5 life hacks for Netflix that you should know!

Netflix and chill is everyone’s weekend mood without a doubt. You want to watch an old tv show? You use Netflix. You want to watch a good movie? You open netflix. You want to watch an inspirational documentary?

You choose Netflix. Having over 223 million users, Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms available today in more than 180 countries. However, some countries have access to different versions of Netflix which have different content like in Canada, Netflix Canada is used. You can still access american netflix in Canada by simply using a reliable VPN. 

Almost everyone knows how to use netflix but this article will help you learn 5 new hacks for Netflix. 

Access Exclusive Content Categories 

If you are familiar with Netflix’s interface, you might have noticed that Netflix permits you to search content based on various categories. Including genre, title, etc. Since titles are unique and distinctive, you get access to the exact tv show or movie in seconds. 

But when you search by genre, there are high chances that you don’t see some of the content titles there. This is because each category of genre contains a large number of titles. And each category might have sub-categories, for example the category Action and Adventure has subcategories like action comedies, action thrillers, Spy Action and so on. This is why the platform uses URL codes to organise content by genre. 

Here is what you need to lookup for in the search bar if you wish to access exclusive and all the content categories and the category codes are easily available on the internet: http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/(category code)


Organise a Movie Night on Netflix 

Who doesn’t enjoy watching movies with friends and family. But if you wish to stream movies with your  long-distance friends or family, there is a solution for you. You can watch movies with your loved ones by using Teleparty. This plug in, lets you stream movies on Netflix with your friends and family online. Download teleparty, call your friends online, grab some popcorn and enjoy watching movies together on Netflix.

Personalised Recommendations by Netflix

Streaming services use analytic tools and insights of user viewing history, the most-watched genre by user, and average time spent by a user streaming. This helps Netflix suggest movies and tv shows based on your choice. If you create different profiles for different occasions and use them accordingly. This will help Netflix’s user preferences algorithm understand what to recommend to you. This not only helps you get recommendations based on your mood and nature but also enhances your viewing experiences. 

Watch Out for New Shows And Seasons 

If you are waiting for your favourite show’s season to release and have to keep checking the internet for that, we have good news for you. A useful website “What’s on Netflix”, discusses all the release dates of tv shows, movies and documentaries. This helps viewers know in advance which shows are soon to be released. You can schedule your week according to the release dates so you don’t get spoilers or miss on anything. 

Access Netflix from any Country

Due to geo-restrictions and geo-blocking, Netflix might not be accessible in a lot of countries. This is usually due to licensing rights and issues. If you wish to access Netflix from any country you can use a reliable and efficient VPN

Look out for the following qualities in a VPN:

  • Fast speed
  • Secure
  • Unblocks streaming platforms
  • Has reasonable pricing plans

What to Watch on Netflix?

If you have already watched all the top rated shows and movies and want to watch something new here are some recommendations for you.

Good Movies on Netflix:

  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  • Good Will Hunting 
  • The Social Network
  • The Usual Suspects 
  • Warrior Of Future 
  • Enola Holmes

Best Series to watch on Netflix:

  • The midnight club
  • One of us is lying 
  • Locke and Key
  • All of Us are Dead
  • The Witcher
  • Shadow and Bone
  • Emily in Paris
  • Game of Thrones
  • Stranger Things

6 best documentaries on Netflix today:

  • Free to play
  • Take your Pills
  • The Social Dilemma 
  • The Great Hack
  • Fantastic Fungi
  • Kiss the Ground 

Device Compatibility of Netflix:

To enjoy watching Netflix you should know the devices that are supported by it. Following are the list of devices which work well with Netflix.

  • Media Players
  • Streaming Sticks
  • Smart TVs like Apple Tv, Amazon fire TV, 
  • Gaming consoles like Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo 3DS/2DS
  • Android mobile phones and tablets having Android Operating System 2.3 or later 
  • Apple phones having IOS 7 or later 
  • Laptops and PC’s

Why must you have a Netflix Subscription?

Below are some of the advantages of buying a Netflix subscription.

  • Wide variety of content from all genres and categories 
  • Allows you to stream in 4k quality 
  • The pricing for Netflix are reasonable starting from $9.99 per month
  • Permits you to stream without any extra ads
  • Has a user friendly Interface 
  • Compatible with most devices 
  • Allows you to download tv shows and movies, so you can watch them in offline mode as well

Wrap Up!

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services available today. The article highlights 5 hacks for Netflix that you should know. It allows users to access exclusive content categories so you can watch movies and tv shows of different genres, allows you to organise a movie party using Teleparty, provides personalised recommendations, informs about releases of new shows and movies.

Moreover, you can access Netflix from anywhere in the world by using a reliable VPN. We have also recommended some of the best TV shows, movies and documentaries that are a must-watch on Netflix. Follow these hacks to utilise your streaming platforms features to the fullest.