Latest Technologies for Game Developers

The global games industry generated over 159 billion dollars in the last year. It is predicted that this market is forecast to be worth over 256 billion dollars by 2025. Due to the pandemic, more people stay at home and avoid hanging out with their friends.

Playing a video game is a safe source for both enjoying the quarantine and having fun. As more people are on their smartphones it is a good time to enter the huge industry.

Before entering the Latest Technologies for Game Developers, you can join a Mobile Application company to understand the best ways of developing a game or get started with your own game. Let’s get deep into the top trends.

Virtual Reality 

One of the most interesting game development trends for 2021 is virtual reality. VR gives the user a cool experience that they want to repeat this experience as soon as possible.

No game gives the feeling of a VR game; it not only allows you to view the game but also allows you to immerse yourself in it. Dense visuals and a full 360 degrees view would be immersed in all of your feelings.

The usage of controllers helps to have better engagement with the VR game. Gamers also have the ability to control the gaming environment as their choice. Enjoy the experience of virtual reality games with all your five human senses.

Face Recognition

Face recognition has already been employed in security-related applications. The trend is shifting, and it is currently being employed in mobile games.

People are more likely to participate in a game if they see other players who look like them. Face recognition is accomplished through the use of 3D technologies. Other benefits of 3D scanning and facial recognition technologies are that they enable systems to build your likeness in the gaming world (allowing you to design a customized avatar that looks exactly like you).

Furthermore, by detecting 78 distinct spots on a person’s face, the Intel RealSense 3D camera may permit developers to create games that respond to the emotions of the gamer.


Wearable technology is a popular trend among generation Y. They frequently use wearable devices in their daily activities.

Wearable technology was used for fitness and healthcare purposes but now people use it for gaming. It tries to increase social contact among youngsters while promoting physical exercise. Probably a big change in the industry. You can find out the TOP 30 WEARABLE GAMES and pick yours.


The technology is incredibly simple: gestures and movement are used to control a device. The application or game in issue responses to your arm and body motions live and in actual time. The technical notion that supports the project has been around for some years. Motion-dependent control of specific features has been included by major players like Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung in a number of their devices.

Nintendo’s Wii is an excellent example of early motion control. The controllers operate as a motion component here, but they also adapt to the movements of your arms in addition to the push of a button. As a result, a brand new type of play recognition, gaming enjoyment, and activity was born.

Engaging through social media platforms & Socializing game development

You can’t have an engaging community these days without using social media. People are fascinated with social media, and many of them exist solely on it.

Collaboration through social media is one of the influential niches for mobile games in this aspect, primarily targeting those who like playing games with their family and friends.

Mobile games that enable users to invite others to play with them via social media platforms have a higher chance of rapidly expanding their user base.

As a result, social media engagement in mobile game development might attract a big number of users by allowing players to connect, share, and communicate with their friends or fans.

This feature improves the game’s accessibility and availability while also supporting people’s social media obsession.

Some of the mentionable are:

Apps that allow individuals to collaborate, such as MeetingVR, provide whiteboards and an interactive environment for team meetings in virtual reality.

For students who do not have access to a teacher, educational applications such as Kids academy or Kahoot are available.

Fitness applications such as Echo VR or Zombies Run! Assist to fill the absence of public gym space while also adding competitive features.


This technology has made online games more accessible than ever before, in addition to freeing up space on PCs and gaming consoles. Game developers may give complete and partial support for other platforms thanks to cloud gaming.

From the gamer’s perspective, they may choose the platform of their choosing. This will enable either a PlayStation or Xbox player to play the game they want on their preferred platform. Fortnite, Minecraft, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are some of the most famous cross-platform technology games.

Cross-platform demand is expected to increase in the near future so a good playing field for game developers.

Cloud gaming

Instead of designing video game systems that need more powerful hardware, developers are turning to the cloud to ease the load. Games are no longer restricted by the amount of memory available on discs or consoles.

Using the cloud puts games to significant server-size limitations, as pictures are transmitted to your display via the Internet.

Furthermore, users are not required to install and perform updates regularly. With this issue removed, cloud gaming becomes even more interesting.

These games’ popularity is boosted by social networking and collaborative gaming. Cloud gaming provides a framework for the development of multi-player games, which are developing.

Wrapping up

The gaming industry is involved in lots of innovation as well as every other technology industry. The process of mobile game development is changing due to customers and their interests. Users want to be involved in the development section more than ever. The game development industry is going to be more profitable and more exciting. So, if you have a game idea, develop it now!

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