How to Fix the LG Washer LE Code [Front & Top Load]

The LE error code on LG washers stands for Locked Motor Error, which essentially means that the drive motor has locked up. The LE error code will be displayed on the LG washer control panel when the motor is not running at the expected speed. 

This can happen when the washer is overloaded, obstruction within the drive system or you use the wrong/excess detergent. The LG washer LE error code may also be triggered by loose wiring connections, a faulty drive motor, or a tachometer.

Throughout this guide, you will learn what causes the LE error code on LG washers as well as how to fix it. 

When displayed, the LE error code indicates that the motor on your LG washer is locked. This could be as a result of a heavy wash load faulty connections or a drive motor malfunction. To fix the issue, you should try to reset the display panel. You should also consider reducing the load size.

If the problem is an accumulation of SUDS, clean the drum and then use the right amount of an HE detergent. You should also check for loose connections or broken wires and troubleshoot the motor, and the hall sensor for possible problems.

What is the Hall Sensor? 

Also referred to as the rotor position sensor, the hall sensor on an LG washer is a device that is installed to monitor the status of the motor. If you are getting the LE error code, this sensor is telling the control panel that the drum is not running at the expected speed, because the motor has malfunctioned. 

However, you may be getting this error code simply because the connection between the sensor and the control panel is loose.

What Can Lead to the LG Washer LE Error Code? 

The LE error code can come up in different washing modes on your LG washer, including the Rinse, Spin, and Washing modes. The drum on your LG direct-drive washing machine can twitch, which causes the motor to lock. Such a scenario will trigger the LE error code on your washer. 

In addition to this, several other things can trigger the LG washer LE error code, including:

Wrong/ Excess Detergent 

Using the wrong detergent or the right detergent in excess amounts on your LG washer can lead to the accumulation of more SUDS on the drum. If the SUDS are visible in the drum, this is probably the cause of the LE error code you are getting. In such a case, you need to clean the drum in your washer, as elaborated later on in this guide. 

Thereafter, you should only use high-efficiency (HE) detergents in the right amounts on your washer, regardless of the washing mode you are running. As a guide, you are only supposed to use about a tablespoonful of the HE detergent per load. 


Each mode on your washer is specifically designed to handle a specific type and amount of laundry. If you are getting the LE error code on an LG washer on the Spin mode, the drum is probably overloaded. When overloaded, the drum becomes too heavy to spin at the required speed. 

This, in turn, triggers the LE error code. If this is the problem, you need to empty the washer drum, fill the machine loosely, and restart the cycle. If you happen to be washing large or heavy loads, you should consider reducing the load size to avoid overloading the drum. 

Defective Motor/Lose Connection 

If upon inspection you observe the spin basket to be rotating smoothly, the error code is likely to be triggered by a faulty motor or loose connection. Some of the issues known to affect the motor on LG washers include broken magnets within the rotor and loose or broken wires. 

Drive System Obstruction 

If you do not see any SUDS in the drum and have not overloaded the spin basket on your washer, you should check how the basket is spinning. To inspect for instructions on the drive system, you need to shut the washer down, remove the clothes, and drain the washer, as explained later in this guide. 

Afterward, you need to open the disconnected washer and try to spin the basket using your hands, and take not of its resistance. Under normal working conditions, the spin basket should rotate smoothly. If it is not spinning freely, something may be stuck in between the outer tub and the spin basket. 

A damaged spin bearing on your washer can also increase resistance, or even prevent the basket from rotating entirely. If so, you need to have the bearing replaced by a skilled washing machine repair technician. 

How to Fix the LG Washer Error Code LE 

To begin with, you should not confuse the LE error code with the 1E error code on your LG washer. As opposed to the LE error, the 1E error code points to a water supply problem. Simply put, the LE error code on LG washers is meant to tell you that the spin basket is not rotating as it should.

While the issue may be caused by several things, it may be a false alarm. Just to be sure, you should start by resetting the control panel and check whether the error will resurface. The following steps will help you reset your LG washer and clear error code LE:

Step 1: Press the Power button on the control panel to turn the LG washer off. Once it has shut down, unplug its power cord from the outlet socket. 

Step 2: With the washer unplugged, you should press and hold the Start/Pause button on the control panel for about five seconds. This is meant to drain the capacitors of any charge they may have stored. 

Step 3: Now plug the washer back in and turn the circuit breaker back on. Power the machine back up and run a cycle to check whether the error code LE has cleared. 

If this has not cleared the LE error code, then something is wrong with the washer and its components. Even so, it is still possible to resolve the problem without having to replace parts or make complex adjustments in the machine. 

