Netflix m7353-5101 Error Code [Quick Fix]

Are you trying to watch Netflix only to be faced with the annoying Netflix error m7353? In this guide, we will review 7 possible solutions to this issue as well as what this error means. 

What is Netflix Error m7353-5101?

The m7353 error is an error that is caused by the user’s browser extension. The browser extension prevents Netflix ‘s software from working correctly.

You may face different issues while using Netflix, but those are not application errors but may belong to the software you are using. If your Netflix is not working correctly, it may be because of extension on the browser and this problem is identified explicitly as Error code m7353-5101

How Do You Get To Know Error m7353-5101 Occurred?

You are peacefully watching a movie, and suddenly it gets interruption, and the Film gets stuck then Netflix starts giving you warning messages like:

Unexpected error. There was an unexpected error, please reload the page and try again! Whoops! Something went wrong.

These messages often pop up to make you recognize the problem you are facing is related to error code m7353 -5101. This error encountered by using a chrome browser on the computer. So now at least you are aware of the exact problem.

Few Ways To Fix This Error 

1.Update Web Browser Version 

As all the applications need to be updated, the web browser also requires to get an update to help them work fast. So the first thing you need to do immediately is to update the web browser to the recent version because maybe the version you are using has stopped supporting Netflix. If the problem is still there, you don’t need to worry yet because there are many other ways.

2.Disable Extensions on Browser

Putting extensions out of action in chrome can also help to fix the error. It would help if you did is open chrome browser on your screen, click on the three dots at the end of search bar there you will see an option of more tools tap on it and you will get sub-options, select extensions from there. Now all the extension you have in your pc will appear on the screen. Disable extensions one by one to find out which extension is causing the error.

Like you disable the first extension, and the problem remains there, it means there is no problem in this particular extension, enable it and move to the other extension one by one. It would be wiser to check your Netflix performance after you disable an extension as soon as it starts working correctly, you would know which extension had the problem.

It is also possible that more than one extension is causing the problem, so sometimes you have to disable all of them to get your problem fixed. Again if you don’t want to get in trouble, then you can also delete the extension permanently if there is no use to any of you.

Disable Extensions on Browser

3.Disable Security software

Security software like antivirus and firewalls have been installed because they are vital tools to secure the system you are using. However, on the other hand, they may be the reason for causing errors like Netflix Error code m7353-5101; therefore, temporarily disabling this security software can also fix this code of the error. But temporarily disabling them doesn’t mean you can’t enable them again; in fact, you need to allow them to after some time because your system usually is not safe without them.

4.Rebooting computer

Before involving in such complicated steps, a person can quickly fix the problem by just rebooting his/her system, and because sometimes the problem is not so complicated and you don’t need to disable anything from the PC, the reason is just that your computer got extra heat which is creating such sort of problems.

5.Switch Internet connections

Another simple step someone who is facing inconvenience can go through is to switch the internet connections, For example, if you are using a data package then turn off it and try using wifi connection to check either it is working properly or not. And if you are connected through wifi in the first place, try replacing it with data cellular later.

6.Clear cookies on Netflix

In the process of removing an error from any application, you have to clear the cache or cookies of specific applications; therefore, if an error occurs in Netflix, you must have to make cookies in it. A question arises, how to remove cookies?

A simple and easy process is here that you can follow. It would not take hours but a few minutes to clear cookies, and you may get back to Netflix an enjoy watching movies or series.

You need to enter; after you enter this site, you will see the Netflix sign-in page on your screen where you have to enter your account details like your username and password that you already have. After signing in, all cookies that were creating inconvenience would be removed. So by this simple method, you can get rid of error m7353-5101.

Clear cookies on Netflix

7.Contact Netflix

If you are not able to get rid of the trouble you are in and you have tried all the solutions given above, and you have spent hours trying to disable software and extensions, then the last option you may avail is contacting Netflix as they have given their contact numbers or emails where you can complain and ask them to fix it. To make you complain easy to deliver and simple to make them understand, Netflix has differentiated their errors with various codes.

Leaving a comment on their site would also be helpful as people who have faced a similar problem and somehow got out of it may help you. The more software a PC has, the more chances of errors it has, but it has become easier to fix them on your own by searching for information on the internet.

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