Nvidia Control Panel Missing In Services – Methods To Open The Nvidia Control Panel

For several years, video card manufacturers have been providing special elements to their devices that allow them to optimize their work as much as possible. For example, the Nvidia video cards, this is GeForce Experience, and if you have this application installed, you should definitely explore its capabilities. If you find the Nvidia control panel missing in the service, then this article is the right ally for you to solve your Nvidia control panel missing problem. So keep on the reading!

You can flexibly configure the operation of your video card and optimize the computer games you play with the help of special functions. However, all this will not be available if your GeForce Experience does not start; Unfortunately, many users face this problem. Therefore, it is worth seeing how we can solve this without the help of technical support.

The essence of the problem: NVIDIA Control Panel Missing

If we talk about the fact that GeForce Experience does not start, there may be several options. For some users, the program does not want to turn on at all, while for others, it crashes at startup. Someone can use it until a certain time or action, after which the error: NVIDIA control panel missing still appears.

There are many causes that lead to unpleasant consequences, including the disconnection of the video card. Consequently, it must be able to deal with emerging problems in emergency conditions.

Do not improvise, and it is better to read the instructions and act according to the recommendations, then you will have the opportunity to deal with the problem of the Nvidia control panel missing without outside help. So, if your GeForce experience does not start, what should you do first?

Antivirus check


Naturally, you can run the antivirus to scan your computer for malicious programs that block the startup. However, in most cases, this does not work. And in this situation, we were not talking about antivirus because of a virus scan, but because it could be the reason, your Nvidia control panel missing and GeForce Experience does not start.

The fact is that many antivirus applications indiscriminately add several applications to the list of potentially dangerous applications, which blocks their launch on the computer. To verify if your program for a video card is in this list, you must enter your antivirus settings.

In case you get there, you must manually remove it from there and then add it to the list of exceptions so that the antivirus no longer performs such actions in relation to this software.

Problems with new drivers Associated NVIDIA Control Panel Missing

From time to time, you may have trouble downloading new drivers for your video card. And you can definitely have questions about why the GeForce experience does not start because everyone who downloaded the update wants to see the improved performance of the device, and not what happens in this case.

And anything can happen: your program center can stop working, it can shut down for you, and sometimes even a video card will shut down. Then, you must manually remove this process, remove all of its “queues” and then restart it manually through the Windows services.

What happens here is that sometimes the drivers don’t work out very well, and before the developers notice it, many people already download them, install them and have a headache. Thus, use the corrections made by people with knowledge and publish in public resources so that people can wait for the official patch of the developers.

Therefore, if your GeForce Experience runs for a long time after installation, it is better that you immediately think about the fact that the consequences may not be the most pleasant.

Drivers tab

The GeForce Experience has many tabs, each of which contains useful information and many customization and customization options. However, sometimes (especially after installing not the most uniform drivers), one of them can bring you many problems.

The fact is that without an official patch, the “Drivers” tab becomes a restricted area. Even if you completely fix your video card related software and start again, you only need to go to the driver update tab once, and GeForce Experience will stop working again.

Therefore, skip it and, if possible, type the settings so that the program automatically opens in any other tab, for example, with games.

Change language

The Nvidia

Another way to solve the problem that works for many, but absolutely nobody understands why it works is to change the language. If you change the language to English (for the US region) in the GeForce Experience program settings, the problem may disappear on its own. As already mentioned, this solution does not have a logical explanation, but it works most times, so you should only take the opportunity to solve it with no additional problems. So, don’t think why everything works: it is better to seize the opportunity when it is provided.

After installing the driver on the Nvidia video card, the software product is usually installed with the control panel for the video card parameters. However, a situation may arise when the panel does not open, the panel icon is active, but nothing happens directly when pressed. Let’s see how to fix it.

Often, the inability to start the panel can occur after installing volumetric software or games with high system requirements for which the driver version does not fit.

Reasons why the Nvidia control panel missing:

  1. A single malfunction in the system, which is resolved by restarting the computer.
  2. Incorrect installation of the Nvidia software product. It is resolved by reinstallation.
  3. Nvidia services do not work properly.
  4. Old Visual C ++ and NetFramework services. You must download and install the most current versions of these products.
  5. The installed driver does not match the product of the video card. You should verify the exact name of your video card and carefully select the one you need from the list of suggested drivers.
  6. It may disable the hardware acceleration utility in Windows.
  7. Viruses in the computer interfere with the correct operation of the control panel. The solution is a complete system scan using antivirus (Avast, Dr.Web and others).

Consider the solution of the main problems in more detail

In addition, if it does not resolve the problem, you should see if the Display Services and the video card services of the Display Container work. To do this on the execution line or in the search bar of the Start menu, enter services.msc from the keyboards and check the availability of these utilities. Then, configure them to start automatically and restart the computer.

