Free Online Tools: 6 Great PDFBear’s Online Tools For Your PDF Files

As we dive into the digital era, you may think that the life that we have today runs smoothly with the technological tools that we use each day. Technologies such as computers, tablets, laptops, and other office and school devices play a profoundly important role in this world. Whether in business or academe, these are only a few clear technologies that we can recognize.

However, as part of the innovations, compacting documents to a software file that is very useful for school and work-related activities is now available. In 1991, the co-founder of Adobe, namely Dr. John Warnock, started the paper-to-digital transition with a concept called The Camelot Project. 

This project aimed to allow anyone from any software to capture documents, transfer or send electronic copies of these records anywhere, and display and print them on any computer.

And, in the year 1992, the birth of PDF release, which is very useful today. But the innovation doesn’t stop in that aspect with this file. If you are up to know more about what great other online tools for PDF download with the help of PDFBear tool, below is the list.

PDF File To Word Tool

PDFBear offers a pdf to word converter so that you can convert PDF files to other formats such as Word through online. Since its software has been simplified, it is a user-friendly device now that even the person who is not so good with following simple technical software guidelines could get their files with just a few presses of a mouse.

PDF File To Excel Tool

With the PDFBear tool, it helps the PDF file convert in Excel format to visualize data through an online process. Also, you can convert PDF files to systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, other devices, such as cell phones or tablets can also upload files to the PDFBear website. And even share your files from services like the Dropbox or Google Drive.

PDF File To PPT Tool

The internet can be a medium for you to search software engines to look for a tool that can convert your PDF to PPT, but with the PDFBear tool, they can provide you with a service that ensures the consistency and completeness of your file. They support all operating systems, so making a good presentation is now achievable in any device that you will apply for doing this process.

PDF File To JPG Tool

With its PDF to JPG tool, steps are more manageable in the PDFBear, and you can find and choose any photo in your PDF file and convert it to JPG format.

Also, PDFBear considers that your privacy is of utmost importance on their site. They will autodelete your entire data from their servers after 60 minutes after uploading your PDF file and converting it to JPG.

PDF File To PNG Tool

PDFBear has a tool that can convert PDF to other file formats such as PNG online. When your computer is linked to the internet, you can use the PDF to PNG converter. You can then upload, convert, download, and save your PNG file anytime and wherever you want. Steps are very easy, and you just need to follow it upon using the PDFBear online.

PDF File To PDF/A Tool

Suppose you think what a PDF/A, and to answer those hunches inside your mind is. In that case, it is an ISO-standardized version of PDF which guarantees that a file can be replicated precisely the same manner with long-term retention, whatever software is used. Completing a PDF to PDF/A conversion with PDFBear online takes only four necessary steps, so don’t forget to do this for your potential tasks.


PDFBear provides excellent online PDF-file tools. Upon using its site, you will discover various tools that you never knew could be useful in converting your PDF files to other formats.

Sometimes, looking for great online tools for PDF files can be a tiring task since the internet will give you thousands to millions of answers. But, with a PDFBear and its tool, everything will run well for you. Try it out for yourself and you’ll be wondering how you’ve been living without it!

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