Netflix Error Code m7121-1331-p7 [Quick Fix]

Are you getting the Netflix Error code M7121-1331-P7 while trying to access the Netflix platform? Netflix acknowledges this problem in its official documentation as a browser problem. This Netflix error code is prevalent on the Google Chrome browser. 

When you encounter the M7121-1331-P7 error prompt, you will not be able to stream videos on the Netflix platform. According to Netflix, it occurs when you use a browser that is not compatible with the Netflix platform. 

However, it may also occur when some of the cache files on the browser are corrupted or when the Netflix servers in your region are down. This guide will enlighten you on the possible causes of the error code as well as how to fix it on your own. 

Netflix Error Code m7121-1331-p7

What Causes the Netflix Error Code M7121-1331-P7? 

In addition to the mobile app for Android, and iOS devices, Netflix also allows you to stream their content through a browser. However, streaming content on Netflix through the browser is not always as smooth as it should. You may encounter the M7121-1331-P7 Netflix error code while at it. 

Classified as a browser issue, this error is commonly encountered on the Chrome browser. However, you may also get it on the Netflix app from time to time. Discussed below are some of the common causes of the M7121-1331-P7 error code o  Netflix:

Conflicting Extensions 

Some of the extensions and add-ons you have on your browser may be conflicting with the playback functionality on Netflix. This is particularly the case with Google Chrome extensions. 

HTML 5 is Disabled 

HTML 5 Is the latest release of the HTML release. For enhanced security, most of the leading streaming platforms use HTML 5. Unless you have this functionality enabled on your browser, you are likely to encounter the Netflix error code M7121-1331-P7.

Server Problem 

You may also encounter the error when you attempt to access the Netflix platform when the Netflix servers are down. If you get the error notification, check to see whether the Netflix servers in your region are offline, or undergoing maintenance. 

If the servers are down, you just have to wait until they are back on for you to access the Netflix platform. 

Outdated/Corrupted Browser Files 

If you are getting the error message while accessing Netflix through a browser, it is probably because your browser is outdated, hence not supported by Netflix. The problem can also occur if the browser installation files are broken or incomplete. 

The Netflix error code M7121-1331-P7 may also be triggered by corrupted cookies or cached files on your browser. Netflix is known to be very strict on cookies/cache due to copyright issues. This being the case, corrupted cookies or cache files may prevent playback on Netflix. 

How to Fix the M7121-1331-P7 Netflix Error Code 

Netflix is a rather popular content streaming platform that offers its users access to a huge library of TV shows and movies. You are more likely to encounter the M7121-1331-P7 Netflix error code whole accessing the platform through a browser, especially the Chrome browser. 

However, you do not require any expertise to fix the problem. Discussed below are some of the methods and procedures you may use to fix the Netflix M7121-1331-P7 problem:

Method 1: Check the Netflix Server Status 

First thing first, check to see whether the Netflix servers in your geographical location are online before progressing to the more advanced solutions. To check the Netflix server status, you can use such services as Downdetector

This will help you understand whether other users in your region are experiencing the same problem. If Netflix servers are down, you just have to wait until they are back on.  

Method 2: Use a Supported Browser that Supports HTML 5

As you may be aware, Netflix only supports playback on just a few of the popular browsers, such as Edge, Firefox, and Chrome. If you happen to be using an unsupported browser like Speed Browser, Netflix playback will not work. 

Additionally, the web browser version you are using must have HTML 5 (the latest markup language) enabled. If your browser does not support HTML 5 or you have disabled it manually, you may end up getting the M7121-1331-P7 Netflix error code. 

By default, the leading browsers supported by Netflix have HTML 5 enabled. Just to be sure, navigate to the YouTube HTML5 detector to check whether yours is enabled. 

Method 3: Check the Widevine Module 

The Widevine Content Decryption Module is a digital rights management component in Google Chrome. It is widely used for encryption and secure license distribution. Netflix uses this module a lot as it allows users to stream copyright material. 