One option can also be to turn the video card on and off using the devmgmgt.msc utility, then finds the name of your video card, click the mouse button and turn it off, and then turn it on in the same way immediately.

The solution may be to run the devmgmt utility. msc, in which you can revert the controller to an earlier version.

A good enough option is to completely remove all previous video card drivers using the Screen Driver Uninstaller program. We recommend it to get the best result and the correct operation to uninstall the drivers in safe mode.

Most effective method to fix Nvidia control panel missing

The most effective method when the NVIDIA Control Panel does not open is to use the Screen Driver Uninstaller program, which must be downloaded and installed on your computer. Then you must restart the PC in safe mode, run this program and uninstall the Nvidia drivers (select Nvidia and click on the “Uninstall restart” button).

Complete removal of previous drivers for Nvidia

Nvidia Control Panel

After the reboot, you must download the latest drivers for the video card from the developer’s site and install them on your computer (as an option, first download Geforce Experience and then use this program to download the latest drivers for the video card). We will get the solution of the problem in most cases.

Breakdowns in the Nvidia control panel

The Nvidia control panel is patented software that allows you to configure the parameters of the video card and the monitor. This program, like any other, may not work properly, “crash” or even refuse to start.

In this section, we will talk about why the Nvidia Control Panel missing and does not open about the causes and solutions to this problem.

Cannot start the Nvidia control panel

Nvidia Control Panel

Let’s analyze the main causes of failures when starting the Nvidia Control Panel, and there are several of them:

  1. An accidental accident in the operating system.
  2. Problems with the system services installed with the driver (“Nvidia Display Driver Service” and “Nvidia Display Container LS”).
  3. Incompatibility of the installed version of the Nvidia Panel with the NET Framework utility.
  4. The video controller does not fit the graphics card.
  5. Some third-party monitor control software may conflict with the Nvidia software.
  6. Infection with viruses
  7. Hardware reasons

Operating System Lock

Such problems occur quite frequently, especially for those users who experience a lot with the installation and uninstallation of various programs. After uninstalling applications, the system may have queues in the form of library files or drivers or registry keys.

We can solve these problems simply by restarting the machine in operation. If you immediately observe the problem after installing the driver, the computer must restart without failures, as some changes made to it can only apply the system after this action.

System services

When installing the software for the video card, the services “Nvidia Display Driver Service” and “Nvidia Display ContainerLS” (both or only the first) are installed in the list of system services, which may fail for several reasons.

If the suspicion lies in the incorrect operation of the services, then each service must be restarted.

After completing the steps, you can try to open the Nvidia Control Panel and then restart the computer and check the software again. If the problem persists, move on to other options.

NET Framework


NET Framework is a software platform necessary for the operation of some programs. Nvidia products are no exception. Perhaps the new software package installed on your computer requires a more recent edition of the .NET platform. In any case, you always need to have the current version.

The update is as follows:

  • We need to go to the package download page on the Microsoft website and download the latest version. Today is NET Framework 4. (Package download page on the official Microsoft website)
  • After starting the downloaded installer, you must start it and wait for the installation to complete, which happens just like installing any other program. After the process end, restart the computer.

When choosing a driver for your new (or not so) video card on the official Nvidia website, be careful. It is necessary to correctly determine the series and the family (model) of the device.

Search for drivers

If you are not sure about your choice, you can install the software automatically through the “Device Manager,” but you must first completely remove the driver from the previous video card. You can do this by using a special Display Driver Uninstaller software.

Management software monitor

If you use external developer programs to adjust the monitor settings (brightness, gamma, etc.), for example, such as MagicTune or Display Tuner, they may cause system conflicts. To exclude this option, you must remove the software used, restart, and verify the operation of the Nvidia Panel.


The most “unpleasant” cause of failures and failures in the program are viruses. The wrecker can damage the driver files and the attached software and replace them with its own infected files. The actions of viruses are very diverse, but the result is one: incorrect operation of the software.

If you suspect on malicious code, you must scan the system with the antivirus you are using or use utilities from Kaspersky Lab, Dr.Web or similar.

If you doubt the correct functioning of the programs or do not have experience in system healing, it is better to resort to specialized resources, for example, virusinfo.info or safezone.cc, where you can eliminate viruses for free.

Hardware issues

Sometimes, proprietary software may not start because the device is simply not connected to the motherboard or is connected, but incorrectly. Open the computer case and check the cable and video card connection in the PCI-E slot for a secure fit.

We examine several reasons for the malfunction of the Nvidia Control Panel, which are mostly not serious and can be solved. It is important to remember that most of the problems are caused by the banal carelessness or inexperience of the user. That is why, before continuing with the action steps to uninstall and install the software, check the computer and try to restart the machine.

We are glad we were able to help you solve the problem of the Nvidia control panel missing.

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