Maytag Centennial Washer Error Codes [Solved]

The Maytag Centennial Washer helps you keep your clothes fresh by fighting everyday stains. However, many users have reported encountering some error codes while using the machine.

These error codes can limit the way you use your Maytag washer. They could occur as a result of several reasons. However, Maytag Centennial error codes are fixable. In this article, I will show you a couple of troubleshooting tips to fix this error.

Maytag Centennial Washer Error Codes

Error F0 – No Centennial fault recorded.
Error F0E2 – Centennial washer drain problem, too much soap suds.
Error F0E4 – Water during the washer’s rinse cycle is more than 105º.
Error F0E5 – Centennial washer is off balance.
Error F1E1 – Centennial washer main control fault.
Error F1E2 – Centennial washer motor control has a fault. The motor control is integrated into the central washer control. 
Error F2E1 – You pressed a Centennial washer control key for more than 15 seconds.
Error F2E3 – A mismatch of the washer’s central control and the washer’s user interface control. 
Error F3E1 – Centennial washer pressure sensor fault.
Error F3E2 – Centennial water valve temperature sensor has a fault. 
Error F5E1 – Centennial washer lid switch fault.
Error F5E2 – Centennial washer lid lock fault.
Error F5E3 – Centennial washer lid unlock fault.
Error F7E1 – Centennial washer basket speed sensor has a fault 
Error F7E5 – Centennial washer shifter fault.
Error F7E6 – Centennial washer motor fault.
Error F7E7 – Centennial washer sensor thinks washer was unable to reach target spin speed.
Error F8E1 – Centennial washer pressure sensor thinks it is not filling or is taking too long to fill with water.
Error F8E3 – Centennial washer pressure sensor thinks that the washer has overfilled with water. 
Error F8E5 – Centennial Washer valve thermostat thinks the hot and cold water hoses are reversed.
Error F9E1 – Centennial Washer is taking too long to drain.

Maytag Centennial Washer Reset

Sometimes you may need to reset the Maytag Centennial washer to fix specific issues. You can do this by following the steps below.

Step 1: Unplug the washer from the power source for about 60 seconds.
Step 2: Plug the washer back in.
Step 3: Lift and the lower the lid six times within 12 seconds. You have 30 seconds to start lifting and lowering the lid. 
Step 4: Make sure you raise the lid higher than 2″ to ensure the lid’s magnetic connection is interrupted. Make sure you close the lid completely each time.
Step 5: You have now successfully reset the motor. Now you can start a cycle.

If you want to fix a particular Maytag Centennial Washer error code, move down to the next section to see the solution.

Fixing Maytag Centennial Washer Issues

Fortunately, fixing Maytag Centennial Washer error codes is not difficult. You will simply fix them by following the guide below.

Solution for Error Codes F1 EI, F2 E1, and F2 E3

These error codes are related to the Centennial Washer’s control. The Centennial washer’s control receives and interprets information sent from various washer sensors, like the tub sensor, valve thermostat, and lid latch.

It also stores information that you can use to troubleshoot your washer’s problem.  Always reset the Centennial washer’s control before replacing it. You can fix these error codes by running a diagnostics test to reset your washer’s control.


Solution for Error Codes F3 E1, and F8 E3

These error codes are related to the Centennial pressure sensor. The pressure sensor is a switch that regulates how much water is in the tub. It uses a sealed hose attached to the bottom of the outer wash tub to perform this function.

The pressure switch hose is more likely to cause an overflow issue than the pressure switch. To fix these error codes, check the hose for holes before replacing the pressure switch.

Solution for Error Codes F5 E1, F5 E2, and F5 E4

These error codes are related to the Centennial lid lock. You cannot unlock the lid lock until the tub sensor tells the control that the washer tub has stopped spinning. The lid latch links to the washer control at the J15 terminal.

Sometimes you may notice that the lid lock light is flashing or that the washer is not starting. The lid latch uses a magnetic strike that is attached to the lid for operation. If the magnet strike is swollen with rust, it may cause problems instead of the lid lock. To fix these error codes, make sure that the magnetic strike that is attached to the lid latch is okay.

Solution for Error Code F7 E7

This error code is related to the Centennial pulley or cam. The centennial washer is belt-driven. It makes use of a pulley to transfer power from the motor to the drive system. This washer type is one of several machines to use a shifter to shift between the washer and spin functions.

When you encounter the F7 E7 error code, it means that the washer’s pulley and cam are becoming loose and allowing the pulley to slip down, causing grinding on its protective cover, and creating a loud, fast ticking sound. You can fix it by reinstalling the bolt with lock tight to secure the bolt from loosening. You can also replace the Cam assembly.

Solution for Error Codes F7 E6, and F7 E7

These error codes are related to the centennial motor or capacitor. The washer’s motor drives the belt for washer tub and agitation functions. The motor also uses a starting capacitor which stores extra energy for a rapid discharge. This energy helps with the increased load pertaining to starting tub movement and agitator.

You may notice a problem with the washer’s motor or capacitor when it comes to washer filling but not washing or spinning. You can fix it by replacing the motor or capacitor.

Solution for Error Codes F7 E1, F7 E5, and F7 E7

These error codes are related to the centennial actuator or sensor. The shifter accounts for the raising and lowering of the washer’s drive cam to initiate and disengage the agitator. The most encountered problem with the Centennial washer’s sensor or actuator is the washer not shifting from agitates to spin or vice versa. 

The actuator or sensor is the most likely part to fail on the Centennial washers. You can fix this error by replacing this part.

Solution for Error Codes F8 E5, F8 E1, F3 E1, and F0 E4

These error codes are related to the centennial water valve. The centennial washer’s water valve controls how water flows into the machine. It is made up of one hot and one cold valve solenoid. It uses this valve to reach a target water temperature based on its information from the valve’s built-in thermostat. 

Sometimes you may notice that water is slowly leaking into the washer tub when it is off, and the water flow is poor during fill. You can fix this by replacing the centennial water valve.

Solution for Error Code F9 E1

This error code is related to the centennial drain pump. The washer’s drain pump spins a small internal paddle that moves the water from the machine into your home drain. Small items like coins and socks are relatively common to cause your washer not to drain properly.

Sometimes you may find that the Centennial washer’s drain pump is not draining or is slow to drain. You can fix this problem by clearing coins or other blockages from the drain pump or pump intake, under the inner tub.

Solution for Error Code F0 E5

This error code is related to the Centennial suspension. The washer’s suspension rods are makes sure the washtub during a spin is balanced. It is relatively normal for a washer to become out of balance with a large, heavy item in the wash, such as a pillow or blanket.

 If the washer frequently has balance problems even with every like items, you will fix it by replacing the suspension springs.

Solution for Error Codes F5 E1, F5 E2, and F5 E3

These error codes are related to the centennial washer lid. The lid latch is a sore spot on this washer type. Sometimes lid latch problems will make your washer not to start. This lid latch problem may result from a swell with rust in the washer’s lid strike, causing it not to operate the lock correctly.


Many users of Maytag washer commonly encounter Maytag Centennial error codes. These error codes are not difficult to fix. Sometimes you would have to change some parts of the machine to fix it. In this article, I have given you the solutions to help you fix it. Now it’s your turn to perform these solutions and tackle these error codes.

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