The Need of Customer Segmentation in Emails for 2022

Email marketing is a highly effective tool with the help of which businesses can attract customers worldwide and generate decent revenue. However, not many businesses follow some of the best email marketing practices. Email list segmentation is one of those practices. As a result, they see their business losing out on customers for various reasons. Let us understand why every email marketing agency recommends segmenting customers in 2022.

Every buyer is different

Whether a business is a B2C or B2B model and regardless of whether they do business online or offline, the reality is that every buyer is different from the other. Every customer has different requirements, needs, expectations and opinions on the brand’s performance and where they can improve. Naturally, all of them expect to be treated differently. There are various ways to segment customers:

Demographics will find their rightful place

Customers can be segmented according to their gender, age groups, etc. Every generation follows different trends and has different requirements. For example, customers in their 50s would probably find teenage neon clothing irrelevant. They might unsubscribe to such emails or report it as spam, thus losing you a customer.


Leverage of Purchase history

Depending on the customer’s purchase history, saved lists, or products they are browsing, you could email them product and service recommendations accordingly. This factor will widen their search to find the right product they need. If they are satisfied with your brand, not only will they make a repeat purchase, but also bring more customers.


User behaviour about gadgets is insightful

The majority of the customers prefer to check their emails on the go. With the help of an email marketing agency, customers can be segmented according to the portable device. Advertisers and businesses will gain a better understanding of how much you currently spend on advertising on various platforms Vs how much and where you need to spend. You will end up reducing a chunk and saving on advertising costs.


Delivers based on Geographics

This refers to where the customer is located, i.e., country, state, city, etc. Knowing where your customers are located is essential as it will allow you to recommend products and improve logistics and delivery times.

Customer positioning in the sales funnel

Everyone is positioned differently in your sales funnel, no matter how large your customer base is. Some customers may be loyal for years, while some have just made their first purchase. Hence, depending on their position, you will have to send them different types of communication and information through email marketing services.

For example, customers who have been buying from you for years would be more interested in exclusive discounts, freebies offer and flash sales. This approach would be meant just for them as a token of gratitude for showing their loyalty to you. At the same time, customers who have just made their first purchase must receive welcoming and generalized emails. New customers would require more educational content about how your product works and why they need it in their lives.


Brand reputation improves considerably

The brand reputation improves by segmenting emails and only sending relevant promotional content to your customers. This aspect makes your marketing emails more engaging and leads to a higher conversion rate. More people visit your website and make a purchase instead of marking your emails as spam, or worse, trashing them.

By understanding your customers and what they expect and need from your business, you will be better positioned to create more personalized products and services for them. Once you begin to deliver, customers will get satisfied and interact more with your brand.

Expect Positive results

Your brand will witness positive results by listening to customers and creating content that effectively redirects them to the things they need. Your website traffic will increase, but you will also gain a better ROI.

It is also quite natural that your customers do ”word of mouth’ advertising for you to their friends if they are satisfied with your brand. As a result, you may expect your business to increase by keeping your customers happy. Happy customers directly translate to better customer retention, more email open rates, improved click rates, lower unsubscribe rates, more transactions and ultimately increased revenue.


Running a brand might be challenging. However, by crafting unique and personalized content targeted towards the segmented customer groups, you improve your chances of deliverability. Customers prefer to buy products and services from brands that not only hear them but give them what they ask for. This way, the brand stands to gain a loyal fan base and ultimately generates decent revenue.