How To Fix LG Dishwasher OE Error [Troubleshoot Guide]

Your LG dishwasher displays the OE error when an issue with the drain is detected. Undoubtedly, you will be unable to use your appliance until this error is fixed. However, you do not have to worry because you can easily fix this without a plumbing or electrical degree.

The LG dishwasher displays OE Error on the device’s screen because it can detect a blockage or twist in the drain hose. To fix this, check the drain for obstruction, clear the clog and make sure the hose is well-positioned. Put the hose back on your washer is good to go.

Nevertheless, some other reasons that prompt the OE error code on your LG dishwasher screen are listed below. This article highlights various possible strategies to fixing LG dishwasher OE error. 

What Causes This Error? 

A clog from large food particles in the draining hose is often why OE error appears on your LG dishwasher display screen. When this occurs, it means water is not draining from the washer after use. Here are some possible causes of OE error displayed on your appliance screen.

  • Uncompleted Wash Cycle – Interrupted wash cycle traps drain water in your LG dishwasher, which can trigger OE error. This can be due to an interruption in the power supply.
  • Clog From Food Particles -This can prevent the water from draining completely from your machine.
  • Twisted Hose – Kinked or distorted water hose prevents the easy flow of water. 
  • Blocked Filter – Large food particles trapped in the filter of your appliance blocks the flow of water completely from the LG Dishwasher
  • Wrong Installation – When the installation is not properly done for a new dishwasher, or a new garbage disposal OE error flashes on the screen
  • Air Gap Issues – Water comes out of the air gap when there is an obstruction in the hose connecting the air gap to the drain hose.  
  • Check Valve – Check valve enables a one-way flow of water. Water from the draining hose goes in one direction with the check valve’s help; it does not return to the machine.
  • Faulty Drain Pump– A faulty pump leaves water in the dishwasher even when there is no blockage in the drain hose.  
  • Obstructed Spray Arms- When the spray arms are obstructed, it prevents easy and flexible movement of the arms

How to Fix LG Dishwasher OE Error 

Uncompleted Wash Cycle

When a wash cycle is interrupted, water is retained in the drain hose of the dishwasher. If it’s a case of an uncompleted wash cycle, then:

  1. Open the dishwasher and close it again properly
  2. Make sure spray arms is unclogged
  3. Please start a new washing cycle and make sure it is completed
  4. When this is done, the clean Indicator light comes up on your screen.
  5. Depending on the model of your LG dishwasher, the clean indicator light flashes on the screen.

Clog From Food Particles

Food particles trapped in the interior can bring about blockage in the draining hose. If such is noticed, here are few steps to be taken to unclog the hose. 

  1. Detach the hose from the dishwasher.
  2. Place a pan under the washer to avoid water spillage.
  3. Unclog the hose of large food particles that are not easily washed out
  4. Run warm water through the hose in the case of grease clogging the hose
  5. Ensure that the hose is free of particles and grease.

Twisted Hose

When this flexible water pipe is clogged or twisted, the dishwasher can’t drain water properly after a wash circle. In the case of a twisted hose, simply

  1. Check the draining hose underneath the dishwasher for a twist or a bend on the hose
  2. Straighten the hose to avoid any bend.
  3. Make sure the hose is properly positioned and connected to your dishwasher
  4. Run a maintenance cycle.
  5. Make sure the bad or leaking hose is replaced for proper draining.

Blocked Filter 

The filter, as the name implies, prevents food particles from entering the hose. 

Step 1: Please make sure the dishwasher is unplugged from the power source. This is very important for safety measures.

Step 2: Remove the lower rack of your dishwasher. 

Step 3: Located the Filter just below the spray arms underneath the rack of the washer.

Step 4: Detach filter from the hose by moving it in an anti-clockwise direction.

Step 5: Run filter under warm water for better results.

Step 6: Make sure all dirt and clogs in totally removed.

