Online vs. Offline PDF File Converters

In this modern era, technology is becoming a lifestyle of humans, making our lives easier and easier than in the past. While operating a computer and its respective documents, we have to convert our files from one format to another. It can be a land property’s papers or some sketches or paintings. We need conversion processes to secure our collected data.

For example, if we have the task of converting the permanent document into a Word format, which can easily be editable, but that was not too helpful according to our needs. We had to cross through a hard and difficult process of typing the text from an image file.

This process takes a lot of time, and today where things are required very fast, we want better options or software for converting our files into the desired format. It is not a big thing to modify any scanned image into an editable document in Word format.

Online File Converters

An online file converter is a software that converts images, audio, video, and other documents free of cost. It converts media fast and free. No installation is needed to get it. However, you are required to have an active internet connection to do it.  

Offline File Converter

An offline file converter is a software that converts files into the formats according to your needs and saves these to cloud storage services like Google Drive. These file converters don’t require an active internet connection. 

Why PDF Files?

For many professionals worldwide, the PDF has become a need for the hour these days as it helps them view and exchange official and sensitive information safely. PDFs are useful for your overall handling of documents in the office or for other professional needs.

Converting from PDF to other formats of any other format to PDF is still the stumbling block for people. Hence, there are many online and offline PDF converters available in the market. Which ones are better?

Difference between Online and Offline PDF Converters

Let’s compare some of the main factors or elements to decide which PDF file converter should be the first choice:

Time Limit

If we convert our file in the online mode, we are not sure that we will get a converted file immediately. Maybe, we have to wait for 2-3 hours. Sometimes, if we face the problem of slow internet connection, it might be an infuriating task for us. First of all, we will not get the results on time, and the other thing is that we may get an image that will be of lower quality.

On the other hand, in Offline File Conversion mode, we have to download the software, which sometimes requires proceeding. After that, we can do file conversion at any time, and with the help of an offline PDF converter, our file conversion will never be late, and we get it in a short time. The result surprises us with better service, and we can download many files as soon as possible.

Speed during File Conversion

In the case of online file converters, we first have to upload the PDF to the tool. The smaller files may be downloaded in time, but a large file can make our job difficult. This can take longer than we might want to wait for larger files while, on the other hand, offline tools tend to work much faster.

The tools that convert our files and PDF are present in our device, and we can easily precede it without any internet source. The files can be downloaded before time. In the end, an offline tool will convert our permanent PDF file into our desired formats, and it is ready for editing before we even upload our file to the online file converting tools. 

Overall, offline and already installed PDF converters are faster and more reliable than online file converters. The files are converted into other versions in seconds because the tool is present in the device and is fully programmed to work accurately.  However, in online conversion, the user must have to upload the files first under good internet availability. It is very time consuming, which can irritate the user while dealing with it.

Secure Conversion

In online PDF file conversion, our content or whole document’s security is not guaranteed because it gives the lowest version of security to the files. It might also leak our private data easily. It means that someone can easily approach our data, which we cannot share with another person. Hence, it is not a safe way to convert files online. 

However, the offline file conversion method has many protective features. It fully supports our data and doesn’t leak sensitive content on other sites. It also provides services regarding our passwords, which are secured during file conversion.

Internet Access and Availability

Comparing PDF converters to other file converters or sources is a little bit tricky. Online PDF converters have a good point here simply because they’re available from any browser, whether it is Google Chrome or Firefox, and even Internet Explorer provides this facility in the case of even a slower internet source.

As long as we have access to PDF and Internet access, an online tool is available anywhere and everywhere. But, if we don’t have any Internet access, we can’t convert our PDFs to desired files. 

On the other hand, we have access to our device when the tool is installed. After this, offline tools will be available as soon as possible. These tools are in a good and convenient form whenever we installed them in our smartphones.

The advantage it provides to the average person is that the person can check their cell phone even 80 times per day for its task completion. So, it’s a good step towards easy access to everything and anywhere in just a minute.

Standard of documents after PDF Conversion

The performance and standard of the converted file depend on the tool we are using. Online PDF converters usually don’t provide us the high standard level as offline PDF converters. The main reason is most of the online tools are designed for simple and rapid conversions. Online converters might mess up certain areas, such as spacing and lists if we have a lot of formatting to do.

On the other hand, offline file converters are handled more complex PDF files, and they are designed according to our needs. An online converter will work well if we only have a simple PDF file to convert. An offline converter will yield more exact results for more advanced PDFs.

Availability of Different Languages

In dealing with a client of foreign background, we have to convert our files according to their needs, but online converters contain only one or two languages. That is why they are not useful for us in such cases.