In this regard, here are some of the methods you can use to troubleshoot and fix the LE error code. 

Method 1:Unload the Basket 

Are you only getting the LE error code in the Spin mode? If so, the wash load in the washer is too heavy. The LE error code may also be triggered by certain load conditions on your LG washer. This being the case, you are not supposed to wash a large load per cycle with such gentle cycles as Delicates, Wool/Silk, and Perm Press.

Such cycles are only meant to wash a few clothes at a time. If you happen to exceed this load specification, you are likely to get the LE error code. If this is the problem, you should shut the washer down, and remove the clothes. 

Next, you need to reset the washer, using the above-described steps. Once done, start the unit and run a test Rinse & Spin cycle. If the error does not appear again, load the basket sparingly and restart the cycle. If the problem persists after reducing the load, try the next troubleshooting method. 

Note: Bulky laundry items, such as curtains, duvets, blankets, and other upholstery items can easily overload the motor. To avoid the problem, you should only wash a few of these at a time. 

Method 2:Clean Soap SUDS off the Drum 

As mentioned earlier in this guide, the accumulation of soap SUDS on the drum of the washer can also trigger error code LE. To check whether this is the problem, just open the drum and inspect for excess foams or any other foam of soap residue. 

If there are visual signs of SUDS on the drum, you need to clean them off. Here is how you should go about it:

Step 1: Turn the washer Off and unplug it from the power source. Allow it to sit unplugged for about 30 minutes for the SUDS to dissipate.

Step 2: After 30 minutes, plug the washer back in and power it ON. Next, tap the ‘Spin Speed’ setting and select the ‘No Spin’ option. Once done, press the Start/Pause button on the control panel without selecting any wash cycle. 

This will automatically drain the washer of any remaining water. 

Step 3: Now remove any laundry that may be in the laundry. Select the ‘Rinse and Spin’ cycle on the panel and run it to clear the drum of any suds that may be present. You may run the empty Rinse & Spin cycle repeatedly until you achieve the desired results. 

To prevent the accumulation of suds in the future, it is advisable to use the right amount of HE detergent for each cycle. The right amount of detergent mainly depends on the water hardness—use more detergent for hard water and less detergent for soft water. 

As a guide, two tablespoons of HE detergent will suffice for a normal wash load. 

Method 3:Ensure that the Washer Door is Closed 

You may get the error code LE if the door on your LG washer is not closed properly. Check whether the door has locked in place before running every cycle. If the door is not locking in place, you should have the handle and door lock inspected and replaced, if faulty. 

Method 4:Remove any Obstructions on the Drive System 

If the above-discussed solutions have not cleared the LG washer error code LE, you need to inspect the drive system for obstructions and remove them. To do this, remove all clothes from the washer basket and then run the Drain & Spin cycle to drain the washer.

If this does not automatically drain the water, just unplug the washer and drain the water manually. Use a wet/dry shop vacuum to suck the water from the drain hose. Next, you need to unplug the washer from the power outlet and open the door. 

Try turning the spin basket using your hands. If the spin basket feels a bit resistant or does not spin freely, something is obstructing its movement. This could be something lodged in between the basket and the outer tab or a damaged spin bearing. If possible, pull the obstruction out or call a technician to fix it. 

Method 5:Inspect the Motor and Connections 

The LE error code on an LG washer may also be caused by a faulty motor or loose wire connections. If none of the above-discussed solutions seems to clear the error code, then the motor is most likely the problem. The following procedure will help you check whether this is the problem:

Step 1: Remove the mounting bolt that holds the motor rotor in place and pull the rotor off. 

Step 2: Check for signs of damage on the magnets, especially on the inner edge of the rotor. If the magnets are broken, you need to have the rotor replaced. 

Step 3: Now inspect the wire harness connections between the drive motor and the control board of the washer. You also need to inspect the harness connection between the electronic control board and the tachometer. Check whether each of these harnesses is securely connected. 

If the wire connections and rotor magnets appear to be alright, you probably need to have the drive motor, hall sensor, or tachometer replaced. In this case, you should hire a skilled technician to test these components and replace the problematic ones. 

Final Verdict 

If you are getting error code LE on your LG washer display, you should first reset the washer to see if the error clears. You should also ensure that the washer is not overloaded—especially for the softer wash cycles—as this can also trigger the LG error code LE. The error code may also be a result of the accumulation of soap suds on the drum or an obstruction in the drive system. Regardless of the cause, this guide will help you fix the LG washer LE error code without incurring costly repair and replacement costs.

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