Main Concerns in Video Game Streaming

One of the biggest and fastest-growing entertainment industries in the world has been found in the live streaming section for video gaming, platforms like Twitch have exploded over the past few years after first emerging back in 2011 off the back of other successful platforms like, and others are starting to grow too with both YouTube and Facebook Gaming’s own platforms seeing success.

But with Twitch being by far the biggest, it often holds different expectations from fans and viewers particularly where their rules are concerned, and this is an area that many feel the platform has dropped the ball on quite often recently. 

Gamers’ Main Issues With Streaming

The first came with provocative content, what was known as the “Hot Tub Meta” where Just Chatting streamers, a section on the site for what the namesake would suggest, were instead wearing very little and streaming a days’ worth of content from their hot tub, problems arose with whether or not it was too overly sexualized and ultimately whether it did still belong on what is ultimately still a game streaming platform – not one to go without drama and change within a short period of time, however, the next big issue to hit Twitch would follow and is an argument still swirling around.

Concerns now are rising from the growing number of very high-profile streamers turning to online gambling services particularly with online casinos, the most popular is within slot machines with bonus games but there have been a number of streamers around for quite some time that also play other titles.

Gamers’ Unrealistic Expectations

With a younger and more suggestive audience, it has already been enough to sway the minds of some that it shouldn’t be allowed, but with undisclosed partnerships and the huge numbers being wagered with some playing with hundreds of thousands per day, it raises a bigger concern whether or not it is responsible and how it may be setting unrealistic expectations for players using the service that aren’t the big streamers.

The biggest has certainly been with Felix “xQc” Lengyel, a variety streamer that has turned to online gambling recently, who has also quit multiple times due to what he has self-diagnosed as a growing addiction, but after showing screencaps that in just a few weeks that he was streaming for he had wagered almost $30 million, it continues to raise the question of whether or not it should be allowed on a platform that still has a very young audience too.

Twitch as a platform is yet to speak out about the casino and gambling issue on the platform but has been slow to respond in the past too – many are calling for a blanket ban on the content, but whether or not that’s likely to happen is yet to be seen.

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