On the other hand, an offline converter contains many languages, which provide you an exact and precise format and get your job done professionally in any language. 

Quality of Documents

In the case of online converters, surety of good results is not guaranteed. This is because these converters are not modified according to the respective documents that we were expecting and want in a good format. Excellent quality features are absent in the online file converter. 

On the other hand, if we have an offline converter, results may differ from that of online converters. The reason is that offline PDF converters have the most updated and upgraded formats, and we always get a better version of our documents.

Limitations of Useful Features

Sometimes, there are many files that we want to convert into other formats in a short period. For online file converters, some limitations make it not a good helper in difficult times.

Online converters can’t convert the bulk of files into other formats at once. The user must have extra time to work on online converters and make files one after another, which takes a lot of time. In short, it is a very time-taking converter that is not helpful.

If we tackle such a problem with offline file converters, the story is different there. These mostly consist of free versions and are easy to access. Some of them ask for a nominal fee that is paid by the user once. After that, you can enjoy it for the rest of the days without any time limit warnings or payment notifications. Users can also subscribe to premium packages that contain the best VIP features.

Who is the Champion?

Of course, offline PDF Converter is the champion with its amazing and demanding features. It consists of the most accurate, precise, and original features which fulfill our requirements.

Some offline file converters are available free of cost and don’t demand any extra charges. Moreover, these provide services without any internet connectivity, which makes them more feasible to use. Hence, in the end, Offline PDF Converters are the most reliable and popular PDF converters ever.

Are you looking for the best offline PDF converter? If yes, we have the best option for you. Here is the PDF WIZ – the best offline PDF converter by Starzsoft. 

PDF WIZ – The Best PDF Converter by StarzSoft 

In this fast-paced era, where everyone wants to hurry for everything, some software types make our life easier than before. Using such amazing file conversion software, we can get rapid changes in our documents, which are fruitful for the future also.

To help make our digital life better, Starzsoft is an amazing platform or company hoping to create amazing mobile apps and PC software. They are offering two main products or tools. These are FindMyPhoto and PDF WIZ. Yes, PDF WIZ is our recommended offline file converter. 


PDF WIZ provides one of the best platforms that help us in many ways. Its features are outstanding, and most importantly, it is available in offline mode. It can easily found in the Play Store of Android phones, where we can install it once and use it for the rest of our time after purchasing at an affordable price.

Features of PDF WIZ

PDF WIZ is regarded as one of the perfect tools which provide services without internet connectivity. It converts multiple PDF files into different formats like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Images, HTML, XPS, and EPUB, etc. We can directly choose the format which we want to convert.

Conversion of Various Files into PDF

PDF WIZ converts other files to PDF and as well as converts PDF to other files. In the current situation, this tool is offering conversion of the word, XPS, and PowerPoint to permanent PDF files in which data can’t be edited.

Multiple File Converter

PDF WIZ can do multiple tasks with just one file. It has many features, which include splitting, merging, addition, or removal of images. PDF WIZ can also remove or change passwords according to our needs.

Very Affordable

PDF WIZ can convert a bulk of files at once, either 20 files or 40; it will convert into your desired form. It also preserves formatting through conversion, and data is not lost during the process.

At the time of purchasing this tool, the user can get it in just $1.66 per month, which is affordable even for an average person. It is the lowest price in the market, among other available PDF converters.

Money-Back Guarantee

After purchasing this tool, the money can refund within seven days. It gives a money-back guarantee to the users after purchasing if they change their mind. Hence, PDF WIZ provides overall protection at every step.


In this article, we compared online and offline PDF converters. We provided many elements and factors that decide which one is a better choice. In the end, the offline PDF converter was the ultimate winner due to many advantages over the online PDF converter that are mentioned above in the article. Then we saw that PDF WIZ was the best offline PDF converter in the market due to its unique features. 

We can conclude that PDF WIZ is the perfect choice whenever we want to convert our file or bulk of the files into a precise and authentic PDF format. Our task of conversion of files to other forms takes place in seconds.

It is regarded as the fastest and efficient tool. Your documents will not be leaked; hence it is a risk-free tool also. The PDF WIZ never spoils the arrangement or font of any of the content. It converts the file in its original form, so the user is satisfied while dealing with it.

With a money-back guarantee, many users’ positive feedback is also fruitful to know about its performance. Such a reliable product makes it easier for newcomers to buy this product.

Moreover, it is the most affordable, and the user can purchase it at a very reasonable cost to secure this tool for the future. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download PDF WIZ and see how it functions to make your professional life more comfortable.  

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