The Latest Technology in Smart TVs and Streaming Devices [2021]

Smart TVs and streaming service giants like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, and Hulu dominate the media industry for a while now. Long gone are the days where the whole family could sit down for the eight ‘o’clock news or a blockbuster movie on HBO. Instead, they have access to movies, TV shows, and any other video straight from their smartphones, laptops, and tablets. 

Looking at it from one perspective, smart TVs and streaming services have completely changed the game. It is much easier to watch movies or binge-watch your favorite shows, at any time of the day, and even pick up where you left watching midway. No more buffering issues, or finding the right website, or waiting for a whole week to watch the next episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Smart TV’s also come with these streaming apps built-in so you can watch on your big screen TV instead of the laptop. 

However, nothing can beat the feeling of having cable TV. All the live, national news, all the sports games, and kids’ channels. You can’t find every single thing on the internet without running into obstacles – some websites would require you to sign up and pay so you can watch the season’s games. But why sign up on different platforms when you can watch everything at an affordable cost from cable TV?

Cable Technology

WOW! Cable offers its customers a premium TV experience of great value and no hidden fees, contracts or equipment rental required. Their streaming TV service allows customers to have access to all the live channels and an On Demand library at affordable prices, and also features a cloud DVR. Subscribe to their service and get it installed the very next day! And if their services don’t suit your needs, then need not worry because WOW! has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. 

With the WOW! TV+ service, customers can enjoy live TV the old fashioned way, with the addition of an extensive On Demand library and featuring a Cloud DVR storage as well. This particular service also offers customers voice control powered by Google Assistant, and Google Play access to many apps and games. 

Whoever thought cable TV is a thing of the past should reconsider their words. WOW! has set the bar quite high, trying to level with services offered by streaming companies.

WOW! TV & Internet Package

One of the most sought after packages by WOW! retails at a price of $124.99 per month. WOW! customers can enjoy up to 160 channels, including some of the national favorites like NFL Network, NFL RedZone, HBO, and Nat Geo Wild. It allows access to thousands of On Demand choices, accessible from any device; even your smartphones and tablets. And what’s more is that with cable TV services, customers get an internet subscription with speeds of up to 200 Mbps.

Other cable offers by WOW! are as follows:

  • Internet + Medium Cable
    Priced at $114.99 per month, enjoy up to 130 channels, with internet speed of up to 200 Mbps.
  • Internet + Large Cable
    Priced at $134.99 per month, enjoy up to 160 channels and internet speed of up to 500 Mbps. 

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