OctopusCRM vs. Dripify: Advanced LinkedIn Automation Tools

In this article, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about Octopus CRM vs Dripify including history, pricing, features, and overall impression. After reading this article, we hope that you’ll figure out which software would work better for your needs. Let’s get started. 

Octopus CRM vs Dripify: Overview 

Octopus CRM and Dripify are often the most mentioned automation tools for LinkedIn. Let’s look at the important comparisons between them. 

Founded in 2018, Octopus CRM is currently one of the best tools for prospecting on LinkedIn. It’s a powerful software that can scour LinkedIn and send out connection requests, auto view profiles, endorse skills, and more to hundreds of profiles in a matter of minutes. Octopus CRM is compatible with various LinkedIn accounts including the free, premium, and sales navigator versions. 

Founded in 2019, Dripify is an advanced LinkedIn automation software focusing on LinkedIn lead generation and closing sales. It has a powerful autopilot feature that helps you do these tasks even if your device is turned off. Its features provide an excellent way to develop a better LinkedIn marketing strategy. Because of its team management functions, it’s also a great tool for large sales teams. Dripify is also available for integration with 1000+ software such as Hubspot CRM, Zoho, Salesforce, Asana, and more. 

Octopus CRM vs Dripify: Pricing 

Both Octopus CRM and Dripify offer a free trial to test out the service before deciding on buying a subscription. Octopus CRM has four pricing plans that will suit the budget of your growing business. Dripify’s pricing plans are more expensive and are targeted towards sales and digital marketers with a large sales team. 

Octopus CRM Pricing: Starter, Pro, Advanced, and Unlimited 

If you choose Octopus CRM, you’ll enjoy lower monthly costs. Their starter plan is priced just at $6.99 per month. While their pro, advanced, and unlimited versions are priced at $9.99, $14.99, and $24.99 respectively. 

All their plans from basic to unlimited give you personal CRM with stats, personalized auto invites, and connection requests to premium LinkedIn users only. Its auto-view profiles and auto endorse skills are locked at the pro and advanced tier. While exporting data, building funnels, third-party integrations, and weekly invite limit bypass are only available on its unlimited plan. 

Dripify Pricing: Basic, Pro, Advanced 

When it comes to value for money, Dripify is more affordable even though its pricing says otherwise. Their most basic subscription plan which is priced at $39 per month is even more expensive than Octopus CRM’s unlimited plan. 

Their pro plan which includes more features such as personal inbox, data exportation, and testing campaigns is priced at $59 per month. While their best plan is advanced which includes all basic and pro features and added team management, activity control, and personal account manager. If we compare their features, it’s undeniable that Dripify has more robust and helpful tools compared to Octopus CRM. 

Looking at both tools’ pricing options, it’s clear that Octopus CRM is cheaper, although Dripify has better features. Ultimately, it will depend on the nature of your business and how you’re going to use the LinkedIn automation tool to your advantage. 

Octopus CRM vs Dripify: Features 


Dripify 9/10 – Dripify has a powerful automation system that focuses on generating leads and closing sales. Its drip campaign consists of automated sets of email that is sent based on timeline or user actions. This is a high level of automation that we find lacking in most automation tools. 

Octopus CRM 7/10 – Octopus CRM’s automation software is built to improve prospecting and lead generation on LinkedIn. It excels in sending automated messages which you can personalize so you won’t sound spammy. However, its automation is less rich than Dripify. Its other important features such as auto-profile visits and auto endorsement are locked in its higher-priced subscription tiers. 

Reports and Analytics 

Dripify 9/10 – When it comes to insightful metrics and data analysis, Dripify wins over Octopus CRM. It offers a lot of helpful data that will improve your campaign. It can keep track of your daily LinkedIn activities including the connection requests you’ve sent, profiles you viewed, skills you’ve endorsed, and more. It also has a recent activity timeline where you can see with timestamps the tasks you’ve done. 

Octopus CRM 7/10 – Octopus CRM’s report includes mostly your LinkedIn stats and campaign performance. This helps you evaluate your growth and improve your prospecting efforts on the platform. You can also export all these data on a CSV file. 

Ease of Use 

Dripify 8/10 –  Dripify’s clean interface and user-friendly commands make it easy for less tech-savvy users to use the platform. However, it falls short on the design and navigation. It might seem subjective, but Dripify’s interface isn’t the most attractive. Perhaps it’s the color choice? The navigation system is also not the best. It can be confusing at first. However, they do have great tutorials that explain how to do stuff on the platform. This is important for customers who don’t like to ask too many queries in email. 

Octopus CRM 9/10 – Because Octopus CRM is a chrome extension, it’s easier and faster to link your LinkedIn account with the platform. The dashboard is also visually appealing and makes reading the report fun and interesting. Another point why Octopus CRM’s interface is better rated is because it’s easier to navigate. The blue-colored icons look very neat and fresh. 


Dripify 7/10 – Dripify support is available only via email.  Their support is highly rated by users and they also have a good knowledge base where you can find guides and tutorials. 

Octopus CRM 5/10 – Octopus CRM’s support is only available through email. They don’t have live chat or 24/7 phone support. Many users complain that it’s not very good and they take a lot of time to respond to queries. 


Dripify 9/10 – Dripify can be integrated with tools you already use for maximum automation. If you have Zapier, you can automate many tasks and workflows using your favorite software such as Google Sheets, Salesforce, Zoho, and many more. 

Octopus CRM 9/10 – Octopus CRM can be integrated into apps like Zapier where you can automate a lot of apps such as Google Sheets, Trello, and your calendar for free!

What Are Some Good Alternatives to Octopus CRM and Dripify?

If you’re looking for other LinkedIn automation tools, there are also many kinds of tools available on the internet today. Here are some of our top recommendations: 

  • ProspectIn –  One of the best prospecting tools for LinkedIn. Very efficient and secure. Also great for ensuring your campaigns generate revenue. 
  • Lempod – A browser-based LinkedIn automation software for creating campaigns and automating LinkedIn tasks. Good for increasing engagement and growing your LinkedIn network. 
  • Phantombuster – Data scraping tool for getting important information to run campaigns. A cloud-based automation tool to personalize your strategy and grow your network fast. 
  • Dux-Soup – An easy-to-use LinkedIn automation tool for automating profile visits, endorsing connections, and sending out connection requests. Works as a chrome extension. 

Octopus CRM vs Dripify: Overall Impression 

Octopus CRM and Dripify are two of the most popular automation tools for LinkedIn. They both have good pricing plans and features. It’s hard to compare them because they have different target customers even if they’re both automation tools. 

Both Octopus CRM and Dripify are new automation tools on the market. Octopus CRM is slightly older than a year. Over the years, Octopus CRM has not developed much and it still allows only basic automation features. So, if you want only basic automation tasks covered, you’ll definitely find Octopus CRM the best tool for you. 

Dripify, on the other hand, has more powerful features designed for sales and marketing on LinkedIn. It’s not just an automation tool for lead generation, it’s an automation tool built for closing leads and making sure your process is smooth and organized. Because of this, it’s most suitable for large organizations with enterprise-grade needs.