MSI vs Asus Graphics Card [Graphics Card Comparison Guide]

Lately, graphics cards have become a whole lot more powerful. This is because the technology used to make graphics processors has advanced so tremendously in recent years. Also, the cost of graphics memory has come down.

When it comes down to an MSI vs Asus graphics card, they both make excellent, top-end graphics cards. While Asus appeals more to the hardcore PC enthusiast, MSI is better for the pure gamer. Both companies use high quality PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) and plenty of MOSFETs to power their card’s GPUs. 

Now, a massive influx of graphics processors are starting to show up on the market. There are so graphics cards available that it can be extremely difficult to decide which one is best.

There are many companies that make graphics chips, but the best graphics cards come from MSI and ASUS. In this article, we will compare and contrast MSI vs Asus graphics cards.

MSI vs Asus Graphics Card 

MSI vs Asus Graphics CardThere several factors that are crucial when it comes to consider when the right gaming laptop for you. Some of these things will be be related to your personal preferences, your budget, and your overall use-case.

Others, however, are based on performance and reliability and require some technical knowledge to fully understand.

Both of these manufacturers make powerful graphics cards that each have their own extra features that make them attractive to gamers in their own respective ways.

Both Asus and MSI graphics cards have their pros and cons. And of course, those things will influence your buying decision. So, let’s take a few minutes to look at these features.

Bitcoin Mining, Though

Due to the recently skyrocketing value of the ever-popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin, the cost of graphics cards has been inflated quite a bit. For example, a graphics card that cost $60 one year ago is going to cost you about $150 today.

That is, unfortunately, the harsh reality of the PC Graphics Card market landscape at the moment. Yes, it is very inconvenient that the price of graphics hardware is inflated right now due to a high demand for compute power, but that is an opportunity for you, too.

You can do exactly what all those other people are doing, and mine cryptocurrency. This is a way for your graphics card to eventually pay for itself and to eventually produce a profit.

That is, however, if you have a solar power set up or otherwise dont have to pay for the amount of power you use. Remember, when you are mining fro cryptocurrency, if you make $100 then that means your power bill will probably be $95 higher than it usually is. Bitcoin mining uses a lot of power.

MSI vs ASUS Graphics Card – Performance

The most important thing when it comes to a graphics card is its performance. MSI offers a great deal of performance, and their graphics cards are stable even when you overclock them.

ASUS is known for producing incredibly stable hardware and has been known to make some of the best PC motherboards on the market.

MSI vs ASUS Graphics Card – Software

MSI isn’t bad when it comes to its software, but ASUS is the only producer that has so many important software solutions. Actually, it is the only one that offers the most granular software solutions on the market.

Both MSI and Asus offer excellent software suites that will include everything you need to monitor your graphics card’s temperature and performance.

MSI vs ASUS Graphics Card – Warranty

Warranty is a big deal, even for trustworthy brands that offer durable hardware. Again, MSI is left behind in this category with a 1-year warranty for all of their graphics cards. Whatever you pay for a board, the warranty only covers it for a year.

Meanwhile, ASUS has different warranties for its boards. The standard one is 3 years for all graphics cards.

MSI vs ASUS Graphics Card – Verdict

Looking at the general performance, software, and warranty offered by MSI and ASUS, we clearly know who the winner is. It’s no doubt that ASUS is the better graphics card manufacturer.

However, MSI graphics cards are great, losing in front of ASUS only when it comes to controlling, customizing and the granularity offered from ASUS.

Both MSI and Asus Also Make Gaming Laptops

The war for graphics supremacy is not only waged on the desktop. The best gaming laptops can even rival the performance provided by a desktop. In the laptop space, MSI and Asus battle it out just as heavily as they do in the desktop graphics card arena.

The Pros And Cons of MSI Gaming Laptops

MSI makes everyday, ordinary laptops just like Asus does, but just like Asus, MSI also makes an line of excellent gaming laptops. In fact, MSI’s primary focus is gaming, and the company has set a really high bar when it comes to offering gamers the best gaming laptop money can buy.

Evidence of this can been seen in the feature-set that MSI offers in their laptops. One of those features is MSI’s exclusive cooler boost technology. This feature enables you to play games for a longer period of time without having to worry about your laptop overheating.

Some of MSI’s newer models come with the latest Intel CPUs and are equipped with high-performance SSDs (Solid State Drives) and GeForce GPUs (Graphics Processors). Another MSI-exclusive feature that gamers really like is its Cherry MX speed switch. This makes for an extremely accurate gaming experience.

Asus vs MSI Gaming Laptops – Which Is the Better Option?

Asus and MSI gaming laptops both have their pros and cons. When looking at MSI laptops, you will see some impressive specs, but don’t expect to see to flashy of a laptop when it comes to physical design.

Asus gaming laptops have some of the best motherboards on the market. Asus gaming laptops are tough and can stand up to just about anything you throw at them.

MSI is one of the best known names in component production and are ubiquitious in the market. From motherboards to GPUs to cases to pre-builts, MSI is everywhere. And while sometimes this leads to cutting corners or weaker products, MSI has done a good job of keeping its lineup pretty strong from top-to-bottom.


There are a lot of graphics companies out there, but MSI and Asus are among the most popular. This is because these companies come from a long line of making PC motherboards. As motherboard manufacturers, both MSI and Asus have gained several decades of experience in the PC component space.

So, a graphics card for one of these companies is going to be a notch above most other cards from other manufacturers.

Graphics cards have become a lot more powerful, but cryptocurrency mining has unfortunately lead to massively inflated prices. If you are able to get your hands on a graphics card, one from either MSI or Asus will do just fine. It really comes down to the amount of memory the graphics card has a what type of GPU it uses.

This is because both MSI and Asus make excellent quality hardware. Asus is more geared towards the PC enthusiast while MSI is more aligned with the needs of a hardcore gamer.

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