Fix NordVPN Not Connecting [Windows 10 & MacOS]

NordVPN Not Connecting

NordVPN not connecting error code can occur due to the presence of some conflicting software. Read our detailed guide to find out how to solve this issue(source). 

NordVPN turns out to be one of the most popular choices amongst users who are looking for reliable VPN services that deliver fast results and are focused on the overall privacy of the users. NordVPN is a highly rated VPN service provider that is owned by Tefincom & Co.

The platform is available for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android platforms. Usually, ensuring a connection to the VPN serves to be a straightforward process. However, some of the users of NordVPN have experienced connectivity issues. 

What Causes “NordVPN Not Connecting” Error?

NordVPN not connecting issue can occur due to the presence of some conflicting software, misconfigured network configurations, corrupted adapters, and various other reasons. Some of the additional reasons for this error could be:

  • Third-party programs: Such programs might conflict with the given software system while competing for resources. Therefore, this could lead to NordVPN not connecting properly.
  • IPv6: NordVPN is not known to support IPv6 protocol in its communications. Therefore, if you enabled the same, you will face connection issues. 
  • Error in Network: In some cases, the respective network configurations on the computer system could enter the error state leading to no connectivity at all. You can try refreshing the variables in this case. 
  • Network Adapter: As Nord is known to make use of a separate, dedicated network adapter for communicating with the internet, a network adapter not working properly could be another reason for the loss of connection.

Solutions to “NordVPN Not Connecting” Error

NordVPN Windows & Fix

  • Try making connections to the same network with the help of a different device. This will help you to locate the source of the error. Either the device might be malfunctioning or the error is due to the given network.
  • Try uninstalling the given application. After this, reboot the device and install the application again. Try making connections to the same network.
  • Log out of the NordVPN account and then, log into the same again. After this, try initiating a new connection and observing if there are any changes.
  • For PC users, it is recommended to disable the anti-virus or firewall. 
  • Try to switch from TCP to UDP. Change the protocols to observe if anything changes. 

NordVPN Windows 10 Fix

  • You can try out the same set of solutions as that for Windows 7 for nordvpn not connecting Windows 10. It is recommended to disable IPv6 on Windows 10. 
  • In case the problem persists, you should go ahead with checking the event viewer in order to observe the exact problem. 
  • You can also check for any inconsistency in the given network or some underlying activities that might interfere with NordVPN. 

NordVPN MacOS Fix

You can fix nordvpn not connecting macOS as follows:

  • Install the OpenVPN app directly from the official website.
  • Consider uninstalling the IKE version before you install the new one.
  • Make use of TCP protocol or an obfuscated server.

NordVPN iOS Fix

  • Delete the NordVPN app from your device.
  • Restart your device.
  • Reinstall the given app.

NordVPN Linux Fix

  • Try opening the terminal –you can do so by selecting Ctrl + Alt + T.
  • Try installing the OpenVPN client. You can do so by entering the option “sudo apt-get install openvpn.” If there is the requirement of entering a password, then you can insert the one that you had created while your account.
  • Advance to the OpenVPN directory and enter the command as “cd/etc/openvpn.”
  • Go forward with downloading the OpenVPN configuration files by entering the command as “sudo wget https: //”
  • Now, you can go forward with extracting the “” files with the help of the command as “sudo unzip”
  • Try entering the directory wherein the server configurations might be located
  • If you wish to obtain the full-fledged list belonging to the given server coverage, then you should put in the command as “Is –al”
  • Go for selecting the server that you would like to establish the connection for
  • Now, you are expected to initiate OpenVPN with the help of the command as “sudo openvpn [file name].” Here, the file name is the selected configuration.
  • Here, you will be asked to enter the credentials. Therefore, you should enter the same whenever necessary.
  • Now, you will be fully connected to the NordVPN. If you are looking forward to disconnecting the same, you are simply required to boot the given terminal, and then press the keys Ctrl + C.


Additional Fixes to the NordVPN Not Connecting Error

While we have gone through the potential solutions to the problem of “NordVPN not connecting” on different operating systems, we are here providing an insight into some additional general solutions to the same.

1. Check The NordVPN Account

Firstly, you are required to check whether or not you have an active NordVPN account. You can go forward with checking the respective NordVPN account by clicking on the option My Account on the official website of NordVPN. 

Then, you are expected to enter the login credentials for opening the account dashboard. The given account dashboard is known to include the expiry on the date for the respective VPN subscription. You can even consider contacting the respective NordVPN support for renewing your subscription in case the VPN account might no longer be active.

2. Connecting to Alternative VPN Servers

You can come across thousands of options when you are choosing the NordVPN servers. Therefore, as a user, if you are trying to connect to some alternative NordVPN server, this could help in resolving the error. You can go forward with selecting some alternative NordVPN server within the given country or location on the respective NordVPN map.

As an alternative option, you can even consider clicking on the option of “Countries” within the window of NordVPN for selecting another server to ensure connection from the given list.

3.Switching IP Protocol from UDP to TCP

As a NordVPN user, you can choose between UDP & TCP IP Protocol for ensuring connections. While UDP is known to be faster, still TCP is considered more reliable.

This is because it includes the feature of error correction. Therefore, when you switch from UDP to TCP IP Protocol, it could solve the error. 

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