Is Kinguin Legit Windows Game – Know The Truth About The Store

KinguinYou are excited about the kinguin store’s low prices, but you got that doubt: “Is Kinguin legit? “.

Yeah, I’ve been through this question too, and I believe that everyone who looks at the platform is tempted with such attractive prices.

Some buy right away, and others are already wondering where the business prank is.

Throughout this TechPages guide, I want to show you some information that I think is important for you to know before making your purchase at the Kinguin store (link to learn about the platform).

I bought these CS: GO skim promotions that cost less than $ 2 to test platform delivery and whether it would be safe or not.

How Kinguin Works – Knowing the Platform

If you think that the Kinguin store is a traditional store, like big e-commerce, like Terabyteshop, for example, you are mistaken.

The business model is a Marketplace. Copying the definition, according to Wikipedia:

E-marketplace (acronym Electronic marketplace) is a virtual space where e-commerce is done in the broadest sense.

There are several people who have a business in different locations around the world who use the platform to find buyers of their products (very similar to G2A in fact).

Is Kinguin Legit? Check out the testimonials of those who already bought there

You know I always like to see the recommendations of people who bought something in a certain store. Thus, I get more relaxed in making my purchase and even recommend it to my readers.

So check out what the folks you bought said about Kinguin…

Be sure to check out the testimonials before buying anywhere, whether it’s a physical or virtual environment.

It is obvious that you must be able to distinguish that what happened to a person may not happen to you.

But if a particular complaint is repeated many times, it is essential to be smart, right?

Kinguin: What products are sold?


Within the Kinguin platform, you will find various products. Among them:

  • Games on release;
  • “Ordinary” games with Battlefield and Dark Souls;
  • Skins for games like CS: GO;
  • DLC’s;
  • Console content from Android to PS4.
  • Overwatch;

To exemplify how Kinguin works :

Seller A has several keys available and creates a “little shop” inside the platform to find buyers for his products.

You go there, like the product and the price this seller has placed and make the purchase.

Your money is sent to Kinguin, who forwards it to seller A, who then sends the activation code to you (to activate on Steam, Origin or uPlay, for example).

This is the purchasing process used on the Kinguin platform. I found it interesting to make this image and exemplify so that you understand that the buying process at Kinguin is safe and reliable.

Since the Kinguin platform is open to anyone who wants to sell, of course, there will always be those toxic and crooks. But there is no reason to worry.

Important Notice: The Kinguin Platform guarantees a full refund in case of any purchase where the seller is malicious.

Is the Kinguin Platform Reliable? How to shop safely?

Knowing that there may be bad or great on the platform, I will teach you some good salesman characteristics for making Kinguin safe.

The purchasers, by default, like to gain an advantage in everything. If he sees a game that costs $ 200 usually, for $ 30, he will run desperately to buy.

On platforms like Kinguin, I only have one thing to say: it can be a trap.

No one in their right mind would sell something so cheap. That’s why you can buy insurance, but always with a back foot to see which are the good sellers.

Analyze the data:

  • “Homework”: The first important point is how long this salesperson has been on the platform. Newcomers are probably a danger. Always buy from older members, like the one in the photo who has been selling products for 2 years.
  • Quality Score: User ratings on purchases are critical to those who want to shop safely. In this case, the seller is 99.99% satisfied! It is very high, and for sure, I would buy it with him without any problem.

Take these 2 factors into consideration, but another important thing you should look into is product availability.

Some of the products are only available in Europe, and for you, they would not be of any use. Buy products with global keys to avoid throwing money away.

Kinguin: Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Upon finalizing the seller selection, you will select the best payment method:

  • PayPal: Very traditional means for internet shopping, however, it is an international payment method.
  • Credit Card: For the bravest, can pay directly with the card on the platform.
  • BitCoins: They are very famous today and can be used as a payment method as well.

To make it clearer, we have prepared a step-by-step…

How to Buy on Kinguin Step by Step

Buy on Kinguin

Has the decision come that Kinguin is reliable (if you know how to buy) and want to make your first purchase?

As with every review I do here on this site, I like to suggest that readers start by buying a low-value product to avoid major losses in a possible headache.

The good idea is to choose CS: GO skins.

The first step to make your purchase is to access the official website (click here to access).

When you click, you will come across this next page…

Then the second step is to choose offers that catch your eye or follow my recommendation and choose a low-value product to try (be sure to select a qualified buyer).

After opening the page with options for you, choose your game… and done that, click “buy now” in the bottom right….

It will then open the following page… Click on “proceed to checkout.”

You can access your login (if you have one) or create it in the “create a new account” option…

Clicking on “create a new account” will open the following page… Here you can enter your data and create your account in order to finalize your purchase.

After that, click on “register” and then enter the data that will be requested.

Remembering that on the home screen, you can refine your search:

  • The platform highlights the things of CS: GO ;
  • Can select products with codes from Origin only;
  • Can separate by console games;
  • Etc.

Did you find something you were looking for?

Check your seller’s score and see if it’s really a safe option.

For a product, there are several equal sellers. Seek the best price / security.

That way, just finalize your order according to your payment preference. See how easy it is?

Ready, time to finalize your purchase.

But before…..

How does cash work?

You make your purchase on the Kinguin website and use the SDG code. After the purchase is made, you will receive some coins in your account to buy something in the range.

The bigger your purchase, the more coins you will earn!

Remember that to enter the discount coupon you must complete the registration on the site!


  • A few products with good discounts.
  • Quick support.

Negative point

  • Few forms of payment (no bank slip).
  • Steam has some similar and even cheaper values ​​for some games.

You will not regret accessing the exclusive category on the top stores in the market. It pays a lot, before any business!


I confess that I am a little afraid of using these marketplaces and have already found myself wondering if it was safe or not to buy from Kinguin.

But after this experience, I became more relaxed and choosing good sellers; I minimize the chance of error.

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