Micros Integration in Ordering Stack system

Lead: Ordering food by phone or computer is becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that more and more facilities are moving to such a form of operation, thanks to the functionalities for customers and restaurant managers that can be provided nowadays.

ROS: Functionality And Integration

The main and biggest advantage of the Restaurant Ordering System is the possibility of almost complete transfer of the restaurant operations to the Internet. Thanks to it, restaurant owners can organize the sale of food electronically, offering consumers a full menu, an online shopping cart, one of the most popular payment options, and detailed adjustment of the delivery area.

The fact that customers can order their food using both personal computers and smartphones also has an impact on the comfort of using the system. Another advantage is the possibility to personalize your meals and customize them entirely to your needs and preferences.

Half-and-half pizza (one part with completely different ingredients than the other) or non-standard ingredients in other meals – everyone can find something for themselves, make comments and then enjoy delicious food.

From the point of view of the facility owner, an unquestionable advantage is the possibility of micros integration, i.e. running the software on the Oracle Micros POS system.

What is more, in order to optimize the offer for consumers, there is a possibility to generate weekly, monthly or annual reports on the most popular meals or even ingredients, and the application itself can be fully modified and personalized (colors, visualizations, graphics).

Micros integration and many other possibilities

Oracle Micros POS system is one of the most popular systems, used to serve customers by more and more restaurants. It gives the possibility to completely organize the restaurant’s offer on the application level, and then handle orders in an efficiently functioning system.

Micros integration is another advantage resulting from this fact. This module allows for the exchange of data in the form of product definitions and their attributes (prices, components, etc.), adding a new order or status updates.

The combined capabilities of both of this software allow for complete digitalization of the restaurant’s work, which translates into quick customer service and the capability to accept more orders.

From the point of view of system integration, a printout module is also an invaluable benefit, that is, a component allowing for connecting multiple printers in a restaurant and managing the printouts at different stages of the order process.

This means that with the use of one system it is possible to print the label stuck to the order, information for the driver delivering the food, or a receipt for the meal. All this makes the transfer of the facility’s activity online is not only convenient and comfortable but also provides the restaurant with better sales and financial results.

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