How Microsoft Is Transforming the Remote Working [Work From Home]

The number of remote workers and those looking to work flexibly continues to grow. With millions of employees worldwide now working remotely, it is clear that the work environment is changing. Are you worried about trailing behind your competition?

We are all mindful that the business sector needs a specific suite to provide you with the best services to facilitate your work. Take into consideration that Microsoft 365 is your only contemporary workplace store – permitting employees to operate from any location without worrying about any insecurities.

 The capability to work remotely is viral and continues to grow in popularity. An estimation claims that about 60 percent of office workers will work full-time from home by 2022.

 By dwelling in the digital age more profoundly and by providing access to business productivity tools anytime, anywhere, on any device, and at a reasonable price, it’s no wonder that Office 365 is identified as the No.1 business enterprise cloud application.

Technology empowers us to do more, enabling growth and access to new markets. 

Benefits of Working With Office 365 Include

Greater profitability

Investing in cloud technologies is experiencing about 30% growth in business growth. With Microsoft Office 365, you will be able to benefit from a quick return on profitability.

Ampler work-life balance

A happy workforce is a productive workforce. Allowing employees to take advantage of telecommuting has the potential to make your business more efficient and successful.

A study held by the economists at the University of Warwick discovered that happiness led to a 12% rise in productivity. On the other hand, those workers who were unhappy proved to be 10% less productive.

Access to talent

92% of Generation Y previously identified flexibility as a priority when choosing a job. To attract skilled workers, you must offer alternative ways of working. Otherwise, it will be your competitors who will make that benefit.

Improved cash flow

There are many financial benefits to working remotely, such as reducing costs.

And with Office 365, you might have extra financial gains because you only pay for what you use, licenses delivered as a subscription, with no high start-up costs, and the need for hardware is reduced – all of which helps keep cash flowing through the business.

Increased productivity

Office 365 users can stay productive at home, on the train, on vacation, anywhere! Enabling your staff to work remotely can significantly increase engagement, satisfaction, and productivity by 40%.

Additionally, deploying Office 365 on employee-owned devices, known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), will result in a more acceptable and engaged workforce that will operate without strictly defined hours.

Improved customer service

By working remotely with Office 365, it is possible to improve your customer service levels significantly. With the ability to answer questions when you are away from the office environment, it is possible to provide customer service 24/7 without hiring more staff.

If used effectively, you can increase your competitive advantage, exceed customer expectations and increase customer satisfaction, which will permit you to attract and retain customers.

Securing Accounts and Content

Microsoft 365 services are designed to be secure by default. You can execute several modifications to the default settings to gain the right balance between safety and comfort.

For starters, you can enable multi-factor authentication by logging in to the Azure Active Directory portal as a global administrator.

The Microsoft Authenticator application is practical as the primary means of generating one-time codes or receiving push notifications for logging in to Office 365 services.

Each user should provide alternative means of contact, such as a phone number for receiving SMS messages. The second step is to enable the self-service password reset.

The third step is to select the backup option. Backup for Office 365 is of absolute concern, and all of us operating in Microsoft 365 should have the backup for all the sensitive and critical data.

However, Microsoft only protects Office 365 on an infrastructure level. Still, it’s your vital data. You regulate it. And it is your responsibility to shield it at the data level.

It simply means that backing up your data mitigates the risks and provides peace of mind that you can restore when needed. Microsoft even advises users to back up their data, as their retention rules may not meet your business requirements.

Office 365 Backup should be performed with a third-party tool, as noted in the Microsoft 365 Service Agreement. The agreement states that all online services suffer from interruptions. 

Microsoft is not responsible for any disturbances or losses that you may suffer due to an interruption; you may not be able to restore the contents or data you have saved.

It is a reason why Microsoft recommends that you regularly back up your content and data that you store in services or stores using third-party applications and services.

Users without a third-party Office 365 backup solution risk losing data once data is removed from the Recycle Bin while storing backups in the Office 365 infrastructure violates data sharing principles.

In addition, Office 365 data protection does not offer RPO and RTO by agreement and does not allow granular data restoration.

Your Office 365 backup and recovery solution must be secure.

The right solution for SaaS provides airtight cloud protection that ensures that the data is not exposed / reachable to any outside threats such as ransomware attacks.

Still, several Office 365 backup vendors must also provide in-flight and standby encryption, as well as granular access controls and instant technical support.

In these circumstances, I am recommending the right and proper Office 365 backup provider for you and your business.


Working from home is a significant change in an already turbulent time. However, there is a bright side. The quarantine can be your chance to rediscover how things work – for the better.

Migrating remotely with Microsoft 365 has benefits now. Plus, when you get back to work as usual. Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based version of Microsoft Office.

With a subscription, you get both desktop and online versions of applications you already know. Microsoft 365 suite includes Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, and more.

Suite up, and you are already qualified for the upcoming challenges.

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