The Guide to Optimizing Live Stream Video Games

With an enriching experience in the live stream industry, we are now able to present others a concise guide that shall aid in optimizing the live stream of video games. As much as you are thrilled about what awaits, so is the team here; hence we shall jump right in!

The basic needs for game streaming

It’s in the best of all to properly gear up before venturing on a quest! Hence, the following list elaborates on necessities for a smooth game streaming:

  • A powerful enough hardware with at least Core i5-4670 processor. It is also possible to stream with any smart device or console.
  • Webcam of a high caliber will ensure quality display to your viewers.
  • The microphone that functions smoothly and promises the clarity in sound generated and input.
  • Third-party app that acts as the connecting bridge to the actual streaming platform.
  • A reliable internet connection. Upload speed highly impacts the outputs. With experience, we can suggest having an upload speed of 5 Mbps but not less.
  • Extras that you might need along with the journey consist of LED ring light and special effects tools, all to earn and secure the attention of your spectators.

Once ready with all the basic needs, it is time to deal with the main target, which is building the audience for your live stream gaming!

Treading towards a wide and dedicated audience

The following suggestions have been meticulously placed by our experts with ample experience in the field. From gamers to gamers, the provided content is worth cherishing!

Consistency is key! 

Any particular event should be the priority on your agenda. Do not miss out on those frequent chances as this would only mean losing viewers. The digital race is fast-paced and being able to provide fresh content regularly with your audience, is a great ability.  At GameSee, the platform which accommodates live game streamers, the navigation dock is made to automatically aid users in establishing consistent schedules. This, in turn, ensures that viewers are not left in the dark, that is, they can adjust accordingly to make time and watch your content.

Invest in quality equipment

Decent extra tools will do nothing but improve your output. Flawless and outstanding content is all the audience wishes to see. A good rode microphone will also be amazing, and your viewers will stick by pleasantly. Similarly, a quality webcam is needed if you wish to be seen and go viral for maybe some overwhelming strategy you’ve set in a game!

Interact with the people watching you

Being reserved and not involving the audience in the live streams will lead to a loss in interest. Why would an individual watch others game and not get live reactions? Hence, bear this in mind and do not get confused with speaking too much that it gets boring.

Give out your tips and strategies while asking for future recommendations. People love being asked the way to achieve similar goals! GameSee has witnessed abundant live stream video games sessions and the one aspect often neglected is being grateful for the new viewers or subscribers.

Do take a minute to say thank you for being present and watch the difference in commitment!

Furthermore, give some space and time for your audience to have a say! This can be in the form of playing their recommended songs during the live stream or praising the past content they shared with you related to the topic.

The social media trick

Nearly everyone owns a smart device and checks out social media on average more than once daily. How about making it productive navigation and interact with the audience members? Indeed, grasp all the attention while setting your base in all social media platforms and be active in them equally.

This is not referring to adding individuals on Facebook or competing for followers but instead just sharing similar interests’ content with a personalized note. Often this can lead to none gaming topics, but as long as you enjoy the moment spent with your audience, and it’s mutual, then we believe there is no harm!

Be aware of the latest trends  

Do not opt for an unstable way to work such that you put out a wide array of gaming content one week, then let the platform remain still for 3 weeks or more. The interest of the audience will be negatively impacted otherwise.

The digitalized world allows for latest data accessibility with merely some clicks. The choice is in your hands and opting for popular games brings along a wide audience. Constantly stay up to date with those gaming platforms and why not get a pre-release copy to stand out from the crowd?

Opting for collaboration

It’s good to be surrounded by likewise- minded partners. Once in a while, do venture and invite a gamer to share your platform or vice-versa. This not only makes for a more enthusiastic live stream, but also combines the audience into a wider and exciting one! To attract people’s attention is one thing, and to maintain the latter is something else. Optimization is what this concept is all about. The best way to help in tackling this point is to hold giveaways for the audience.

Those may include subscriptions or games itself, amidst others. And to further benefit from this, digital methods can be used to send the giveaway items to the audience around the world. At GameSee, we keep the game store always updated and easily accessible to users. Hence, feel free to browse through and maybe find something for your next giveaway!


GameSee and team look forward to serving you and providing for a trust-worthy platform! Overall, bearing in mind the meticulously filtered points, a piece of honest advice from the team would be to take risks and have fun while live streaming. Try new concepts, a game with or against new individuals, and overall make sure you work hard to provide viewers with quality content at all times! Check out our website and get started in achieving your endeavors!

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