error one on your own.

What is the Roomba Charging Error One (1)?  

The Charging error one in Roomba service robots is a notification that is often accompanied by a single beep to notify you that the device is not charging because the battery is not detected. The error message associated with this problem may vary slightly from one model to another. 

For instance, the Roomba 900 series device will display a “Charging error one (1). Check that Roomba’s battery is installed. Open the iRobot App for help” message. The Wi-Fi-enabled Roomba 800, and 600 series devices, on the other hand, will display a “Charging error one (1). Please open the iRobot HOME App for help” message. 

Nonetheless, they all mean the same thing, that the battery installed in the robot is not being detected, hence cannot be charged. 

Roomba Charging Error One Causes  

This problem is often brought by two main problems, as explained below: 

Counterfeit Battery – if you recently replaced the rechargeable battery on your robot, you may be getting this error message because the battery is counterfeit. Roomba service robots are designed to run exclusively on authentic Lithium-Ion batteries by the manufacturer. 

Poor Installation – with time, the battery may become dislodged in its compartment, hence detached from the contacts. Accumulation of dirt, or oxidation of the battery contacts overtime may also break this connection, preventing the device from detecting the battery. 

Regardless of the cause, you will not be able to use your robot until you have fixed the issue and successfully charged its battery. 

How to Resolve Roomba Charging Error One 

Depending on what is triggering the error message on your device, the right solution will differ from one device to another. However, restoring your Roomba robot back to its initial working condition is not all that completed. 

Here are a few methods you can use to troubleshoot your robot charging problem and fix it:

Method 1: Get an Authentic Battery Replacement 

Roomba service robots, regardless of the model, can only run on authentic iRobot® Lithium-Ion Battery. If you started getting this error message shortly after replacing the battery on your device, you probably have a counterfeit battery. 

In such a case, you will just have to buy an original replacement from the manufacturer to clear this error message. Otherwise, the battery will not charge; at least not in the Roomba robot. 


Method 2: Check for Obstruction and Clear it

If you are using a genuine battery on your device, the error could only mean that your battery is not connected to the contacts properly. This can happen when the battery is shifted out of its proper Installation position, or the contacts are too dirty. 

To check whether something is obstructing battery contacts on your device, you will need to open the battery compartment to access and remove the battery. The lid to this compartment is secured j to place using screws. 

The Roomba 900, and 800 series devices have two lid screws, while the 700 series device has four lid screws that have to be removed to open the battery lid. With the lid opened, remove the battery to check whether it is installed properly. 

Cleaning the Contacts 

Accumulation of dirt and debris on the contacts may also make it impossible for the device to detect the battery. To restore this connection, you need to clean the contacts before re-installing the battery. Wipe the battery contacts on both the battery and the robot. 

This should be done using a clean cloth dampened with melamine foam, such as a magic eraser. After the contacts have dried out, reinstall the battery and replace the bottom cover, and the battery door. Now place the device on the Home Base and try to charge it to check whether the error has cleared. 

Method 3: Stretch the Contacts a Bit

If your robot model has tabs in the battery well, you should consider stretching the contacts so that they are in contact with the battery terminals. Bend the battery contacts gently upwards, preferably using a pen. 

If your model has coil springs instead of contacts, you may need to stretch those slightly. While doing this, use minimal force to avoid pulling the contacts off the motherboard. Once you are done, replace the bottom cover, and battery door. 

Method 4: Keep the Robot Connection Fork Clean 

It is advisable to clean the connection plates, located at the bottom of the device every once in a while. Accumulation of dirt on these plates hinders proper contact when the device is resting on the charging dock. To clean the contact plates, wipe them gently with a clean cloth, dampened with alcohol. 

Final Verdict 

The Charging error one (1) notification message on Roomba robots can only one thing, that the battery is not being detected. Such an error may be triggered when using a counterfeit battery, or when the battery is not installed properly. 

To resolve Roomba charging error one(1), you need to ensure that the battery pins are making proper contact with the battery terminals. This can be achieved using the steps illustrated in this guide. 

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