Step 7: Replace the filter by gently moving in a clockwise direction until it fits into place. 

Wrong Installation

OE error can be displayed on your screen due to the wrong installation. When installing a new dishwasher or garbage disposal, take note of the following 

  1. Make sure your drain hose is 12 feet long.
  2. No additional type of extension is needed on your drain hose
  3. Make sure the height and weight of your hose is 305mm and 1016mm respectively, for proper flow of water from the tub to the dishwasher
  4. Ensure that your hose is not too long, too high, or twisted.
  5. Be certain that the plug covering the dishwasher drain hose is removed.
  6. When all the above is done, Start a new wash circle.

Air Gap Issues

The air gap fills the drain hose with fresh air and prevents drain water from the sink from returning into the dishwasher. OE error is flagged on your screen when it’s not functioning properly. Below are few steps to unclog the air gap.

  • Remove the cap covering the air gap
  • Use a brush to clear all dirt and particles clogging the air gap
  • Rinse off with warm water to get the desired result
  • Replace the air gap cap
  • Ensure that it is properly replaced
  • Start a new wash circle

In the case of new garbage disposal, the disposal is covered by a plug. Make certain that this plastic plug cover is removed before the garbage disposal hose is connected to the air gap. If this is not done, then there is no way the water from the draining hose can be disposed of. Make sure that the hose connected to the air gap is not kinked to avoid a clog.

Dirty Check Valve

The check valve enables water flow only in one direction; water going into the drain hose cannot return to the dishwasher. When dirt is trapped in the check valve, water is unable to flow thoroughly. You can clean the valve by

  1. Removing the drain hose from the dishwasher
  2. Place a bowl under the washer to trap dripping water from the dishwater
  3. Check for the check valve located under the dishwasher right before the drain hose.
  4. Clear out all dirt and clogs from the valve passage
  5. Be certain that valve opens correctly for easy passage of water
  6. Replace valve properly to the dishwater
  7. Reconnect the drain hose 
  8. Start a new wash circle

Faulty Drain Pump

The Pump circulates water into and also drains water from the dishwasher. Depending on your dishwasher model, some machines have a separate pump for draining water from the dishwasher. When the pump is not functioning properly, it leaves water in the dishwasher even when there is no obstruction in the drain hose. Check for the faulty pump by

  1. Removing your dishwasher from the power socket for safety measures.
  2. Disconnect the pump from underneath the dishwasher.
  3. Check the pump with a multi-meter for faulty.
  4. When a fault is detected, it is advised that the pump be replaced to avoid draining issues.

Obstructed Spray Arms

Water from the spray arms sprayed the dishes for a clean wash. When the holes are blocked, water does not flow from the spray arms. To clean;

  1. Detach spray arms from the dishwasher.
  2. Use a tooth-pick to clean the holes on the spray arms.
  3. Replace the spray arms on your appliance.
  4. Check to make sure there is a free and flexible movement.
  5. Start a new wash cycle.

How to Reset LG Dishwasher OE Error Code

Resetting the OE error code displayed on your LG dishwasher screen does not take more few minutes to be completed. Simply;

  • Make sure your appliance is clean and in good order
  • Connect the dishwasher to a power source
  • Turn on the machine
  • Turn off your dishwasher after a few second 
  • Wait for about half a minute
  • Turn back on and start a new wash cycle
  • Make sure the wash circle is completed without interruption
  • Depending on the model, the clean indicator light is on instead of the OE error after a completed wash cycle.

Finally, when all the above listed is done and the OE error remained on the screen, this might mean your dishwasher needs repair. Please contact a certified LG plumber or the installer. You can also request a repair service on the LG support page.


Irrespective of the model of your LG dishwasher, they all function the same way. Regular check and cleaning of the draining hose to avoid clog are very important. Also, ensure that the filter is free of any food particles and grease clog to prevent blockage, and water will drain properly after a full wash circle. A proper draining dishwasher keeps OE Error from your display screen.

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