If this module is outdated or missing on your browser, you may encounter the Netflix M7121-1331-P7 error code. To check whether this is the problem, launch the Chrome browser and type chrome://components/ into the address bar. 

Now scroll towards the page end to locate the ‘Widevine Content Decryption Module’ entry. Click on the ‘Check for Update and install updates’, if you find it. Once done, restart the computer and check to see whether the error has cleared. 

How to Fix the Widevine Module (Change Permissions on Widevine CDM)

If you do not have sufficient privileges on the computer, Windows UAC will not let you update the plug-in. In such a case, you need to change permissions for the folder on your computer. Here is the procedure you should follow to achieve this: 

Step One: Open the Plug-in Folder 

Press the Windows + R keys simultaneously to launch a Run dialog box. Now type %userprofile%/appdata/local into the dialog box and press Enter. This operation will automatically redirect you to the required folder. 

Step Two: Navigate to Properties 

Open the folder and navigate to the following file path: Google> Chrome> User Data. From the displayed list of folders, locate ‘WidevineCdm’, right-click on it, and select Properties. Next, you need to navigate to the Security tab and check to see whether your login User name has full access to this folder. 

This should be shown by a tick on the checkbox in front of the ‘Full Control’ option under Properties. If you do not see this tick, apply the next step to enable full control:

Step Three: Edit the Profile 

Select your profile, and select the ‘Edit’ option. Underneath the ‘Deny’ column, uncheck the tick you see. Now ensure that your account has full access, before pressing the ‘Apply’ button to save the changes and exit the window. 

Finally, you need to restart the computer and try updating the plug-in once again. 

Method 4: Disable Chrome Extensions 

Extensions on the Google Chrome browser are the pluggable pieces of code that are designed to extend the functionality of the browser. They come in numerous forms, ranging from video downloaders to proofreading browser plugins. 

Though beneficial, some of these extensions are known to interfere with the playback of content on Netflix. This may, in turn, result in the Netflix Error code M7121-1331-P7. If you suspect this to be the problem, you should just disable the extensions and check to see whether the issue has been fixed. 

To do this, open the Google Chrome browser, type chrome://extensions into the address bar, and press Enter. On the list of extensions displayed, click on each of them to toggle them Off and after the other. Once you are done, restart the Chrome browser and try accessing Netflix once again. 

Method 5: Update/Reinstall Chrome 

If all the above-discussed methods fail to work, you may need to update or reinstall the Chrome browser altogether. To begin with, you should check to see whether the browser is up to date. If you have the latest version of the Chrome browser installed, then the installation files may be corrupted. 

In such a thing, you need to download the installation files afresh and reinstall the browser entirely. After reinstalling the browser, you should try to access Netflix without syncing your user data. To reinstall the Chrome browser, use the following procedure: 

Step One: Open the Application Manager 

Press the Windows + R keys combination on your keyboard to open a Run dialog box. You should then type appwiz.cpl into the dialog box and press Enter. This will open the application manager on your computer with a list of all installed apps. 

Step Two: Uninstall Chrome 

Find Chrome on the list of installed applications, right-click on I, and select uninstall. Follow the on-screen prompts to remove the application. Once done, restart the computer before installing the browser once again. 

Step Three: Reinstall the Chrome browser 

After the computer has restarted, navigate to the official download site, and download the latest installation files for Chrome. Open the download folder and double-click on the executable Chrome installer file to run the installation wizard. 

Follow the prompts as they are displayed by the installation wizard to complete the installation. 

Final Verdict 

Error code M7121-1331-P7 is essentially a browser problem that commonly affects the Google Chrome browser. It may be caused by corrupted installation files, cookies, or cached files on the browser. You may also encounter the problem while using an outdated browser to access the Netflix platform, or when HTML 5 is disabled on the browser. 

The right solution for the issue will mainly depend on what is actually plaguing the browser. With this guide, you do not need to have any expertise in the field to fix the Netflix error code M7121-1331-P7.

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